Thursday, December 8, 2016

Trust a Conservative Government?

The hoohaa continues apace about the impending Trump accession to the American Throne.  The days of Sultan Obama are over and soon the newspapers and TVs will be gnashing their teeth to the howls of 'Long Live the King'.  The impending doom is already being overstated, as though everything that is good and lefty will be overturned overnight.

Fat chance.

In the Tavern we have noted the succession of 'right' wing people taking over from the lefties in various foreign locations. Even here on this sunny Isle. The lefties bring in all sorts of oppressive mayhem and then they get kicked out by the voters, only to find that the 'righties' have agendas of their own and take no action against what the lefties did.  

Will Trump get rid of Obamacare, for instance? Do not hold your breath or you may turn blue.  

Will he stop making war all over the shop? What, with General 'Mad Dog' Mattis in the defence chair? A fine warrior who is very likely to do what warriors are likely to do.

We saw it here in Oz. The lefties were thrown out but guess what happened to all their destructive legislation. 

It is still there.

Whether it is socialist, feminist, pseudo-marxist or anything that is at odds with sound, family, traditional careful social management, the wreckers know that what they do will only be howled at but not shot at. 

It happens here in Oz, as we heard today, and elsewhere. 

We were encouraged a year or two back when the conservatives took over from the labour-feminist-green mob in Hilary's Village down the mountain which has introduced draconian measures against good people who wish to help pregnant mothers. But the new mob has done nothing to repeal it. They still fund, from taxpayers' monies a raft of 'tribunals' that interfere and impose socialist-feminist-green  laws. 

So we were only slightly encouraged the other week when it was reported from France that the Catholics were massing around the President's Palace, shaking their Rosaries.  It is very possible that a 'rightist' Government will be in power next year.

But that has not stopped the latest French lefty law outrage. They know with almost certainty that a new government will leave the law in place.  Pete Balinski filled us in:
French government votes to ban pro-life websites
 'Digital Interference' Law , Abortion , France
The socialist government of France passed a bill after one day's debate that criminalizes websites that might dissuade women from abortion. 
The “digital interference” bill is aimed at cracking down on French websites that would, in the words of the bill, "deliberately mislead, intimidate and/or exert psychological or moral pressure to discourage recourse to abortion."
Mislead, means show what really happens with abortions. Exert psychological or moral pressure means any offer to help a woman who might want to consider an alternative, such as birth and adoption. 
Convicted website owners could face two years in prison and fines up to 30,000 euros ($31,799 USD).
The majority left voted in a block for the bill while the minority right formed a block against it.
Bruno Retailleau, who heads the Republicans party group in the Senate, told French radio Thursday that the bill "is totally against freedom of expression,” adding that it contradicts the 1975 law that legalized abortion and which called for women to be informed of alternatives.
Christian Democratic Party member Jean-Frederic Poisson also blasted the bill  on Twitter for what he saw as the government's double standard in banning sites that propose “alternatives” to abortion but not “jihadist websites.”
Two of the country’s leading prelates have strongly condemned the bill, with Cardinal André Vingt-Trois of Paris criticizing the French government for its.... 
“obsession” with abortion, 
while Archbishop Georges Pontier of Marseille has slammed the bill as a “very serious attack on the principles of democracy.”
France, where abortion is 100 percent state-funded during the first 12 weeks of gestation, has a long history of criminalizing activities aimed at convincing pregnant women to keep their preborn babies.
The crime of “obstructing” the functioning of an abortion clinic was first adopted by the Neiertz law in 1993. This was widened in 2001 to include exercising “moral and psychological pressures” on women that might convince them against abortion. Finally, in 2014 the government made it a crime to “obstruct access to information” on abortion while expanding the scope of the offense of “obstruct[ing] the voluntary termination of pregnancy.”
Dr. Joseph Meaney, director of international coordination for Human Life International, has warned that the bill would cause a “pro-death storm” to sweep across France. 
“It is aimed at banning pro-life websites and is really plunging towards ‘thought crimes.’ Even liberal bishops are speaking out against the penal sanctions for free speech,” he told LifeSiteNews for an earlier report.
Meaney called the proposed law pro-abortion "propaganda" that will not stand up under legal scrutiny. 
Hmmmmm. It is far more than that. 
"We are in the realm of unrestricted pro-abortion propaganda and the most stringent censorship of free speech if it contradicts the view that abortion is a wonderful solution to crisis pregnancies," he said. 

Good try lefties. It is likely to get passed. It may have hurdels and it may not get passed. We shall see. But that will not stop the lefties trying, and they know that if it does pass it will stay. 

Like the 'Bad' laws in France and Tasmania, Oz Federally has a raft of stupid laws that aid and abet Feminists in their extortions. The conservatives have had time enough to get rid of the stupid and annoying laws brought in by arch-Misandrist Julia Gillard, but guess what. There they still are.

