Sunday, June 29, 2014

Is there a Doctor in the House?

That was the cry, the other day in the Oz Room when a customer fell off his bar stool. Poor chap banged his drinking arm and put his elbow out. "Is there a Doctor in the House", I called, and fortunately there was.

And a nurse. In fact two fine gals and the Doc were soon treating him to some functional human Grace.

Of course the liklihood of a doctor or a nurse being nearby is quite good. We in Oz are about half-way up the charts in terms of such professionals per 100,000 of the population. That's the usual measure of demographics in terms of 'sorts of' people. 

Oz has around 247 Doctors, 350 if you count in the 'Specialists', and around 1200 nurses per 100,000. That's pretty good.

When it comes to scientists - as we discovered this week when there was a local furore about 15 CSIRO scientists about to lose their jobs due to Government economising - we have around 2500 per 100,000 population. And that is just the scientists (there are lots of science disciplines) engaged in 'research' work that is 'government supported'. You can add all the private sector ones to that number, working in industry.

Mostly we grow our own, from scratch. Our schools and Universities churn out these necessary fine men and women well educated in the Professions. We encourage such career choices from quite young.

Every one started, of course, as a twinkle in someone's eye at bedtime. 

From every One Hundred Thousand babies we will get 350 medicos and 1200 nurses. And 2500 scientists.

And 100,000 is the number of pre-born babies we kill in Oz every year.

In twenty five years time we can expect that there will be 350 fewer doctors, 1200 fewer nurses and 2500 fewer scientists than there would have been otherwise. 

Because we will have killed them this year.

We will kill a similar number next year. And the year after. And the years after that.

Oddly, it is the 'reduction in criminals' that was used as an excuse for abortions not so long ago. No-one wants criminals around, so the 'theory' went, and aborting likely ones was a fine idea. It was Harvard University, hotbed of lefty and feminist theology that came up with the spin.

Many plausible explanations have been advanced for the drop  (in crime) during the 1990s. Some stress law-enforcement measures, such as higher arrest and conviction rates, longer prison sentences, “broken windows” police strategies, and the death penalty. Others emphasize right-to-carry laws for concealed handguns, a strong economy, or the waning of the crack-cocaine epidemic.
Yet, of all the explanations, perhaps the most controversial is the one that attributes lower crime rates in the ’90s to Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision to mandate legalized abortion. 
According to this argument, the large number of women who began having abortions shortly after Roe were most likely unmarried, in their teens, or poor, and their children would have been “unwanted.” Children born in these circumstances would have had a higher-than-average likelihood of becoming criminals, and would have entered their teens — their “criminal prime” — in the early 1990s. But because they were aborted, they were not around to make trouble. 

The unmarried, poverty-striken girl barely exists nowadays as she gets housing benefits, 'food stamps' (in the US) and assorted bonuses for having children. The single-mother link to crime is well established.

The 'theory' has largely been dismissed and the prisons are full of the offspring of single mothers. But no-one bothered to extend the view to societally -valuable people.

Fixing a broken arm is one thing. Finding cures for all the ailments that beset us is another. 

But we are reducing our chances of doing either in years to come.

It is ironic - that, or sick - that it is doctors and nurses who kill babies. 

I am not at all sure just how such people square their oath to protect and save life with their business urge to make money from killing babies in the womb. 

Australia is well up on the charts in terms of killing babies. In sheer numbers in the western, Anglophile world, America is streets ahead (or is that tiny graves ahead?) with well over a million a year.  But proportionally Oz does better !! 

The numbers of people in all of our countries who die of diseases and illnesses is far below the number who die on the abortuary table, aided and abetted by their own mothers - and the medical professonals.

You would think that America with its sensitivity to racism would be doing better.

It is inhuman.

But do not expect to read a Pro-Life article in the press or see it on TV.

The media is firmly in the grip of those who want abortion to keep killing babies. The media will LIE.

Media Malpractice at March for Life

Pray for us all.



  1. The PTB claim the power over birth and death. That's in the nature of Them.

    1. Unfortunately the PTB seems to include every mother, each of whom retains the sole right to choose. (exceptions may apply !).


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