Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Crucial Junctures

I speak from behind the bar today as an Englishman. Unusual I know to speak as such and not as the more overarching 'Anglophile' as befits the Tavern. I am an Australian by choice but English by birth and heritage. I have 'roots' that go back several thousand years.

The word 'crucial' means decisive, critical, a decision-point of great magnitude. And there are points in anyone's life when crucial decisions have to be taken. In National life too.

In the United Kingdom - what is left of it - the people face such a national decision of great moment.  (Look to your 'Theory of Moments', if you ever knew it).

Australia is in its 'election' throes to choose a new gummunt and PM. America is in its election throes to choose a new President and administration. Both will remain the nations they are.

The British have a very different choice ahead.

The UK is being offered the one and last chance to decide whether to be a Sovereign Democratic Nation or simply a small, disregarded part of an unelected, undemocratic bureaugarchy. 

We are 'members' of the European Union. The decision to be was taken without full knowledge even at the time. 

 "It seemed like a good idea". 

Famous last words.

We now have the One and Only chance to take stock, evaluate what has transpired both in our 'membership' and the disaster that the EU has become,  and, perhaps, detach ourselves from infamy.

Many a customer comes to the Tavern for sustenance, travelling up the steep road away from Perdition. An entire Nation can step away from disaster and haul itself from the Abyss. If it so chooses.

If it is given the means to choose.

As an Englishman I ought to have a small say in the matter, but, like many Englishmen who reside in the world at large, I am denied that say, because I have lived in the world beyond England's green and pleasantness - a world that England largely civilised - for over 15 years. And let us face it that such a length of time is a drop in the ocean of time when you are as old as I am.

Which way ought I to vote, were I able?  Remain in the EU, or Leave.

Some advice was forthcoming in the UK Room bar where I pulled a few pints for a mate. Pat.

I urge all my fellow countymen, back home or abroad and able, to cast their vote


Be British and Proud of our Heritage.

Of course, it is not just the British who need to restore their heritage. Other independant nations on the European Continent have as much to lose from being in the EU: as Daniel Hannan reminded an appreciative audience in the P&B which, from the steins being filled, included some German folk.

And..... if it is a matter of having some compelling rationale, this is what the bloody furriner French do to our most beloved music.


Drink deep.


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  1. I was talking to an old colleague and friend of mine from France recently. She says that she, and many of her colleagues in France are hoping that Britain votes itself out of the EU. She believes that a British exit might prompt strong agitation for France to follow suit.

    The is a lot of dishonest scaremongering going on about this. It is true that a British exit might be followed up by similar moves from other countries; but that would be a good thing. There is no reason that Britain could not trade with France or Spain. They were doing that long before the EU. Britain and France and all of the other countries will still be there. They will just be controlled from London or Paris or Madrid rather than from Brussels. As it should be.


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