Here we have Gender Kommisars. And they have powers to ruin businesses. Fortunately thare are some business owners with balls who are all too willing to tell them to take a hike.  Frank Chung whet his whistle and blew"
Australian storage king hits out at gender cop
SELF-STORAGE mogul Sam Kennard has lashed out at the government’s gender equality watchdog after his business was “named and shamed” for not filling a complicated annual questionnaire.

In its latest annual report, the 
Workplace Gender Equality Agency 
has published the names of businesses which fell foul of the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012.
Under the law, companies with more than 100 employees are required to lodge a report with the WGEA every year detailing “gender equality indicators” such as male-to-female ratios and salaries. 
The WGEA itself, which costs taxpayers $5 million a year to run, employs five male and 25 female staff. Read that again. They have
5 men and 25 women. 

Among the 74 businesses deemed “non-compliant” by the WGEA this year include household names like Kennards Self Storage, Bing Lee, Vittoria Coffee, Palace Cinemas and Sportsmans Warehouse. Also named were the likes of Williams-Sonoma, EB Games, and a number of plumbing, cleaning, freight and transport companies.
“Non-compliant organisations may not be eligible to tender for contracts under Commonwealth 
and some state procurement frameworks, and may not be eligible for some Commonwealth grants or other financial assistance,” the report warns.
Coercion. Bullying. Ah, but its a feminist government agency, innit. 
Mr Kennard, who contested Joe Hockey’s North Sydney seat in the December 2015 by-election for the Liberal Democrats, said the WGEA was an organisation “dripping with hypocrisy” that “should be abolished”.
“My company does not discriminate for race, age, sex or religion,” he said.
“If someone has a good attitude, not afraid of work and willing to learn they’re a starter in our view. This is not a particularly profound or enlightened perspective — it is just common sense. It is good for business.
“I can confirm that we do discriminate against time-wasting bureaucracies. The WGEA is a prime example of unnecessary government intrusion into the activities of businesses. My business has much more productive endeavours to pursue than filling out paperwork for government agencies like the WGEA.”
The 'Ideal' inclusive, gender-balanced Board.
All female, all white. HuffPo.
But hey, its Wimmin's Business innit.

Mr Kennard said his company was challenged enough to “make our business better, to give customers a better experience and to operate efficiently without distractions like this”. “The WGEA impost is 100 per cent pure overhead,” he said.
“While politicians and economists lament the declining productivity in our economy, it is exactly this red-tape and the imposts of these bureaucracies that tax the efforts of enterprise. If the government was serious about tackling productivity it would get out of our way — it would abolish the WGEA and the abundance of other regulations they lay on.
“I am personally driven to the see the best outcomes for my business and believe strongly that good performance should be encouraged and rewarded irrespective of sex. We are conscious of HR shortcomings, appreciate the challenges and work to overcome them.”
Mr Kennard added that it was “pleasing that there are plenty of non-taxpayer funded advocates for the success of women, which further emphasises that this is an area the government does not need to participate in”.
Meanwhile, Mia Johannsen, head of people and culture at Palace Cinemas, said the company was deemed non-compliant because it wasn’t willing to share “private individual salary information” with the WGEA.
“Initially we did send through some information regarding gender split and the different roles, but we didn’t want to comment with anything confidential such as the private salaries of our employees,” she said.
“We employ more females than males, 53 per cent to 47 per cent, so obviously we are completely for gender equality. We have many women in senior management, including myself.”
Ms Johannsen said Palace Cinemas “regret being labelled as non-compliant”. “It would be a lot easier if the process was simpler,” she said.
“The process to be able to lodge all of this information was very long and extensive and it took days for my predecessor to even locate that information, so I think that was the issue [in previous years].”

WEGA is an interfering, coercive Stasi. It should have gone on day one of the last Abbott Government. Along with 18C and a raft of other  society -wrecking laws. 

But they are still there.

Time will tell if the new Trump mob will do any better. The first signs of improvement will be the repeal of socialist laws, especially recent ones.


Drink a few pints.

Don't hold your breath.



  1. He has already made a difference. Christmas is being celebrated, people are standing up have to be here to feel it.

    The left will fight him everyday, and the damage is so great that it will take YEARS to fix. The Trumpsters are not stupid.

    We know this.

    But we also know when to celebrate a victory.

    If nothing else, he got rid of two dynasties that needed to leave.

    And showed us all, how deep the corruption is.

    Yes, we shall see...but I'm betting on the man.

    And I'm VERY seldom wrong.


    1. There is often euphoria when a 'right' side administration gets in, and I can see that happening now in America. I sincerely hope you are right. I want you to be right. Keep banging that drum :)

  2. So we were only slightly encouraged the other week when it was reported from France that the Catholics were massing around the President's Palace, shaking their Rosaries.

    Like it, like it very much.


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