Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Change Reality at your Peril

Hate is a strong word; a strong emotion. Many of us do not 'hate' as such but mearly dislike. The word has been diminished by overuse by the under-educated. It is not often that patrons of the Tavern use the word or express the emotion.  Occasionally I remind people to 'hate the sin but love the sinner', hardly expecting them to do much of either. But we have to remind ourselves.

The most egregious 'sin' that we need to hate is that 'primal' one; 
The Lie.  
The Prince of Lies ( or since his sex-change, the Princess of Lies) is aptly described. And the reason is not so much that lies simply 'hurt' people but that they change reality.

You only have to change reality a little bit to have long lasting and devastating consequences.

Our words and actions construct the world about us. Were we not here the world would carry on as usual. The tides would come in and go out. The Sun would rise and set. Reality would be as stable over a longish term as it used to be once. But we are here and we do a great deal while the tides flow and the Sun shines. We make the world a different place. We build and we destroy.

Given that we all have a fairly clear idea that we can do things that affect one another and the world around us, it behoves us to stick to reality. If I tell a child he can fly if he jumps off a roof wearing a Superman cape, I am not just telling a lie. When he hits the floor and breaks his leg or his neck, his reality takes a sharp turn. My lie changes it. If we tell a woman that her lifestyle is worth more than a baby's life, a life can be stopped in its womb.

Most of us are taught from an early age not to lie. But some people are inveterate liars.  They do it for the same reasons that any lie is told. To escape consequence or to manipulate others or to gain Power over others.  Or all three.

Most of us lie occasionally, often for those reasons and sometimes we tell ourselves it is so as 'not to hurt' someone, or to 'help' someone. We tell 'white lies' which are never white. They deny reality.

Very few people trust Politicians because lies are a politician's tools of trade. We expect them to exaggerate, promise falsely, falsely accuse. Most politicians try to limit thier lies because they will get found out, exposed, deposed. But some just cannot help themselves. They lie so much that lying is all the know how to do, and the damage they cause can be enormous. It can have a profound affect on the daily reality of millions.

It can also backfire.

A recent Prime Minister in Oz, out there in the great southern Hilary Village, lied so often and so loudly that she almost single-handedly set-back the prospects of women having any National  'authority' ever again.  

Julia Gillard, the First Female Prime Minister could have ushered in a new era of 'equal opportunity' for women. Not that they do not already have equal opportunity. But the reality includes the perception and that is all too easily manipulated. As she strove so hard to do. She lied where there was absolutly no 'white lie' excuse.

She is out of office now and her future safely assured (she deludes herself) with $200,000 indexed linked each year from the pockets of somewhat more honest taxpaying Australians. But it has done nothing to halt the flow of her lies.

Andrew Bolt was telling us about her book. "My Story".  Hah! 

(Her 'stories' would have been a more apt title.)

Inventing misogynist insults, inventing conspiracy theories… Is is any wonder her prime ministership was so disastrously divisive and paranoid?: 
True? Gillard, My Story, 2014:
(I ATTENDED the) 2010 annual Minerals Council dinner in Parliament House, while representing prime minister Kevin Rudd. The disputation over the Rudd government’s proposed resources super-profits tax (RSPT) was raging, so it was always going to be like entering a lion’s den. As the guest of honour, I was one of two women seated at the head table. Keeping me company was my chief of staff, Amanda Lampe ... at a hand signal ... (from MCA boss Mitch Hooke) ... a tray of what looked to be rum and coke was brought to the table. A glass was dutifully put in front of every man except (then BHP Billiton CEO) ¬Marius Kloppers, who declined it. Neither Amanda nor I was offered one. The two of us exchanged a look and afterwards uproarious laughter about this rudeness.
Joe Aston, Australian Financial ¬Review, yesterday: 
BUT hang on, Gillard didn’t even attend the 2010 MCA dinner. 
Nobody in the Labor caucus did. She wasn’t representing Rudd that night, she was in his office ending his leadership. 
Gillard and Lampe did sit at the head table the year previously with Hooke and Kloppers. But the RSPT wasn’t announced until May 2010 — that’s when the miners’ disputation with Labor began. 
So why was attending the 2009 dinner “like entering a lion’s den”? 
This is supposed to be an authoritative telling of political history and (Gillard) can’t even get her basic facts straight? ...
She is a LIAR. Remember? She is quite unable to tell the truth. So deep into lying has she dived in her life that 
her character is completely distorted. 
She cares not a jot who she takes down with her.

