Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Terrorists we Support


Increasingly we get reports of terrorists being born and bred in western countries and going off to join some mob of murderers in the Middle East.  Many are the dregs of our society.

These are not just from immigrant families from the middle east with diabolical 'cultures', nor simply from illegal immigrants breaking through our National borders; but home grown.

And we wonder how it can be.

The state of the world is a subject of conversation in the Tavern almost every evening on one bar or another and with one dismay or another causing the smiles to leave otherwise pleasant faces.  Many see the west 'falling', and muse on 'how could it be'?

The 'beyond the Anglosphere' is an increasingly lunatic place with lunatic peoples on every bomb-damaged street corner, but we overlook the loonies at home. The mind-set has been infiltrating for decades.

Previous conversations here have mentioned Gramsci's "Long March Through the Institutions" and the effect is all around us for those with eyes to see.

Just look at how the Left Media  screetched when David Hicks was arrested and incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay. That prison which Obama said he would close and yet after one and a half terms in Office still has not. 

**(See below for more on ex-Guantanamo prisoners)

Hicks became a poster-boy for all the lefty loonies who are the 'Useful Idiots' that are undermining the west. A self-declared fighter for the Taliban, he became a 'best selling' author. Astonishing.  The ABC would have elected him to its Board if it could.  Tony Jones and the Q&A thickos saw him as the second coming. The gun-toting slob was like Barabbas, the prefered prisoner to be released at the demand of the stupid mob.

Who should have been incarcerated instead? 

Of course. John Howard. 

Marches and speeches were made to get 'our boy' 'home'. The firmness of the Prime Minister was condemned.  And the result...?
Other stupid terrorist-inclined boys were encouraged. 

Now we have a flood.

Security officials fear as many as 250 Aussies could be fighting or supporting Islamic State terrorists
SECURITY officials say there could be as many as 250 Australians fighting with or ­supporting Islamic State.
The figure dwarfs the government’s most recent official tally of about 70 Australians in the conflict zone and another 100 at home supporting the Muslim extremist terrorists.
United Nations counter-terrorism expert Richard Barrett said Australian Secret Intelligence Service staff revealed the figure during a private meeting with other security and intelligence officials in April.
Mr Barrett told the Herald Sun the Australian Government had revised its figures over time and while the numbers might change it was the risk each fighter posed when they got home which was the greatest concern.
So, this is the 'Hick's legacy'. The fruit of leftist encouragement. The left are destructive even when they have no idea of the consequences of their actions; even when the effects they facilitate have nothing to do with 'left' or 'socialism'.
Those who did and do all the excusing and the encouraging, the blaming of the west; those who have stolen and bastardised such words as 'Tolerance', Diversity', 'Equality', Peace',  even 'gay' and 'love', have a lot to answer for.

They declare with all the confidence of the one-eyed amongst the blind that 'all cultures are equal'. That 'there is no such thing as 'Truth'. Those amongst them who are challenged fall back on "My Truth and your truth'. 
Your truth of course is not equal to theirs.
And it is not just the yobs in the street. The lefty 'Rent-a-Mob' that appears on cue to wreck the normal desire for peace and sanity command attention inside the corridors of power. Green and Socialist MPs egg them on.

The competent governance is consistently driven out by incompetent socialist-green coalitions, aided by fully-funded Non-Government fifth column sector dominated by feminists and addled-headed, betraying-hearted 'church' groups.

And the Media.

One hopes to see or even hear of - in some far off Anglophile land - a Government that actually repeals all the destructive socialist -green-feminist-'tolerant' laws.  When will the monstrous regiments of women, greens, corrupt church of the do-it-nicely be swept away by an adult government? It does not happen. 
Incompetence rules.

It is seen in its almost extreme form in America where the 'last great Empire' is falling, in slow motion, like a toppling tower.

PATRICK J. BUCHANAN  gave us a blow by blow account today.
The Collapse of American Competence

When this writer was three years old, the Empire of Japan devastated Battleship Row of the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor. Before I was seven, Gen. MacArthur was in an office in Tokyo overlooking the Imperial Palace, dictating to a shattered Japan.

In 1956, President Eisenhower, impressed by the autobahn he had seen in Hitler’s Reich, ordered a U.S. Interstate Highway System constructed, tying America together, one of the great public works projects in all history. Within a decade, the system was on its way to completion.

In 1961, John F. Kennedy said the United States, beaten into space by Nikita Khrushchev’s Soviet Union, would put a man on the moon and return him to earth within the decade. In July 1969, President Nixon, on the deck of the carrier Hornet, welcomed home Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins of Apollo 11.

What ever became of that America? What ever became of that can-do nation? What has happened to us?

This October saw the vaunted Center for Disease Control and Prevention fumbling over basic questions on how to protect Americans from an Ebola epidemic in three small countries of West Africa.
In September, an intruder with a knife climbed the White House fence, trotted across the North lawn, walked through the unlocked front door of the president’s house, barreled over a female officer, and ran around the East Room before being tackled by a Secret Service agent going off duty. The president had just departed. 
Days earlier, an armed security guard in Atlanta with a violent criminal past was allowed by Secret Service to ride an elevator with Barack Obama.
Last summer came reports that 60,000 children and young people from Central America had walked across the border into the United States, overwhelming our Border Patrol. 

Last spring, we learned that sick and suffering vets were deliberately made to wait months for appointments to see VA doctors, and dozens may have died during the wait. Earlier, the rollout of Obamacare, years in preparation, became a national joke and a metaphor for government incompetence.

