Thursday, July 23, 2015

Girls.You've got to love 'em

After I was given a blast the other day from a trolly-girl intent on seeing the dark side of anything I or my customers say, my friend The Southern Gal invited another southern gal in to sing me a ditty. 

I have to say I am a man's man as a matter of profession. Knights are like that. But any decent Knight is also a ladies' man and I love the fair sex. Odd, that description, doncha think?  'Fair' is such a rarity when they have their danders up. But when the fluffy skirt is on and the sun is shining, they are such a delight.

Little girls especially. 

What dad is not captivated by his little girl. What little boy is not just amazed by them.

Many retain that girlness. That innocence. Thank goodness. There are plenty enough who do not and wreak havoc where harmony ought to reign.

Here are a few for your delight.

 They don't stay little delights for long, so make the best of it while you can.

They turn into different sorts of delights.

And before any troll decides I am being sexist showing them showing themselves as though all they are are decorative, girls do get about and do things.

My good friend James likes to see pretty girls on bikes. And so do I. 

I guess that is enough for now.

Listen to the song again. 

Drink your fill of delight.



  1. Replies
    1. Does an old curmudgeon good to be reinforced once in a while. :)

      Catchy little ditty, eh?

  2. Well, no worries - I have put my danders back where they belong and I thought it might make you smile to know my punishment for judging James so harshly for misunderstanding my words (and writing a public post about it, without discussion) was this - I realized I just did the exact same thing with Cherie, in my comment to you, as well as I apparently I misunderstood her the first time around and have since apologized.

    She did say she'd give you a second look after my urging, but she didn't mean she had been put off previously. I shouldn't have brought that in anyway, I am sorry about that - and I told her I'd tell you that.

    My point was supposed to be that these things are best worked out if just the two involved talk directly rather than people commenting under posts about the subject - and James and I since have and I think it's on the mend (I hope).

    Nope, I'm not perfect, but I do try to learn from my mistakes. And neither are you two;)

    I may not like everything you two do, but I always could see the good in you two, actually.

    I hope one day you will in me too ;)

    Hugs to you both anyway?

    Take care,


    PS - This is meant to be private as the dust settles, but do as you like.

    1. In that case, m'dear, you may come back in from the stables and sit at the bar near the fire.

      Let us not allude to issues elsewhere, and just stick to the discussions in and around the post.

      What would you like to drink?

      By the way, rather than find yourself locked out by a chap of muscle and guile at the door, there is a letterbox on the left side at the bottom for direct-to-the-tavern keeper rants. It will require an email address. You are welcome to tell me off there in private.

  3. Ah, a drink sounds perfect, thank you - a glass of the finest local wine, I've heard you mention, please - I trust the Taverner's choice:)

    As for the stables, it wasn't so bad - a hard day's work never hurt anyone, in the end.

    As for your post,I've nothing more to say except we women are suckers for your Sunday best too:)

    I'm sorry, didn't see the letterbox, Sir Amfortas, I will use it next comment - but a toast, if I may?

    "To giving the benefit of the doubt, when in doubt, all around."



    1. And my toast...." Whom does the Grail serve."

  4. Cuteness all around :-)

    I like your new piccie top right, it makes me smile :-) :-)

    1. I have been doing a little redecorating :)

  5. And a mint julep for you my old friend:). Come sit on the portch with me and rock awhile:)

    1. I shall, And we can listen to some more of the 'y'all' music. :)


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