Sunday, October 12, 2014

Some will Die Tomorrow

Babies, that is. And maybe you too. There was an event in Melbourne yesterday that I would have liked to have attended, but the Taverner's life is all pull, pull, pull.  There is Grace to be served to my customers. Not that there was no Grace being served up over there. There was. Buckets of it.

7000 brave souls confronted the State - and a crowd of assorted bigots and bullies - to walk a mile or two for Babies. I take my helmet off to them.

Last year a similar 'March for Babies' was attacked by hundreds of louts who committed assault after assault on peaceful men, women and children, and the Police did nothing much to stop it.  This year, after much 'communication' and a concerted effort by organisers and individual to expose that failure, the Victorian Police turned on a splendid effort to protect the innocent.

The police were with us every step of the way. The first part of the march saw little trouble from the protestors. But at Parliament House they surrounded the crowd on three sides with screaming, drum-beating, and non-stop interruptions. The police moved them into one main area where they carried on the whole time, trying to drown out the speakers.
Strange, last night in Lakemba in Sydney’s west a hate-preacher of Islam was telling a small crowd about how evil Australia is and how it must come under seventh-century sharia law. There were no protestors there. There were no crowds seeking to drown out his voice. There were no demos.
Believe it !

But here we had 7000 people who simply wanted to show their love and concern for the unborn, and we have these screaming banshees treating us as if we were a bunch of Nazis. Go figure. Their signs said it all really. One large sign held high by a very angry young man actually said this: “THE ONLY GOOD BABY IS A DEAD BABY!” 

OUR Legislators actually support this sort of madness. 

I kid you not. There were other equally appalling signs, such as “Cory Bernardi is a failed abortion”. 
The anger, rage and diabolical ugliness of these protestors was really something to behold. 
These really were manifestations of the demonic.
A large pro-life sign on a truck was spray-painted with graffiti, with words like “racist”. 
Umm, what does racism have to do with protecting babies? 
“Smash sexism” was another dopey sign. Again, what does loving babies have to do with sexism? Both male and female babies are horribly killed by abortion.
There was even a pamphlet being handed out by the radicals, pretending to be from our side. It was entitled: “You call this pro-life? Anti-abortion, white supremacy and the clash of civilizations.” 
Oh, now those who love the unborn are white supremacists as well. 

It featured four apparently really evil people: Senator Cory Bernardi, MP Bernie Finn, Lord Monckton, and one Bill Muehlenberg.
Now Cory was not even there, and I was not a speaker (the other two were however). But according to the pamphlet, the four of us were not only responsible for this evil pro-life rally, but we are the epitome of evil in this nation. In this pamphlet which is strewn with absolutely incredible lies and distortions, they even claim I said that Christians should use force and war against all Muslims.
But telling lies for a cause of genuine evil – the killing of the unborn – is par for the course for this mob. Indeed, it was all the usual suspects: the socialists, the anarchists, the Sex Party, and all the usual hate crew. And 2000 years ago we were told exactly why such bold lies would come about.

You could not make this stuff up. No-one would believe it. But there it was, on the streets of genteel Melbourne, where the river winds its way lazily through the lovely modern city and where babies can be torn apart in their mother's wombs right up to the last minute before they would otherwise have arrived. 

The good people had come from across Victoria and even from interstate. My prayer-colleague, Kathy was there and several others I know quite well. Their aim was to 'Witness' and take a stand. 

Nice, ordinary families need strong Police protection !! How did it come to this?

Though brave souls readily expose themselves on the wide streets of Melbourne, few are likely to die for their view. The babies die though. And throughout history people have had to confront evil and expect to die. Our era is no different.

The Hilary Village is 'tolerant' of many views. NOT. 

It is a place of bullies in frocks, backed up by uniformed bullies with guns. And the PC bully is everywhere. The pressure from the wicked is very strong and for reasons that should be clear to everyone (it isn't though) the wicked have the ear of the legislators, politicians, bureaucrats and a
 vast 'Sinister', brainwashed public.

The rumours that God does not care or, indeed, is actually dead, are not true. He was prepared to die . So do we have to be.

