Sunday, June 15, 2014

How to Train a Knight

Back in my younger day, before Tavern-Keeping and even before heading up a Kingdom, I was a lowly Knight. I say, 'lowly' because there was always a more pointy lance, a faster sword, and a sharper dagger somewhere out there waiting to take a lad down.

And it was a job a chap did on his own. 

Yes he had squires and fellow Knights but when he was strapped into his armour and rode off, it was him against another Knight. He prayed quite a lot.

Most Knights in the field were 'second sons'. Their older bros were mostly full-time farmers who had inherited Dad's place and the rules of Primogeniture were there to keep the land-holding in one piece. So second sons were given a horse and a sword and told to bugger off.

His training was cumbersome and short - like his chances -  unless he found a skilled 'Master' to teach him the ropes.

Today it is far and away more difficult.

The Knight was worth at least a hundred foot-soldiers. Today's Knights have more power to wield than an entire army of yore.

And to have his steed strapped to his arse and go into battle takes a far longer time and far more training. 

Many fine men do not make it.

He first has to learn the 'horse' and how to handle it. He will start on a donkey. Then he will get a spirited pony; then a horse. Only when he can actually steer it will he be taught to fight on it. He will practice until he stops falling off.

The Tavern Restaurant is always busy before battle.

So, fill up and let us pick up today's efforts at the point where he has all the early part under his helmet and is given a War Horse.

God Bless our young men.

Get it right and they might become a King one day.

Just do not sin as I did.

Pax: for some as earns it.


  1. Oh!! I just typed an lengthy reply an blogger seems to have obliterated it before I could post it!!!

    1. How annoying. But it happens. If I had a dollar for every time I was called away to pull a pint in the middle of someone's fascinating chat, I could support a charity ! :)

    2. My comment started in response to 'Just do not sin as I did'.

      My thought, now more briefly (perhaps no bad thing ;-) ) was along the lines of... Even the most enlightened person can sin. That is the nature of good and evil (darkness and light). It is important to try to focus on the light.

      As to Knights and trusty steeds, I am currently reading 'The Red Line':

      And that was the link I was looking for when my more lengthy comment vanished ;-)

    3. Indeed focus on the light, but in the meantime there is great pain to endure. The wages of sin are death. Eventually. But before death, which may be ardently wished-for, there is life bearing un-healing wounds for some. Pray for Grace and Forgiveness.

  2. Even the light is subject to discussion as to who represents it.

  3. Post follement plaisant !!

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