Monday, December 21, 2015

The Gates of Hell (1)

Christmas festivities are well underway in the Tavern which may explain why nothing has appeared for nearly a week. We have all been very busy.  That and the dire fact that this Knackered Old Knight has been preparing for a trip to the Hospital where sundry men (and women, of course) of medicine will shove pipes up and down his pipes. Not something I am looking forward to.

That does tend to put a small spanner in festivities, I can tell you.

It ought to be a time of joy and happiness, but I do realise that for many the special day may be fraught with worldly events and troubles. Please remember to pray for them and to hold out a hand.

The Birth of Christ brings hope, but his Life and Death made very clear that evil exists in the world and will do until he returns again. Meanwhile the Church He established to help us on our way acts as a balwark against the evil tide. And because it does, it is a special target for evil. 

"The Gates of Hell shall not prevail" against the Church but that also means Hell will try its worst. Hell will drag down many an otherwise fine person. So while you plan your happy day, pray also for the Church which is under great attack.

The talk today in the Oz room was about one such attack. Another conversation is to come. But first let me fill the glass of Kathy Clubb.  Kathy is featured on the right hand wall list of people I find most enlightening. 

She is also a lady that has stood with me on blustery and on hot and on wet days outside the abortuary the Hobart branch of Hillary's Village before doing the same now in Melbourne.

She brought along another staunch fellow to stand in the bar of the Oz room. Mr. Richard Grant.

He had a few things to say to the publishers of Eureka Street and in particular directed to one of its contributing editors, one Fatima Measham

Eureka Street is a Journal published by the Jesuit Order in Australia. It is a dismay that the Order has been infiltrated for a long while by 'progressive' forces - that is to say, Satan's little helpers. What they publish is more akin to a marxist manifesto than Catholic considerations.

I shall have Richard tell his tale, with Kathy's help, while I charge their glasses. It is essential that men and women with sound, well-formed consciences take to the ramparts with sharp swords.

Answering Eureka Street

Kathy: Catholic (and other) pro-lifers were disappointed to read a recent post supporting buffer-zones and the ‘right to choice’ in general, in the Jesuit online magazine, Eureka Street. Fatima Measham wrote (an) article about the introduction of 150 metre buffer-zones outside Victoria’s abortion facilities, and while she believes life begins at conception, she simultaneously holds that women have the right to bodily autonomy, aka the right to have their babies killed without being approached by anyone offering an alternative.
You can read Fatima's rancid views here:

Richard Grant, of the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants wrote this letter to Eureka Street in response to Ms. Measham’s uninformed and morally perilous article.

To the Editor of Eureka Street, from Richard Grant

Dear Editor
Fatima Measham’s article “Excluding Abortion Protestors is a Matter of Dignity” (3rd December 2015) is a gross insult to the hundreds of babies whose lives have been saved from a gruesome abortion death over the last 23 years due largely to the selfless daily witness outside Melbourne abortuaries by members of the “Helpers of God’s Precious Infants”.
The mothers of each of these babies turned away from abortion after being offered the financial, practical and emotional support the mothers felt they needed to keep their babies. 

These babies (over 300 of them) would not now be alive if exclusion zones outside abortuaries had been in place 23 years ago. 

Further, there would not now be the hundreds of mothers who are eternally grateful that we were there for them at their time of great need. Only this week, one of these mothers, who was pregnant with her “saved” son 20 years ago, rang me to arrange a Christmas get-together.

I know one thing for certain- there is nothing “dignified” about being mercilessly torn apart limb by limb in your mother’s womb.

Where is Fatima’s compassion for the babies who meet such a terrible fate? 

In her article, Fatima rightly deplores the senseless murder of the security guard inside an East Melbourne abortuary several years ago. The perpetrator was a loner from New South Wales who had no connection whatsoever with pro- life groups. 

As such Fatima’s grossly misleading implication that this murder reflects badly on the pro-life movement is a disgrace. Make no mistake, an exclusion zone will do nothing to prevent isolated tragic events like this occurring in the future as there are thousands of people in the community who have been deeply hurt by the destruction of their own children inside abortuaries. 