Lloyd Marcus was watching the event unfold and had some quite pertinent things to say.
Confronting PC: Some Will Financially and Politically Die
I caught a bit of an interview with conservative actor Kevin Sorbo promoting his movie, "God's Not Dead" on the Sean Hannity radio show. Sorbo lamented that political correctness operatives continue to bully Americans with little push back. He cited a recent incident in which a little girl was kicked out of school for saying "God bless you" when a classmate sneezed, punished for religious talk in school.

My wife Mary told me about a U.S. soldier who was told by a school never to walk his child to school in uniform again. I am sure all of you could share horror stories of 
political correctness operatives overruling common sense and bullying people into submission.
Admittedly, I continuously rant about this topic. Folks, while I have evolved into somewhat of a sophisticated responsible adult, my roots are in the hood, the projects of east Baltimore. Living in that extremely tough environment, I knew if you did not deal with (confront) bullies, you would forever be their chump. 
As a 9 or 10 year old, I detested watching bullies push people around. I still detest seeing snooty intellectual liberal wimps with their big microphones and big stages get away with terrorizing people into submission.
When we were kids, though he was a little wild and crazy, my cousin Jimmy taught me the value of a strong military and how to deal with bullies. Two kids were taking my lunch money. Jimmy got in their grills and threatened to kick their butts. That was the end of that nonsense.
Six foot something high school varsity football star Broadus ordered me out of my seat beside pretty Barbara Jean on the school bus. Had he asked, I would have given him my seat. Even as a four foot something tall seventh grader, I instinctively knew I would lose something inside if I allowed Broadus to order me around. I told him no, I was not moving.
Once off the bus, Broadus began pounding my head into the gravel road. My mom saw the attack from a block away. She began running, but said it felt like she was running in place, unable to get to us fast enough. Incredibly, Broadus and I later became friends.
So yes, I have this "thing" about bullies.
Liberals, Democrats and the complicit MSM have hijacked the word "bully" to exclusively refer to anyone who dares to push back against their aggressive attempts to force their socialist/progressive agenda down our throats. 
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, Leftists call us bullies when we reject allowing them to bully us. Very clever, insidious and evil.
Lloyd very accurately describes the thugs, louts and bullies who attacked the peaceful marchers. 
I worked at a major ABC affiliate TV station in Baltimore for 15 years. Thus, I have witnessed from the inside the MSM arrogant superior mindset which dominated the TV station and their intention to force their agenda on the public. The general consensus at the TV station was that the public was a bunch of yahoos and we were the sophisticated smart guys.
The TV station launched a campaign titled, "Family First". On the cover of the brochure, I used a silhouette of a traditional family holding hands; father, mother, a girl and a boy. Public Relations axed my cover design claiming it was insensitive and offensive because families come in all configurations, two men, two women and so on. 
There was no agenda behind me selecting the image other than it worked for the theme of the campaign. I seriously doubted that the image of a traditional family on the cover of the station's brochure would have sparked mass outrage from the public.
And yet, the PR representative acted as though I was attempting to push my Christian values on the public. She used her authority to bully me into changing the cover design. I later learned that she was a lesbian.
Folks, I realize that I sound like a broken record continuing to write about the Left bullying us into submission. It just sticks in my craw. Allowing them to get away with it is an anathema to my spirit; like allowing Broadus to order me out of my seat. We must push back. We must say no.
In the Clint Eastwood movie, "Pale Rider", the locals were terrorized by bullies. They asked a mysterious stranger portrayed by Eastwood to lead them into battle against the bad guys. Eastwood consented, but also informed the locals that 
some of them were going to die tomorrow.
Know whose side you are on.

Make no mistake about it folks, confronting evil, pushing back against political correctness operatives is serious business. 
Our Nemesis are extremely vicious and relentless. They take no prisoners. Just as Eastwood warned the locals, I warn you. In the battle to take back our freedom, some will sacrifice themselves for freedom. They will financially and politically die.
Political Correctness is a horrible destructive cancer eating away at the core of our American culture. The miracle cure is courage.

Pushing back against the murderous laws of the PC abortionists is a long hard effort. Some good people will be attacked. Their reputations will be rubbished by calumny and their treasuries will be sacked by 'fines'.  Some nutter in the PC mob just might go too far one day and cause a death.

What do we do about such hatred? Clearly we have to recognise it, acknowledge it and Confront it. And we have to distinguish the hater from their hatred. The sinner from the sin.

