Saturday, June 4, 2016

Take your eye off it for a minute.....

I was busy  all week in the Tavern and distracted from what was going on outside by all the customers clamouring for Good Grace from the taps, but I was not alone in that.  I may have mislaid a few things which hopefully will turn up in the clean-up. 

It seems people elsewhere were just as distracted by the day-to-day stuff that they lost and entire lake.

How do you do that ?

It seems it is easier than one might think, as the good folk in Chile found out.  
Lake Riesco mysteriously disappears overnight in Patagonia, Chile 
Pictures and videos show that most of the 1,400 hectares of lake Riesco have disappeared overnight near Aysen, Patagonia, Chile.

One day it was there: the next it wasn't. And I don't think a thirsty pony had anything to do with it.

I don't think it was taken by spaceship and dumped on Paris either. 

Nobody knows what’s happening over there. The lack of information from any official teams increases the mystery. Sinkhole? Geological fault? Or lack of rain?
The conspiracy theorists, however, along with the UFOlogisticals have their own ideas. 
The monumental Liquiñe-Ofqui fault is a major geological fault that extends over 1,200 kilometers along the south of Chile from the area of the Liquiñe in Valdivia to the Gulf of Penas.
The region around Lake Riesco has a temperate maritime climate with annual rainfall of the order of 3,000 millimeters. The other cause of the mysterious water disappearance could be related to a decrease of this rainfall due to the extreme El Niño phenomenon.

On the other several hands that aliens have, however...... And the Global Warmists will no doubt have some scary stories to tell when they seek more and more gummunt funds.

It isn't as though lakes remain as they are for long. We cannot expect the world to stay as it is. There is a cost to stasis. Dr Faustus found that out.

The Chinese had a lake drop out of sight, too, a while back. They, at least, could see why.
Mysterious sinkhole drains pond and swallows up 25 tons of fish overnight
The cause of the geological event has not been officially identified.
But farmers speculate that the excavation at a local quarry is to blame.

Even in America the local industry has been known to cause lake-havok. The Lake Peigneur / Jefferson Island disaster is still talked about.

I think I have better check the cellars to make sure we are all ship-shape in the Tavern.

Drink up.


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