Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Inhumanity of (Wo)Man

We are almost innured to the daily atrocities inflicted upon our world by the wicked. Mostly, one has to acknowledge, by men. At least publicly.  Women are still seen as all sweetness and light. Throughout history it has been men, in the main, who have been talked about and condemned for their inhumanity to their fellows. We do not even like to talk about wicked women, let alone punish them to the same degree as men.

In previous discussion in the Tavern, customers have mentioned women guards in Nazi Concentration camps and slowly our media is starting to grasp the fact that the best hunting - ground for child sexual abuse is the Education System where predominantly female teachers seduce, molest and rape boys. But we still refuse to even think of it as being as wide-spread as it actually is.

We think about and hear about -almost daily - the atrocities of Islam and its shock-troops, ISIS. We think our civil world is being attacked from 'outside'. It is, but the Real Attack is from inside.  

Now we have another example of the empathetic, nurturing sex going about her work in another Female Dominated Industry. 

And it has horrified.

Not that anyone is going to jail this excuse for a human being. Oh dearie me no. 

And not that anyone is going to seriously examine the Industry or back off one inch from their demand that "a woman has the 'Right' to do whatever she damned well pleases". Even when that is killing. 

We should care about and condemn ISIS or 'random' terrorists killing ten here, twenty there. Men, again, being wicked. But frankly they have an awful looooong way to go to get to 100,000 murdered every year in Oz or 1.2 MILLION murdered every year in America. Perhaps it is because they haven't got the taxpayer grants that the abortionists have.

We deal with women while we wear soft, smooth, beautifully stitched kid gloves. With decorative motifs.

But what do you do when confronted with a female Dr Mengele? What do you say to those who might, at a push, say 'Tut Tut' but go right on supporting what she and her army of 'nice ladies' do every day.  The Pro-Abortion massed ranks.

We must NOT be silent or be silenced.

Let us look at the shocking exposure of the past few days. Think for yourself what you might say to the lady Dr, so expensively trained and highly paid from your taxes.  And after, read how you can confidently confront that army of 'ordinary' supporter-troops.

And while you are at it, Australians might think about the 
$30 million of Taxpayers' Cash given by Julia Gillard to that woman's organisation - Planned Parenthood.

Here is the shocking exposure: Be warned. It is horrific in its Banality. 

Fr Frank dropped in to really hammer home the message. He has been fighting this Evil for longer and better than I have.

At some point the average Joe and Josephine is going to have to take sides. Not just in the overall good vs evil bizzo but in its particulars.

The abortion evil is something that anyone can understand, even if they have contemplated all the rationales. Many will have to come to the same conclusions that Planned Parenthood has. That is to say to hell with the pretences and excuses, the mendacities and cant, the manipulation and the downright lies, 
the abortionists’ job is the murder of human babies 
They WANT to kill babies.
and making as much profit – over and above all the tax grants which already run into hundreds of millions – as we can from the beastial, wicked, inhuman selling of ‘parts’ so that ‘researchers’ can steal ‘stem cells’ and cosmetic firms can make shit to put on Katy Perry’s face.
Those tax grants amount to Half a BILLION dollars a year
I stand outside an abortion mill every damned week. Alone. Occasionally someone can stand with me for a few minutes, but most will not. They are scared. They are scared here in sleepy little Hobart of being fined $9750 and spending a year in jail. Occasionally I am spat upon, shouted at, villified and the cops are called. 

Just for me saying a silent Rosary. 

Meanwhile across the road a baby is being murdered.

The Brave Few must gather together.
The Tavern Keeper's Weekly Vigil. With the others this time :)
My friend Graham chalks up $,x000’s on airfares attending court here for his ‘crime’ of holding up a sign pointing to the UN Human Rights Declaration.

The world is turning from merely mad to Bad.

The efforts made by courageous people in America making secret recordings of those filthy bastards selling baby organs is to be commended. But where are all the other, ordinary people? You do not need to answer that. They are SUPPORTING ‘women’s right to choose’. That means supporting the murder of babies.

I am grateful for Joe Carter's timely advice. He dropped by for a pint and an opportunity to speak to folk in the Tavern. I can take lessons too, so I listened.
“You never let a serious crisis go to waste,” said Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel. “And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

The recent “fetal parts” video provides an excellent example of Emanuel’s point. The public’s reaction to the video is a “crisis” for Planned Parenthood and the pro-choice cause. But it provides an opportunity for pro-lifers to do things we could not do before. One thing it helps us to do is to have an honest discussion about the act of abortion.
Unfortunately, this crisis will go to waste if we are not able to engage in conversations that advance the cause of life with those who disagree with us. If we come across as obnoxious or partisan or strident then even those on the pro-choice side who are disturbed by the video will dismiss our concerns. However, there are a few things we can do that can help us to engage more productively.

