Saturday, October 1, 2016

An Epic Rant from the West

I do like a good rant in the bars. As long as no-one pees on the carpet, mind you. And on this first day of the month with the sun trying hard to get through we were treated to one by a visitor from the West.
Customers are well aware of my thoughts about Hillary's Village, that Lalaland beyond the Tavern ground's hedges. It is a village that encompasses vast swathes of the mental landscape even extending to Broome in W.A. and more points north of there.

And it was from one such point that Terry O'Brien came to give us some clear insights and his views of matters of the day.  I was happy to sit back and pour him a long cold Ale and keep it flowing.

For those of a sensitive disposition here is a 'trigger warning'. He uses some Oz colloquialisms which have been translated for you.
Who would Marry Hillary?
I have to kick this "It takes a village to raise a child." bull (shorts) in the teeth.
This is some harmful (shirt) if not properly examined.
First connection to community is family. 
Get that wrong, or don't get enough of it, and you won't have a village capable of raising potatoes, let alone a functional human.
Family (functional family) is where a child first gets to experience the conditionals of morality and love. That is; trust, commitment, surrender and reciprocity.
That's where the individual learns these things that are THEN taken out into community.
If enough families are getting that right, then the child with less than optimal circumstances is still surrounded by good people, and the village is capable of helping make up the shortfall.
No healthy family. 
No healthy society.
There is NO making up for the requirement for most families to be healthy, strong and connected. 
Community is ONLY as strong as the families within them. NOT the other way around.
That said. There are things community can do to mess up the family. 
Family is hard work, and requires a good deal of not just trust, commitment, surrender and reciprocity, but dedication and even sacrifice.
If community undermines the support or strength of family, it's undermining its own foundations.
This is exactly what is happening now. 
We are expecting society to raise our children as women's and men's redefined (socially engineered) roles, means raising a child as a dollar value equal to childcare, and institutionalized "education" is expected to do the rest.
This is what the "village raising the child" looks like.
We have marriage rates plummeting while divorce rates skyrocket, and we're not having enough kids to replace ourselves while those kids we are producing are not creating a village healthy enough to bring up the next generation capable of getting us past things like the unfunded liabilities our governments have accrued to buy us the "entitlements" we demand.
And what do we discuss, when it comes to the core of family?
Gay marriage.
Are people (chooking) serious?

Personally. I don't give a (shirt) what two people decide to call their relationship. 
But how about we look at some facts about the core of not just community, and society, but civilization itself?
Marriage, for the purposes of civilization, is for family. 
It is the outcome of making a situation of trust, commitment, surrender and reciprocity optimal for the purposes of passing these traits onto the next generation. 
It doesn't have to be for this. Sure.
But if it isn't this for MOST people, there won't be civilization. 
Plain as that.
And these mental delinquents that think that just because some individuals do OK in less than optimal circumstances, that optimal circumstances are now optional, are overlooking that a healthy majority, growing in optimal circumstances is needed to allow those individuals to become the ones the village can help raise.
Civilization is on the line and there needs to be a serious discussion about how to instill trust, commitment, surrender and reciprocity as the core of a societies morality.
NOT some bull (tackle) that makes some so-called snowflakes feel special.
This "gay marriage" thing is really staring to (shugger) me off. 
Not that I care about how they define what they do and how they relate to each other.
It's not that. 
It's the pathetic non-arguments around it.
Why should the state dictate the terms and conditions of any relationship?
Because that is what making it "legal" does. 
So it's not really in favour of gays at all.
When we have already pretty much destroyed marriage and even family in Western culture by handing the terms and conditions of relationships over to the state, do we want more dilution of marriage, and seek to completely disconnect marriage from its intended purpose.
Because like it or not, marriage provides the best outcomes for the next generation we NEED to have civilisation at all.
But "Ah the fear of the unknown....". 
Let's just relegate all opposition to this as irrational. That way, no one has to listen. 
Alinsky would be proud.
Meanwhile, marriages are failing at record rates. 
Women have gone from having the choice to work to the responsibility to work as the family unit has a greater effect on the economy of the family unit than anything else.
We are not replacing ourselves because it's more a liability and a burden than it's ever been. 
So without the framework marriage provided to bring up a child capable of understanding that love comes from commitment, trust, surrender and reciprocity, we will not produce enough people that understand this to be able to not squander the civilisation we inherited from people who did understand this. 
I'd be seriously asking the question right now. How do we strengthen family again?
Not. How can we dilute the core of family?
No. Marriage does not have to be about children at all.
But for the sake of civilisation, we'd better hope that for most people, marriage is the core of family.
If you buy a hammer, you bought something to deal with nails. 
You don't have to use it for nails. 
But it's what it's for.
Marriage, family, kids, civilisation.
If kids are not taught, through the commitment, trust, honesty, surrender and reciprocity of their parents how to look for that in others and offer it to others, then the traits that make up the foundation of all morality, which in turn is the foundation of all civilisation, there won't be a generation capable of carry on with civilisation, and all that we inherited, at the huge cost it came at, will be squandered.
If marriage for family is not protected as a central mechanism of society, we won't get to have society.
But most of all, do not relegate opposition to irrationality. 
That is called the "Shut-up" game, and people are getting very tired of it. 
Subjects like this need to be discussed by as many people as possible.
What can I add?

A Prayer most likely. 

Thank the Lord it is Sunday tomorrow. I must get to the crypt and mop the floors.  

Reminder folks. Clocks tonight. 




  1. Hillary is a shillary for dhimmari democracy (democrats) for Islam.
    Ever noticed how many people have inexplicably *died* after turning against her? The Muslim community claim her as one of their own -- they execute her apostates on behalf of their Great Whore of Babylon.

    1. Yes. I would be ashamed of having her as a politician in Oz. I have sympathy with America. Unfortunately her influence extends far beyond as she is very effective in spreading her evil. Pray for her soul.

  2. Amen... I'll have another pint and one for my brother.

  3. Amen... I'll have another pint and one for my brother.

  4. The whole 'village' and state-should-raise-children thing is nothing other than good old-fashioned Marxist collectivism. That any senior politician can get away with promoting communism in the USA is astounding to me.

    I recently listened to a very passionate man, Herbert Purdy, discuss this kind of issue informatively at the International Conference on Men's Issues (ICMI) in London. He ties together feminism, Engels, Marx and such concepts very well in a short time.

    1. Collectivism it is. It used to be a matter of extended family and friends but the State seeks to 'order' everything. The USA goes down a path that many nations have taken and become like its enemies.

  5. Yes. Not much else I can add. Just yes.

    1. Governments' response to an asteroid about to crash into the Earth? Legislate for Gay friggin' Marriage.


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