Monday, July 27, 2015

Tavern Re-decoration

We have had the decorators in. Not that one can do a lot with premises that are very old and subject to 'Heritage', not to mention having so many unique and beautiful features.

But my friend James showed this Knackered Old Knight how he could hang pictures along the walls.

Some are quite 'cool'. 

One is me is of my younger days.

But none are a pain in the arse. Hahaha

This one not on the wall, thank goodness.
Even my Bouncer does not go this far !

Enjoy browsing. 

Just scroll down and find them amongst the rubrics.

They may get shifted around, replaced or featured from time to time.

I may even start a 'Gallery, especially if people are kind enough to send some pictures to me.



  1. Yow! I had not had enough caffeine yet this morning, Amfortas, so thanks for that - it jolted me awake very nicely lol.

    Did I read you right that there's a photo of you here, somewhere, in your younger days (or do I still need more caffeine)? I'm assuming that's not your bum (although a nice bum otherwise, whomever's bum it is, I'm just sorry for their loss)

    I like the little plaque about right and wrong (on the left side of the wall). There's a saying here in the South "mob rule don't make the mob right". Speaking of pitchforks in bums, I'm fairly certain that saying came about from the days when people used to be chased out of town with torches and pitchforks for being different in some way. Thank goodness that only happens now when people don't like Kentucky basketball, they consider it blasphemy ;)


    1. Once a Warrior, Chrysalis. Right beside your comment. Knackered, old and advanced to Kingship. Then retired to the country to run a pub. 'Tis a noble life.

      Better than a pitchfork in the backside though and even my Bouncer does not resort to that; not even running folk out of town. Just a firm hand to the stables with .... well you know. :)

      I am pleased you like the decor.

    2. Ah, thank you - I considered that photo as representation of you, but was thinking too literally this morning (or just being too nosy). More caffeine for me :)

      Speaking of the literal, I paused before saying the plaque about right and wrong was "on the left side of the wall", for fear it might be misinterpreted by readers as having deeper meaning than it does. However, I decided to continue anyway because that's literally where it is on the wall! (I considered requoting it but my comments are long enough! :)

      Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar :)


    3. Indeed, a cigar is most often a cigar. Perhaps in odd minds it may be something else, but as a cigar smoker m'self at a long point in my life, I drew a line under it. :)

  2. It is good to see your sturdy steed has top billing :-) I particularly like the photograph underneath 'things are not as they seem'.

    You are welcome to use photos off my blog or Flickr page if they capture your imagination :-)

    1. Many thanks for the superb critique and offer. :)


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