Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hell is coming to Breakfast

It has been very quiet in the Tavern lately. You know how it is when a Tsunami is coming: the water drains away quickly exposing large swathes of beach. The small swishes of the usual little waves are no longer heard, but in the disatnce there is a roar building.  A Huge Wall of Water is coming. The beach is littered with previously unseen kelp. There is a smell in the air, and not a nice one.

The Presidential 'debates' are like that beach. The stench is bad enough with the 'I'm the Great Donald, the greatest, everyone says so' on one side, and the 'baby-killer and anyone else that gets in the way killer' on the other. The Hairy Narcissist vs the Zombie, face-eater. Can you hear that roar? Enough to make a man weep.

In the Tavern it is quiet. I have spent some time that past week down in the cellars; my tears have been put to use washing the floor in the Crypt. 

'Is this Thy Justice, Oh Lord', I ask. 'Is this what we deserve?'

Just around the headland in the small pristine bay that is Oz we are also hearing and smelling the wind. The 'debate' here is called the 'Plebisite', which frankly sounds like an infection. It certainly smells rotten. 

We have rarely been in such an awful state of moral decline. It is overwhelming us. Little girls, once charming and a delight have been sucked into the maw of depravity. Dragged out from the beach where they played they are tumbled in the detrius and will be cast ashore, torn.  And the so-called adults cheer.

And I am preparing for a Journey to a far off Mainland, taking messages along with me to be delivered before I put m'self in the hands of a ship's Captain. Hense the lack of posting on this notice board. 

We like to think that we are our own Captains, charting our own course, but we can be overtaken by Great Waves. Age is one such: History and cumulative error another. So I have been in a reflective state.

As a Warrior of 'Standing' I know of War and know the signs. I know that sometimes a war is justified; and sometimes it is a vortex that drags the wise and the foolish alike unwillingly into the maelstrom.

There are wars external and wars internal. I talk of the Man called to Battle, and of his own internal battles, where he fights the evils invading his soul. In a war a Man goes his own way, and here he goes again.

Just look at the carnage in the Middle East. Do you even remember how we got into that mess? There was a justifiable war to drive the Iraqi troops out of Kuwait, a small nation known only for its oil. Invaded and taken over it cried out for help.

People I once knew well went to their aid. Good soldiers, Knights.

And here we go again, down that road. But the justification has changed. From the 'aid and succour' we have moved to 'interference' and joining the evil. It has been like tackling a hornet's nest. You need to be very careful how you do it and what you do with it.
We are unfortunate in having a 'leadership' in the west of men (and women) of bad faith. Odds; Incompetents; deliberate mischief-makers; downright evil sods.

But there will be a price to pay.

We look to the Middle East and see a horde growing, enslaving, killing, destroying. And 'we' - our leaders and many outside of the Tavern's hedges - cheer them on, and join in.

We know not what we do.

Inexorably, inevitably, a war comes our way, from outside and in.

Hell is coming to breakfast.

Be in a Crypt when the enemy comes to drag you out. For no-one will be spared.

It is well not to have this conversation....
"What did you do in the War, Daddy?"

"I went to a Miley Cyrus Concert"


PS. I shall be quiet in the Crypt for a while and then away in the Sinful City, the Teeming Metropolis for a while. Occasional short snippets may be here during that time.  


  1. It would be nice to think that we could be spared from the War. But, we don't deserve it. We've brought it on ourselves and will have to pay the price.

    1. It is a multifaceted war we face. Already the internal war has taken its toll, especially on the young, and now the external war is well on its way. Five years?

  2. There has been no time as bad as this, because everything that is happening is the poisonous fruit of atheism.It may take a rogue nuclear explosion to wake mankind up and throw us to our knees, begging God for mercy with tears of repentance.

    1. The 'triggers' are all primed and ready, and yes, an 'rogue' event, not even a nuclear one necessarily may well set things off. The Middle East occupied minds and arsenals but we know not the day nor the direction from which the tsunami may come. South China Sea, anyone? Meanwhile the battle rages in the Spirit. Many have fallen even further than the Fall of Humanity. We must look to ourselves and pray for Mercy for our own commissions and omissions. A Great Cleansing is coming.

  3. The biggest mistake that humans make is to listen the ever present beating drums of how, it's always THEIR fault. A political system has not yet been invented to curtail the inevitable tide of greedy men getting power, using power, consolidating power, and therefore convincing the people they rule it is really THEIR fault for the misery that MUST come their way. In matters not if wars comes in the name of religion, or for the portfolios of the rich to continue to stack their claim of the big global pie....they use the people as fodder and will continue to do so until enough good men stand against it.

    We have an oligarchy that rules the planet, emboldened by algorisms of nano-second trades that in just one day, stole 9 trillion in a mere 10 seconds, never to be found. The lowly man on the bottom is being beaten down by constant psychological bat meant to KEEP them down, and discouraged.

    The economy is about to burst, and the only thing the oligarchy can do is start wars, in which they make huge profits.

    So, go have a nice bent in the bar, and come back.

    And do not lose faith in your God, your heart, and the country that you love.

    Your readers will be happy to see the good Knight back with the drummer...though seas away, still beaming the light she always basked in, learned from, and grew in.

    The next revolution will be global. It many not be in our lifetime, but it won't happen unless good knights continue to bear the cross.

    Now, pass the peanuts.

    1. Thank you. On so many points you are quite right. What will trigger a huge destructive event is not known and may well be as unexpected as an algorythm, if not Al Gore himself :) Meanwhile, whetever befalls the world, we as individuals must preserve our souls and make them ready. The bars will be flowing with Grace for those who wish to drink deep. I shall be in the crypt with my Rosary.... and of course soon to be travelling to the Big Island :)

      There are pints aplenty and fine wine to go with the peanuts.

  4. Yes, people of bad faith. It gets more biblical by the day.

    1. You know that things are dire when even the good guys are shitty. Pint on the bar, sir.

  5. It truly is a shame we've allowed voices from the sea to tell us everything is just fine , the enemy has been neutered and all we have to do is occupy. Spiritually it's true but in the tangible world nothing could be further from the truth. But as the scripture foretold the voices from the sea tell us what our itching ears want to hear. Rainbows and unicorns and all's well. All the bad stuff in the bible already happened and now if things don;t get better it's solely our fault...... because the battle is already won. I fear a great nember of people will be devastated when things get far worse before they get better..... Good post, well thought out and well said.

  6. Trying to get through to others on this is like pushing a turd up a wall with a pin 📍


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