The following are a few rhetorical suggestions for how to engage in a discussion about the video and the issues it raises. While you may not agree with all of my recommendations, I hope that by reflecting on them you’ll come up with your own strategy for having effective conversations with your pro-choice friends.
And acknowledge that too. Many 'pro-choice' people are your friends. They are otherwise nice people. No-one is 100% wicked. (hopefully not anyone you know anyway).  Many have been morally blinded by the society around them. Treat them in the Augustinian way. Love the Sinner: Hate the Sin. Here's your chance to develop the skill. 
Focus on one area of concern — Though certain abortion clinics may be engaged in an illegal form of fetal organ selling, what is described in the video islikely to be broadly legal. One of the concerns of the pro-life movement is to make it completely illegal to sell the parts of aborted children. That is certainly an issue that we want to advance through the legislative process. When talking to our pro-choice friends, though, we mainly want to use the organ-selling as the point of entry to engage in a broader discussion of the morality of second- and third- trimester abortions. Try to avoid getting bogged down in a political discussion about whether the parts selling should be illegal and focus instead on the morality of the act and how it relates to abortion in general.

Ask probing questions — One of the most effective tools for pro-life apologetics is the probing question. Asking probing questions gives you the ability to advance the conversation without being combative or strident. On this issue, many people already have an instinctual understanding of the ethical problem and how it conflicts with their own values and morality. By the use of questions you can often get them to uncover the reality of the issue. Here is an example of a series of questions you could ask:

“What would you call the product of an abortion? What is it that is extracted?”

If they give a reply such as a “clump of cells” you can follow-up with. . .

“But if it’s merely a clump of cells, how do they extract ‘hearts’ and ‘livers’? They are hearts and livers and other organs, aren’t they?”
Once they concede that point, ask them “What type of organs are they? Would you say that they are human organ?”
At this point your interlocutor is likely to see where this is headed and confirm that they are human organs, but that the fetus is not a person. A good follow-up is to inquire, “What other type of non-human persons are there?
This method doesn’t always work, of course. But it can be highly effective when dealing with people who want to grapple honestly with the issue.
Avoid euphemisms, but don’t get bogged down in a language debate — The abortion debate is flush with euphemisms that attempt to either frame the issue politically (pro-choice, pro-life) or obscure what is going on during the procedure (dilation and extraction, product of conception, etc.). Whenever possible, try to avoid letting people use such euphemisms in the discussion. Ask them if they’ll agree to use non-loaded, non-euphemistic terms to avoid misunderstandings.
Your conversation partner will most likely balk, though, at the use of some terms they consider to be euphemistic. For example, you will want to refer to the unborn in the womb as a “baby” while they may prefer the more technical sounding “fetus.” Politely point out that fetus is merely the Latin term for “bringing forth offspring” and that while you are using different terms they mean the same thing. Say that you agree it’s fine to use baby/fetus interchangeably as long as they agree to refer to the body parts as human parts (e.g., the human limbs, human livers, human hearts). By reinforcing the use of the term “human” it helps to maintain the moral horror of abortion.
Ultimately, though, don’t let a debate about the language prevent you from moving on to an actual discussion of the issue itself.

Don’t change the narrative — Soon after the video started gaining attention, many concerned pro-lifers started to question why the national media was not covering the story. 
This has been a perennial criticism those of us in the pro-life movement have had about media coverage, and it was natural that it would be raised again after this incident. However, I think this is a tactical mistake. 
When we change the focus from the “selling of fetal body parts” to “the media is failing to cover a story about the selling of fetal body parts” we subtly shift the issue from a broadly shared moral concern to a politically charged debate about media bias.

Yes, we should be concerned about how the media covers such issues. But we can save those criticisms for later, after the core narrative of the story has already been deeply embedded into the American (and Australian) psyche. Fortunately, we no longer need the media to get the story out. We have the tools (e.g., social media, blogs) to inform our neighbors about the atrocity. By sticking to the primary narrative, we can make sure the story is presented accurately and without the filter of the national media.
Remember always that the Media is a leftist beast of burden. It is on the side of the abortionists. 

Ask yourself why this week's expose was not conducted by any of the dozens of media TV stations, Newspaper, NGOs, Governments, etc. 

