Friday, September 8, 2017

'Lerve' ain't Love

The cries come over the Tavern hedges on all sides: "You have to accept our lerve for one another". Except 'it isn't Love, Jim: not as we know it', to paraphrase Bones from Star Trek. It is something else and just as dangerous to the crew of the good ship Civilisation. 

Here in the Tavern we will not have a bar of it. 

It isn't just a matter of language and meaning being distorted: it is a deliberate perverting of our society. What some people call lerve bears little if any resemblance to Love as it has always been known.

The way the word 'lerve' is bandied around as though it were some virtue, a quality of quality - as Love is -  has got out of hand (and mouth) and has infected the way of thinking of far too many easily susceptible and moronic people. 

I could blame the Beatles, but will hold short of pinning it onto them. They, of course, picked it up from other morons and simply passed it on. They were pretty simple lads.

Love Trumps Hate, says a sign. Odd how it is the sort of sign usually carried by violent, hateful people with masks on their faces. And funny hats on their heads. And a rainbow they stole from the Heavens. They march in the streets and parade their 'virtue' banners as a weapon. 

Some even put the poles of the banners to use in beating other people or stabbing at horses.  They are gleeful. They enjoy the mayhem. They 'feel'.

Quite a long time ago the word 'Peace' fell into the clutches of the 'left' who perverted it beyond recognition. Many other words fell too. 'Equality', 'tolerance',  'gender', 'freedom', yea even 'democracy'. They all now mean something far distant from their original meanings.

Total selfishness or narcissism has crept into all these words and made them ugly.  

To many people today shouting about Lerve 'feels good'. It signals a faux-virtue. It emotionally blackmails.

And what we do with words in order to justify such awfulness hides what we do to our selves, proper, and our Spirit. 
We distort ourselves. 

Dorian Gray springs to mind.

But we were asked by someone as I pulled pints to consider this 'lerve' thing. 

We are asked, told, forced, to approve of what some people call lerve, but what is actually....

 a Perversion of Love. 

It 'has to be good' because 'we lerve one another'.  Innit?

Oh, really? 

The excuse is 'enjoyment', delight', 'feelings'. Happiness.

The wreckers of souls and societies have a mantra..... 

If it feels it.

Lerve to a homosexual is him shoving his 'manhood' into another chap's backside.  Or vice versa. Emphasise the vice. What is loving about that?  To some distorted people it 'feels good'.  Therefore it must be good, eh? 

No. It is filthy. To enjoy that is a stretch of that word too. It damages his body.  Or hers. Anal sex is not what the anus is for. It leads to illnesses for which those who do not do such disgusting things have to spend vast amounts of money to find a cure. 

It ain't love: it is lust. And even that lust is perverted. 

It is not the natural 'lusty' sexual drive of man for woman or woman for man.  A man and woman delight in 'otherness'. They are complementary. They confront, appreciate and are passionate about another human being who is not a bit like themselves.  A different sex. With all the attributes belonging to that different sex.  Including body parts designed for proper use. They want and strive for the very best for the other person. They sacrifice for the benefit of the other.  They put the wellbeing of the other before their own.
People actually believe this now !

Together, in a permanent, committed marriage, they become One: whole; connected as parts that are shaped for one another, in body and soul.

The homosexual cringes away from the opposite sex. They fear that 'otherness' and seek only a reflection of themselves. 

They seek not complementarity but 'double-self'. 


The benefit of and to the other, where it exists at all, is secondary. 

But we are expected to approve it. Celebrate it.
We will not.

The word has hit bottom when it is smeared on your face.

That 'lerve', captured by the 'feelings' it 'enjoys' and 'delights' in covers a multitude of horrors. 

Psychopaths 'enjoy' destroying other people. They do not care which 'gender'.

A muslim 'delights' in cutting heads off infidels. And torturing animals. They lerve doing that.  It feels good.

They grin and cheer when they set alight some poor sod in a cage.  They put women and even small girls in cages too and sell them as slaves. Or burn them too. 

They lerve rape. It 'satisfies' them. Satiates. For a moment.

They 'lerve' little girls.

They enjoy the pain and terror of seeing and hearing innocent people and animals being slaughtered. 

Hey, there is nothing wrong if it feels good, eh?

That is the measure of  their lerve. 


Not all muslims 
of course. 

Let no-one say we are hateful islamophobics in the Tavern.  No-one in here fears muslims.

Pity, yes.

Revolted by their ways. Yes.

Most of them, that is, who follow the requirements needed for them - by them -to be able to claim they are muslims. 

Rather than wage horrors in the middle east, some stay at home  in your suburbs, and cut their daughter's genitals. Or kill them for 'dishonouring' the 'family'. Family means a lot to them.

Even muslims lerve their families.

But do not fall for the other excuse that it is only 'extremists' who delight in that. Just watch the muslim 'man-in-the-street' shooting his AK47 into the air in celebration whenever some atrocity is perpertrated. 

Sick. Perverted. But hey, they are enjoying themselves. 

They are delighted. 

They are happy. 

It must be fine then, eh?

But rather than gunfire in the streets below the mountain, we have our own narcissists, psychos and sexual perverts  shooting off their mouths. Oh, and car bombs and 'powders' in the mail, and claims that some nasty pro-marriage person has driven a car into a crowd of peaceful, loving homosexuals. 

Not that a car did, of course. Just a woman who fell down and claimed she was run down. Emotional blackmail. Hardly loving. The police soon put her back in her box.

And no. Marriage IS about  gender, and a lot more than just the sort of lerve those SSM'ers want us to buy into. 

It ain't Lerve we need Ringo.

Talking of cars, I recall the old advert for oil.

Oils ain't oils.

Some are called oils but can ruin your engine.

The modern 'lerve' mantras will ruin far more than engines.

Lerve is ruining society.

Need a drink?

I shall pull a pint.



  1. "Marriage IS about gender, and a lot more than just the sort of lerve those SSM'ers want us to buy into."

    In one.

  2. Since we now have the most narcissistic society in history it's hardly surprising that homosexuality is the new normal. Homosexuality is kind of like masturbating in front of a mirror.


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