Hooke remembers the moment (not just the date) very differently. Ian Smith (… then of Newcrest Mining) asked Hooke what he was drinking (Hooke only drinks Bundy and Coke) and whether he could have one. Hooke then asked everyone at the table if they’d like one, including Gillard, who declined on the basis she was about to speak. Hooke’s reply? “So am I — that’s why I need one.” Shortly after, drinks arrived ... and that was that. Or so they thought ... In 2011, Gillard’s version of the story finally circulated back to the MCA. Hooke contacted Lampe’s successor, Ben Hubbard, who assured Hooke he needn’t worry. Hooke still sent Gillard an SMS apologising if any unintended offence had been caused. She never responded.
True?   My Story again: 
JOHN Howard skilfully rode the ¬political momentum that can be ¬created around ¬asylum-seeker issues at the 2001 election. Coming after the terrorist shock of 9/11 and in the atmosphere of fear that it created, Howard took a hairy-chested political approach and deployed our elite military forces to stop a Norwegian freighter, the Tampa, from bringing rescued asylum-seekers to our shore.
Dennis Shanahan, The Australian, October 1:
JOHN Howard has called on Julia Gillard to correct a “false” claim that he used the September 11 terror attacks to take a “hairy-chested political approach” on asylum-seekers and send SAS troops on to the Norwegian freighter, Tampa ... In fact, the Tampa episode took place weeks before the September 11 attacks in 2001. 
“Any storyline that we somehow played off Tampa or the September 11 attacks against each other is false and I completely reject it,” Mr Howard told The Australian _yesterday. “The former prime minister has her chronology wrong and should correct the claims in the book.” 
 Andrew continued:
Another Gillard blue in a memoir surprisingly full of them. 
 Senator Nick Xenophon has forced Random House to agree to remove a false and defamatory claim in future editions of My Story that he was suspended for stuffing a ballot box in student elections. 
He’s still after damages and an apology, says the Financial Review today.
Gillard calls her memoirs My Story because it’s no one else’s.
I suppose there could be some very slight benefit to the National Statistics that come out of her book. She may be sued by so many people for defamation that the $200,000 (and hopefully more)  changes hands several times and so adds to the nation's Gross Domestic Product. ( a very large and ongoing Lie in itself.)

The reality of Oz before the Socialist Liars Rudd, Gillard, Swan, Shorten et all took over was pretty rosy. The Sun shone, the tides flowed, and Australians on the whole were relatively prosperous. Economically the Nation was in surplus. We had 'money in the bank' Savings were high.  Not so now. They ruined that.

Lies are but one form of Dishonesty. 
A MORAL issue.

The intellectual dishonesty of the socialists is just one part of a constellation of moral failures that beset them and affect all of us. They drove the entire nation into deep debt which will be affecting our grandchilden's lives. 

Their reality will have been constructed on Socialist Lies and Deceits.

As a Nation we are not quite as technically Bankrupt as some other nations, but all across the world we can see the effects of  the MORAL BANKRUPTCY of the Left.

It is not simply a matter of 'Women' politicians, of course. They can be just as useful, even good, as any male one, and just as bad too.  Just look at the American situation. They have had six or seven years of an Arch Liar as President and maybe in the next year or two may well have the Most Powerful female Liar ever to wield power in the Oval Orofice.

Then the Reality of Hilary's Village will be everywhere.

You will all need a stiff drink.

I had better get an order in.



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