Tim Graham asked this too. Where have the Media been all this time? 

In recent weeks, the allegedly disinterested media have been a perpetual disavowal machine for Donald Trump, working hard to force businesses to dump him. They have spent hours promoting the disavowal of the Confederate flag in every venue. But they have barely touched this story. They have not, and will not make an effort to force Democrats or other businesses to disavow any connection with Planned Parenthood and its grisly business practices. It’s long past time any taxpaying pro-life  -- and now, pro-choice -- American should have to give a bloody red cent to these monsters.

Once again, a courageous group of pro-life activists has produced a damning sting video of Planned Parenthood, and this one has exposed the most outrageous behavior yet. This isn’t the abortion conglomerate protecting pimps or statutory rapists as they seek abortions. This is the selling of the  organs of babies after they’ve been killed.
The video will chill you to the bone. It cannot be described as anything but what it is: evil.
Tim had more to say. Go see. Follow the link. But, back to Joe Carter......... He still had lots to say too.
Concede trivial aspects of the story — Just as you don’t want to derail the debate by changing the narrative, you don’t want to get bogged down on matters that are not pertinent to the pro-life points you want to make. A prime example is the claim about whether the video engages in deceptive editing. Even if you don’t agree, you can concede that it may very well be deceptive and ask that the focus stay on the words spoken by the representative from Planned Parenthood. You can even refer to the full transcript to avoid the video altogether.    

Don’t expect too much, and don’t overreach — If the discussion goes well you may be able to get an agreement that since the selling of human body parts is gruesome and should be illegal, then the action that entails butchering a living human body to obtain those parts is also gruesome and should also be illegal. If your conversation partner, who was previously committed to accepting all abortion, agrees with this conclusion, they may be willing to concede that second and third trimester abortions should be illegal.

At this point, you will be tempted to press the pro-life logic to gain even greater concessions. If killing a child at 18 weeks is wrong, why should it be allowed at 8 weeks? Shouldn't all abortion be illegal? Your thinking is correct—but it requires a level of rationality that most people tend to avoid. While some people’s minds can be changed in one discussion, most people need to be moved in increments toward a full pro-life perspective.

Give them to time to let the implications of their newly adopted position sink in and grow roots. By trying to press them to adopt the complete logic of the pro-life cause at one time they may shut down completely.

Know when to stop — When you get a significant concession, use it as a firm stopping point. The only people who want to keep arguing are typically those whose minds are least likely to be changed. Show a genuine appreciation for their concession and reinforce it by thanking them for having a discussion in which a level of agreement could be found. If the experience was both productive and affirming, they will be more likely in the future to engage with you in similar moral discussions.
I always know when to stop.

The Blue Uniform and the gun on the hip are usually clear signals. 
You may not talk your friend out of their pro-choice convictions. But if enough of us have these conversations, we may just be able to move our neighbors in a pro-life direction.

All good stuff to think about over a Tankard of fine drink.

Drink up.

And Pray.

Pray that Grace strikes at the heart of that Sad, MAD, BAD lady Doctor of Death & Profit.



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  2. The link author expresses it well. While "Southern' Generals cannot lie in their graves in peace, without threat of disinterment, the likes of Margaret Sanger are adored with praises by the current generation and especially Hillary Clinton. One must never criticise Sanger though as she was from that suffragette era and therefore must be revered. The fact that she was a murderous fascist is overlooked.

  3. Mindful of "as space allows". and "knowing when to stop".
    Oops, you forgot "undeniable racist bigot eugenicist in the last line.
    According to WIKI..."She believed that while abortion was sometimes justified it should generally be avoided, and she considered contraception the only practical way to avoid the use of abortions. (naturally, "citation needed" for the traditional WIKI "bio".)

    1. One can say only so much and let the customers add their pieces. Pint coming up, Sir.

  4. You are a misogynist of the first order.
    Mostly, you write trash, and are a real woman hater. No wonder you have the reputation

    1. I am pretty sure what the lovely Mandy Rice Davis would say about your comment, anonymouse one. What I say though is that getting women to kill their own babies is the real 'War on Women' and the real Misogyny.

      I defend both women and children, and yes, men too. I stand for life. That means too that I call out the bad people, both men and women. I suppose you skipped over the introduction to the post above which was quite clear about the bad men in out history.

      Just what part of 'Love the Sinner: Hate the Sin' do you not understand?

    2. I have given you 'Star Billing' anonymouse. On the post after this one.

      You deserve it as a lesson to others.


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