Under President Bush came Katrina, where 30,000 residents of New Orleans were stranded for days behind a pool of stagnant water after a hurricane. The city and state couldn’t handle it. 
Yet, during five days in 1940, 350,000 British troops, besieged at Dunkirk, were rescued from across the Channel by their countrymen in boats and yachts under the guns of the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe.

Such events have contributed to a collapse of confidence among Americans in the competency of their leaders and their government. Large majorities now believe America is heading downhill, that the future will not be as good as the past, that we are going in the wrong direction. Malaise pervades the republic.

And there are larger reasons for these sentiments.

Our recent wars, in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, all seem to have left them and us worse off. In fighting our new war in Iraq and Syria we have neither a credible strategy nor sufficient troops to prevail against the Islamic State. Already, Americans are asking: Why is this our war?

Since the mid-1970s, the real wages of working Americans have stagnated as we have run uninterrupted trade deficits totaling more than $10 trillion. Under Obama the national debt has surpassed the Gross Domestic Product.

Our manufacturing base has been hollowed out with Detroit as Exhibit A. We outsource our future by borrowing from China to buy from China. We borrow from Japan and Europe to defend Japan and Europe, though World War II has been over for 70 years.
FedEx tracks with precision millions of packages a day. But the U.S. government cannot locate and send back 12 million illegal aliens. 
Thirty years after a Reagan amnesty that carried a commitment to secure our borders, Obama is preparing an executive amnesty for untold millions of illegals, as soon as the election is over. And still the borders are not secure.
If government is conceded a role in anything, it is in building roads, bridges, highways, and airports, and in running public schools. Yet our infrastructure is crumbling, U.S. children fall lower and lower in international competition, and the racial divide in academic performances has never closed, despite an investment of trillions in education over half a century. Even Joe Biden calls LaGuardia a “Third World” airport.
Many private institutions are succeeding splendidly. But our public institutions, save the military, seem to be broadly failing. Congress is gridlocked. The president is seen as a dithering incompetent. The Supreme Court is polarized irreparably.
Our political, racial, and cultural clashes, traceable to conflicts created by the revolutions of the 1960s, are daily magnified and exacerbated by cable TV, the Internet and social media.
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,” wrote the poet Yeats.
Clare Luce put is another way. In this world, she said, there are two kinds of people — optimists and pessimists. “The pessimists are better informed.”
Gramsci called for - and mapped out - a 'Long March Through the Institutions'. It was a strategy to undermine and destroy Western Government, education, the family, religion, the economy, Morality.  

It had an end in sight.
We are seeing it.
** Now, about those Guantanamo prisoners. Many have been released.
Of the 620 detainees released from Guantanamo Bay, 180 have returned or are suspected to have returned to the battlefield. 

Of those 180, sources say 20 to 30 have either joined ISIS or other militants groups in Syria, or are participating with these groups from outside countries. Officials say most of those 20 to 30 are operating inside Syria. 
They didn't get the ABC treatment and book deals.  Watch their space though.



  1. Ah, Pat Buchanan. Yes. A long termer.

    1. He was in a dark corner of the snug with cobwebs over his empty pot. I took pity.

  2. I think Pat's diagnosis was well said.

    Add to that, we can't even launch a damn spaceship anymore.

    Obama will get us all killed if we don't speak up.

    The bouncer should throw him out, and with great force.

    1. On many fronts I see America - and let me say, the Greatest Empire since Rome, even surpassing Britain in its Power - has lost the plot. Politically, socially, morally it is failing. I would indeed watch my Bouncer throw Obama out, but..... while Obama continues he is adding so many lessons in how NOT to do things and how NOT to run Nations and Empires - that he is in fact serving a purpose. I would have Obama drink deep of Grace but I fear my meagre supplies are insufficient. He needs to get a sound whacking around the ears from Him Upstairs. Perhaps Obama needs to go to Damascus.

  3. Just to let you know that I am not in Hobart today. Very likely, next month. I wouldn't want you to think I was pulling your leg.


    1. That will put it in December, so I have a sort of pre-Christmas pleasure of your company to look forward to. This month I too will be saddling the steed and travelling. My retinue is almost ready. The Noth Island needs some supplies.

  4. I was recently told by a social justice warrior that history was racist. His reason was that the history of science is too "Eurocentric," and too white. They exclude people of colour from the history of science, he claimed. When I pointed out to him that we teach history as it was not as we would like it to have been. I told him that history is about understanding the past and hopefuly learning from it; its not about making anyone feel good. There were almost no important scientific discoveries that came out of sub-Saharan Africa. If there had been, then we would be learning about them in history classes. That is not racism. That is just reality. He called me a racist!!!

    It is people like this who are taking over the reigns in education: People who believe that history should be re-written so that everybody can feel better about it. No wonder the western world is slowly collapsing.

    Another feminist from the USA raged that she had walked into a classroom and only a small minority of the students were black. I pointed out to her that as only 13% of the population are black, that was to be expected. I further pointed out that if she walked into a classroom in China, she would no doubt find that all the students were Chinese. She called me a racist and told me I had "white privilege."

    1. The sane mind reels when confronted with sheer stupidity, especially when the stupid are accorded Institutional 'respect'. I suppose your 'feminist' in the US classroom did not stop to think about the domination of education by women and feminists and the lack of 'balance' let alone demographic 'eeekwaleteee'.

      Wear your 'Racist' tag with as much pride as one can when it is pinned on you by a moron. Pat them on the head and kick them up the arse. :) And have a drink on the house.

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