Friday, October 3, 2014

Sin : Calculated

Well, what do you expect in a Tavern ? We are very aware of 'sin' here and try to maintain some level of decorum. It is a place to identify with our own and seek some ease from it. 

Out in Hilary's Village - you know, the one that she thinks is needed to raise a child - there are more sins than you can shake a stick at. But some are more infamous than others.

The Church identifies some very basic ones, from which endless permutaions can be made.

The Seven Deadly Ones.

The Church also points to 'the occasions' of sin. Times, places, environments that sin is very likely to be found and to ensnare a a young Knight or farm-boy, a Lady or a wench. It was getting beyond high time someone actually tried to identify which places to avoid.

The University of Kansas Georgraphical persons have been busy looking close to home.  Of course they did not want to get down to street and house level, but they did look at broad areas.

The blue is where the particular sins are thinner on the ground. The red, where it seeps out of the ground and floats in the air. 

Beware ! 

Perhaps someone else might take a look at the rest of the world. The past British Empire used to be illustrated in pink !

Seek the Tavern !

Drink deep. Water your soul in fine Wine and Ale.



  1. It would certainly be interested to see the United Kingdom displayed in that way.

  2. Indeed. But what colour do you think would dominate? :)

    I would like to see a map of PC distribution too. Maybe I shall look around for other things.


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