Despite their invective, their hate-filled  - and frankly stupid -  signs, we must find a way to Love them. 

There is a battle we all must fight. Like it or not. And we - most of us - cannot do it without Grace.

Do drink deep. Drink long. Drink up.



  1. Pleased to be associated with your kind of evil.

    1. We are in that time when good will be seen as bad and bad will be seen as good, and the bad has already the weight of Law behind it. This was one unusual occasion when the police actually did their proper job of protecting normal, everyday people from violent thugs. But even then the sort of hatred expressed by the vicious mob on their signs was not stopped.

      Personally I was almost pleased, in a macabre way, to see that baby-hatred so clearly expressed for ALL to see it for what it was.

  2. Baby hatred, clearly expressed on a sign, is not doing anybody any favours. Maybe your lot put them up to it, or more likely, it's just frustration, being presented as evil. I understand that you would take pleasure from that, in that it supports your cause. Definitely an own goal.

    As a mother of four, the last of which was a complete mistake that at the time, seemed like the end of the world, and now, is clearly a huge gift, I am not unsympathetic to your concerns.
    But we were a middle class family and we coped, as some can't . My husband, the "mangina" (I hope you know, that he was totally joking when he described his devotion to me) has that kind of easy Catholicism that isn't there, most of the time, but kicks in in time of crisis. Abortion wasn't an option.

    Many of our friends assume that we had three sons, and kept on going for the girl. Not true. It just looks that way.

    I am not pro-abortion, especially late terminations, but I assume that a lot of youngsters conceal pregnancy, until it is advanced. Let me be old fashioned here. We need to teach our children that having sex at age thirteen, is not okay. Possibly, we need to filter out some of the stuff on the internet so that young children (nor old men) cannot access porn. Maybe, we should call time on young pop stars taking their clothes off, and getting publicity.

    I think we would benefit from a bit of back tracking, but the genie is well and truly out of the bottle. We really need to understand why such huge numbers of girls are presenting for abortion instead of using contraception. Which you may not agree with, but has to be the lesser of two evils. Surely.

    I always have a personal tale to back me up, and this is no exception. My cousin (mother of three) had a very bad experience in a London hospital. This was many years ago, but it happened. She lost a baby at a late stage, and had to go into hospital to deliver it, as though it was a live child. She was very distressed because the baby was wanted, but her overriding memory of being in hospital, was an Irish nurse, "practically throwing" breakfast at her the next morning.

    Let's stay sane, be less bitter, and accept, that we have not all had the same experiences and our outlook is different. And, not all women are bad, and some even have technical ability.

    I said I would never engage with you. Sometimes, people change their mind.


    PS: I'm in Melbourne next week, coming to Hobart again soon. If I see you, I might say hello.

    1. It would be a pleasure to meet you Suzie. I am sure we can find much to agree upon and you might even find that I am quite a nice person. I am sure you are.

      I can assure you that no-one on 'our side' put that chap up to it. No-one I know or know of would dream up such a sick sign. Yes, it was an 'own goal' on their part but I see no indication that they see it that way.

      We have spoken before elsewhere, and 'crossed swords' a time or two, but I have deep sympathy for the plight of pregnant women who see a huge change coming and fall back from the prospect. I have dealt as sensitively as I could (with success, I have to add) with many more women than you might imagine, well after the fact of abortion. I have spent quite literally hundreds of hours piecing such ladies back together again.

      I have practiced what I preach, Suzie. Love the Sinner: Hate the sin. I admit I could do it better.

      If and when you come to Hobart and if you would like to sit and have a coffee and a chat, let me know. You can send me an email address or a phone number as a comment here. It will NOT be published. The Bouncer examines all comments well before a decision is made to let them through the door. Your contact will be Confidential.

  3. I don't know precisely when I will make it to Hobart. Next week Melbourne, then most likely a week back here in Sydney. Possibly the week after that.

    My cunning plan was to observe you at one of your Tuesday protests, and decide then whether to approach. Last time I was in Hobart at the appointed spot, you weren't there!


    1. A bit of Knight sighting eh ? At the appointed hour on Tuesdays I am always there making a groove in the pavement. Occasionally I might be there a little early, hence be done soon after 2.


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