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Taking Manhood from Men.

The chap in yesterday, the Policeman, is a Man. He told of his manly concern for his society and it was sadness itself. But heroic. He is persisting against the dark forces that are destroying our society and our culture. He was doing his best. There are wider aspects too that needed to be discussed and some newcomers to the Tavern were eager to bring it on. So we will continue, as we did, into the night, the darkness.

Talk in the bars have often touched on manliness amongst other matters, including our 'scientific' world and the scourge of  the middle eastern satanic spread. We look again at the first two; the first here and the second in a later post.

Manliness was relatively easy back in my younger day. Society may well have been rougher, indeed as described by Hobbes, 'violent, nasty, brutish and short' quite often, but at least it acknowledged that my Supplier had made them, Man and Woman, in His image and likeness. Women were women, be they wenches, milkmaids, tiny tots with daisies in their hair or Ladies:  Men were farmboys, monks, stonemasons or knights and a variety of other callings too. Some were 'Good' people: some were not. But things have changed quite recently.

David Solway stated the problem we face as a culture.
When a Culture Unmans Itself
Men need to "be better.”
—Michelle Obama in conversation with Oprah.

He opened with what one can easily see as problematic. The unelected Mrs interfering busy-body Obama gets mass-media airhead time with a high-priestess of cant and nonsense that deliberately aims to lead people astray. The bad women rule.  Men 'need to be better' eh? 

Of course, but we do not need to be told by women who are complete failures in every aspect of their lives and womanhood with the single exception of reefing vast sums of money from the efforts of Men.
Western civilization is clearly coming part at the seams. 
There are so many destructive elements at work, they are almost impossible to list. But one of the most destructive of these elements, incited by a punitive feminist ideology, is the relentless campaign to delegitimize the very idea of manhood. And the most effective way to do that is to impugn male sexuality.
We are told constantly that we live in a virtual rape culture, a culture in which rape is widespread and condoned, victims are blamed, and rapists receive little or no punishment. 
There are rape cultures in the world. If one wants to see one in action, all one need do is look at the Muslim world or at Muslim enclaves and populations that have burrowed into Western nations, where atrocities and scandals continue to multiply. In the Western world, by contrast, rape and other forms of sexual misconduct—even mere allegations of sexual misconduct—are universally condemned and harshly punished.
And when a chap wants to offer an alternative view from the feminist paradigm, what happens?  ANOTHER freakin' woman elevated well beyond the design of her corsets to manage comes along to say 'Shut Up'.
No matter. Islamic culture gets a free pass while Western culture is said to be ravaged by gynophobia under the reign of male supremacism. 
In the new sexual paradigm that has clamped succubus-like upon the culture, the heterosexual male mainstream is under attack for the crime of harboring a normal sexual drive, which must be ruthlessly expunged in an offensive characterized by media propaganda, legislative bias and institutional practices. 
Respectable-seeming websites promote the total reform of masculinity using terms such as “mascupathy” to define masculine traits such as aggression and competitiveness as forms of disease needing to be cured. 
Western men are being progressively demasculanized, 
a deficiency which results, as Andrew Klavan argues, in “tremulous feminists who hysterically fear rape culture on college campuses where it is not, and Western leaders who don’t dare to see the rape culture inherent in invading Islam, where it is.”
It helps if you see it as 'sheltered workshop'.
The signs of anti-male bias are everywhere we look. 
The university, for example, has become a veritable minefield for male students, who may at any time be hauled before an administrative tribunal and their careers put in jeopardy for sexual misconduct, however trivial or ambiguous. 
A recent memo from my wife’s university mandates a statement against “sexual violence” in all course syllabi —mind you, nothing against harassing and lying about one’s professor for a better grade, shutting down conservative, Zionist, pro-Life or anti-feminist speakers, perpetrating racist hoaxes, denouncing the teaching of good English and male authors as forms of “microagression,” or any of the other violations of civil conduct that we have witnessed on university campuses recently. 
The only sexist harassment that takes place regularly in academia is feminist harassment of male students and staff—but that is considered not intimidation but enlightened practice.
Is it any wonder, then, that even our military is being insidiously weakened? 
Enemy woman elevated to Command. Sheer madness.
Responding to a vehement attack on supposed martial dishonor by a former Supreme Court justice, it has turned from its primary task of defending the country to counseling its soldiers against what it regards as sexual delinquency by issuing wallet cards listing “inappropriate behaviors.” These include “sexual assault, sexual interference, sexual exploitation, offensive sexual remarks or unacceptable language or jokes, unwelcome requests of a sexual nature or verbal abuse of a sexual nature, voyeurism, indecent acts and publishing intimate images of a person without their consent.” 
Could not make it as a man amongst Men
The fact is, most men in the civilized West are not sexual predators or unreconstructed brutes but most men do tend to joke and flirt and make off-color remarks and otherwise show an interest in women, whether sexual or romantic, in virtue of being men. 
More to the point, if men are no longer permitted to be men, how then can they be soldiers?
When manliness is eliminated from a culture fixated on the supposedly corrupt and vicious nature of masculinity, while armies of apologetic White Knights and self-abnegating feminist allies (aka “manginas”) come to replace a diminishing platoon of alpha males—“We live in a world run by betas and their lady friends,” quips J.R. Dunn in a prescient article for American Thinker—the writing is on the wall. As Michael Ignatieff reminded us in The Lesser Evil, a culture, a nation or a civilization cannot expect to survive if it is defended by herbivores. It needs a Praetorian cohort of carnivores, determined men proud of their masculinity and unafraid to confront the enemies outside the gates as well as the fifth columnists, defeatists and appeasers within—i.e., politicians on both sides of the aisle, spineless university administrators, media abettors, tergiversating liberals, tenured academics who indoctrinate from the left rather than educate from the tradition of reputable scholarship, and the feminist Furies acting out their faux version of Lysistrata—if a culture is not only to survive but to flourish.
The feminist hordes in their anti-male animus, along with their Beta and Delta collaborators, 
have overrun a once-great and hardy civilization. 
As Klavan puts it, “The future goes where men go and does what men make it do. If men go down the drain, the future will follow.”
Furies. Recognise anyone?
The expression of male sexual desire in Western culture is hedged by rules of appropriate conduct and a code of chivalry, occasionally honored in the breach, yet relatively intact. But when male sexuality in its natural manifestations is regarded as an evil that must be controlled, reviled, prosecuted and ultimately bred out of men, 
societal collapse is inevitable. 
The irony is palpable. For a culture that targets men can neither defend nor reproduce itself and its days are numbered.
We have spoken of being Gentlemen recently, and of being Warriors. We look to being Saints.

But we are growing further and further away from the Image and Likeness.

Both Men and Women.

Mature, adult Men and Women are becoming scarce.

Up with this we must not put.

Men must act as men. His alliegence is to God, first, not  a faux-feminised 'public' with its emasculating Laws and bossy women.  Or bossy men in Thrall, either. Not to a 'society' that will steal his cuture, his integrity, his dignity, the fruits of his labours and his manhood.

He must be free to offer those to God, in Gratitude.

He must be prepared to lose it all - or no part of it.

Drink deep. Think. Use your logic.

Talking of which, we had 'scientists' under the microscope in the UK room and we shall turn to that conversation next time.


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