Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Plans go awry

A gentleman sang in the Tavern.

For my daughter.

And for many other men's daughters and sons too.

Time slips by and the stuff of life is lost.  It was not what we planned.

Today I weep into my beer and bear my Cross.


Love while you can.


  1. So sad and beautiful at the same time.

    Sending you my *hugs* and love as always :-)

    1. And welcomed they are, my dear. Thank you.

  2. So, she has a stud in her nose, and a tattoo, and you don't approve. You don't have to. There is nothing sad about this photo. She is who she is.

    Give her a ring. Say hello. She looks like someone that I could be friendly with.

    You can't plan for your just bring them up in a particular environment and hope that they share your values, which normally they do.

    The thing is, she is your daughter and she probably still loves you, but you are not a compromising person and your views are on the edge. Wind it back a bit and she might come to you.

    I hope so.

    1. Hmmmmm. Anonymous, whoever you are, you know my mind? I think not. I somehow doubt you are a parent. I doubt you have a daughter. Correct me if you are or have. I love mine unconditionally. Studs and tattoos do not affect my love for her. It may well affect how I see anyone else, including you. Contact, even begging, has been tried repeatedly. I bear her decisions. Thank you for your strangely worded concern, which looks to be more of a judgement upon me from your own imagination than an attempt at compassion. I do enough judging of myself, thank you. You seem in need of Grace, so have a drink on the house. Please do not try to comment on this matter again.

      So many fathers bear pain.

  3. Okay then. I hear you, but you got me wrong because I certainly wasn't judging you or anybody else. And, you're right, I'm not a parent, but I am a daughter, and believe me, we have wild disagreements but we always still love each other, even after we hate each other for a few hours.

    I know that some families have deeper divisions which can carry on for longer, sometimes forever.

    We all need grace.

    1. Hate may be more familiar to some people. It becomes a punitive game. It is something I try to avoid.

      You commented again on this matter after I asked you not to. I presume you were expecting me not to allow it through, being as I am "not a compromising person. You can see that you were wrong on both counts.

      I do not particularly want you to embarrass yourself further, so no more comments, please. Just sit quietly and enjoy the offerings of the bars. There are plenty of discussions to listen to.

  4. You get deserve.

    1. Hmmmm. Perhaps. God have Mercy on us if all we get is what we deserve. My Little Petal is fortunate in being loved without having to deserve it.


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