Saturday, June 14, 2014

Politicians need love too

The charity collectors were around again this week. Worthy causes are found daily. But are we in danger of losing grip on priorities?

The focus is always on the poor and sick. But what about our leaders? Those we elect to represent us; to lead us; to tell us what we have to do?

Poor Hilary. It takes a Village to keep her.
She wants to own the village.

Sometimes they need help too.

The poor woman is trying to lead us into a Brave New World and bring her nurturing and empathy to bear on big problems as the First Female President. Is it too much to ask that we give her some of our nurturing and empathy?

The economy is in a complete mess such that only a poor person can see what is needed. And Hilary is poor.  She says so.

In fact......Bill and Hillary Clinton weren't 'dead broke' for very long at all after leaving the White House, it was revealed Thursday.

The Washington power couple has made 
more than $155 million since 2001,
 according to financial disclosure statements, making them richest, living first family in America.

In an interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer that aired on Monday night, Hillary Clinton said that she and her husband were charging $200,000 on average for speeches because they were seeped in debt when they came out of the White House. 

The Clintons left office with $12 million in legal bills. And why was that? 

Could it have been because the Clintons were LIARS, sexual abusers, abusers of their staff who sought recompense? 

Could it be because the American people tried to impeach a lousy leftist President?





  1. I could probably stump up a hundred euros if Hillary promises to spend it on food for Chelsea and not on booze and drugs.

    Oh and she would also have to promise to do some small jobs in her community like painting over graffiti or helping out at a local sports club. We shouldn't give her money for nothing. That just teaches her to be irresponsible and that's what got her into this mess.

    1. Chelsea would not miss 100 euros from her $600,000 a year for doing sod-all.

  2. Both Clintons should be in jail.

    1. Yes. The only 'charity they deserve is public-paid secure accomodation with slops.


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