Saturday, October 11, 2014

Offending the 'Professional Offended'

All around us lies Hilary's Village where simply blowing your nose on a coloured handkerchief will 'offend' someone. It enables some hilarious complaining and a not so hilarious Industry of litigation, mostly brought by the State on some poor multiculti flower's behalf.

There was a billboard extolling the virtues of good fatherhood in the Village the other week, put up by a pro-life group. You would think that encouraging fathers to love and care for their children would be welcomed. But no.

It took just ONE person to complain and the sign was removed.

The 'deeply offended' have clout: they need a clout. Around the ear.

Power is entrenched in 'Commissions': The Equal Opportunity Commission, for instance, which like feminism has nothing to do with 'Equal' at all; or the 'Human Rights Commission, a Government-funded body of busy-bodies who revel in their clout. The Chairwoman (of course) is very selective (of course) and does not allow rationality to come into play, just emotion and bias. 

It is all very nurthuring and empathetic.  And pathetic.

Traditional western values are ignored unless they can be used against the traditional western people.

The H.R. Commission, for example is very vocal about 'refugee children in custody' now that a Conservative Government is in charge, ingoring the clear fact that such children are vastly fewer in number than when the 'Left' government was in charge and when they did not complain. It (the Commission) did not raise even her eyebrow while 1200 refugees drowned due to the Left government policy. 

Journalist Andrew Bolt was taken to court and found guilty of asking why some quite white people could claim to be aboriginal. They were 'offended' that he should question identity.

Muslims are another beneficiary of bias. A christian pastor was charged and fined heavily for reading passages from the Koran in his church a few years back (in Victoria). Two muslims complained. 

TWO !  An epidemic.

Meanwhile in mosques around the country the Koran is preached along with its diatribes against almost everything we in the west hold to be 'ordinary sense'. In such buildings (approved by planning committees and in reciept of government funds)  it is common to hear exhortations to Kill you and me. 

No complaint from an 'offended' ordinary person is acted upon, because it would not fit the 'Narrative'.

But some are speaking out. Especially about the 'kill' menace of the Muslims.

Regularly we see one of our 'Flagship' ABC programs, Q&A, a  panel of five arguing heads which rotate weekly - a tad slower but no less demonic than the head of the lass in the Exorcist - stacked with four lefties to one conservative.

The program follows 'Muslim Rulz'; just as in Islam it takes four women to equal one man, so it takes four lefties to equal one conservative.

I'm surprised no lefty has complained. (No i'm not).

The 'Professional cry-babies' abound. Feminists, pro-abortionists, feminists, homosexuals, even some Church of Nice people. The Zozchial Juztitz crowd. They all have their government-funded advocates quite funded-up, ready, willing and able - and touting for business.

Even our Kids are fair game. Roll up, roll up. Big Nanny is here.


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