Fatima conveniently ignores the fact that inside the above very same East Melbourne abortuary another 350,000 human beings have also had their lives senselessly taken away from them since 1972. 

When is Fatima going to write an article for “Eureka Street” decrying this senseless wholesale slaughter of the unborn?

Fatima believes that “bodily autonomy is integral to the dignity of women” and that therefore ” being able to make a choice carries its own compelling morality”.
How often do we hear this mendacity? Women, women, women. No thought to the baby. Rights, dignity, autonomy. Where are they for the baby that the woman conceived?  

This really is a fatuous position to hold when talking of a woman who is “with child”. 

How could it be compellingly moral for a woman to achieve bodily autonomy by the exercise of her alleged “choice” to exterminate the innocent child nestling in her womb?

How grossly discriminatory against unborn children it is for Fatima to argue that women should have access to ” safe, legal abortion” because ” the alternative would lead back to the scale of physical damage, mental trauma and lingering death seen by previous generations of women”. 


In what other sphere do we argue that a profoundly unjust, violent and murderous act should be made legal so that the perpetrators of that act are not subjected to an increased danger of being hurt (e.g. by a so called backyard abortionist) when the act is being performed? The only “compelling morality” when it comes to human rights is for all human beings, whether born or unborn, to be treated equally under the law, particularly in relation to the greatest of all human rights – the right to life itself. 

Without life, all other rights are meaningless. 

For this reason, an unborn child must be protected in law from those who claim the right to “choose” to kill that child by abortion.

“Choice” is a euphemism (like Hitler’s “Final Solution” euphemism) designed to sanitise, and indeed justify, the extermination of countless millions of innocent human beings.

The founder of the Helpers, Dave Forster, and I were both educated at a Jesuit College, St Patricks College, East Melbourne. Without doubt Dave is one of this college’s greatest alumnae. He has devoted the last 23 years witnessing daily to the truth about the sanctity of all human life and offering help to mothers with a crisis pregnancy. Fatima’s article constitutes a grave insult to one of Australia’s truly great citizens.
 Another in the bar, Julian O'Dea (also on the right wall) was scathing : 
Eureka Street is a disgrace to the Jesuits. It might as well merge with New Matilda and be honest about it. It is a snobby little rag too. "How to be a Catholic but hold all the 'correct' opinions anyway".
A pint for that man !

The Catholic Church is the Most Successful Organisation in the World. 

I say that. It has remained True and Firm for 2000 years; far longer than any other organisation, and any other before it.

It will prevail.

The baby Jesus said so later on in His life.

But the enemies will be at the gates and some will sneak in where gaps and weaknesses are to be found. It will prevail, but many will be lost. 

Make your own view of where the editors of Eureka Street will find themselves on Judgement Day.

Old Knights are in the business of Protecting babies. And this old Knight, serving what my customers want to whet their whistles. So for Kathy a montepulciano. I am sure she will share it with Richard. 

We have Grace. Hell will not prevail.

Enjoy a Very Special baby's Birthday later in the week. 



  1. Thank you for sharing Richard's post, Amfortas and for the glass of shiraz - no, make that montepulciano.

    My little girl was reading over my shoulder as I read this post and noticed your picture of the knight. She thought at first that you were too old to be a knight (having met you in reality and formed such a judgement at the tender age of 5). I told her you are, in fact, a knight, and that you pray for the babies and protect them. "Oh, like Joan of Arc?" she asked. "Yes", I answered, "Just that."

    God bless you and Merry Christmas to you and all your patrons.

  2. I LOVE this page! How extraordinarily clever! As a bit of a prolifer myself, and definitely a Catholic (and proud to be) I am grateful for the link to this blogspot. Thank you for the lift.

    1. Thank you, and welcome to the Tavern. Please enjoys all we have to offer and stay. A drink of choice coming along.

  3. Well put. I also discovered this from a Life Network Australia link. Clear, logical and true. Thank you.

    1. I am sure both Richard and Kathy are pleased for your support, m'dear. It is always a pleasure here to pass on good news and views. Have a drink: wander the bars. :)


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