Monday, March 14, 2016

Pathetic Whiners

One can almost feel sorry for someone so afflicted with 'equal opportunity' malice that their every waking moment is spent whining about  the 'traumas' inflicted by others on their poor widdle selves. Our society gives them every opportunity and then some.

Free-speech? Fergeddit. In Oz we have '18C' to be wielded like a pointy stick in a woomera.

The most unlovely people, whom even a Saint would be hard pressed to love,  see the taxpaying public as a cow to be milked at every equal opportunity. Not that they go for individuals, mind you. Not most of the time. Andrew Bolt and the occasional Christian Pastor have been an exception. No, usually they go for Institutions that have money. Taxpayer's money, of course. Or large companies where the shareholder is held up and robbed in 'Tribunals' populated by latter-day highwaymen (and women, of course).

At least in America the pathetic LGBT whiners go for the throats and wallets of bakers and florists.  Here in Oz it is rarer but on the way. Our queers have a tried and tested methodology set in place by the Aboriginal Industry, and the very slightly off-white keep on bringing home the witchetty grubs.

So 'Prof' JJ Ray was bringing us the news about some poor widdle sheltered workshop gal who is traumatised and wants some money for her wounds.
Pathetic "Aboriginal" whiner
She behaved oppressively and then expected those she oppressed to say nothing about it.   
And in the event they said NOTHING threatening to her.  It is all in her imagination, probably driven by a guilty conscience about her own poor behaviour.  
All that the students said was social criticism.  She's the ugly white woman in the center of the photo below.

A Brisbane woman who seeks $250,000 in damages in a racial vilification case against three university students for Facebook posts has described feeling “at risk of imminent but unpredictable physical or verbal assault” after reading what they wrote.
How come such people never seem to complain - and claim vast sums - against Muslims threatening to behead anyone who insults islam? 
Cindy Prior, [ a name redolent with 40,000 years of Aboriginal history] an administrative officer who has been unable to work for two years since she turned non-indigenous students away from the computer lab of Queensland University of Technology’s Oodgeroo Unit, had “nightmares, fear and sweating”, and felt “unsafe and frightened to return to work”, according to her newly sworn affidavit.
So she weilds this 'power' to refuse a service, yet she is the victim?  Perhaps she should take up cake-making and refuse  to decorate a cake for a pair of lesbians. She might know what 'victim' really was about.
I feel completely let down by all the people involved in this episode. It ended my career and my tertiary studies,’’ said Ms Prior, a member of the Noongar tribe.
This tribe seems to have an albino gene run amok.  Noongar means ‘a person of the south-west of Western Australia,’ or the name for the ‘original inhabitants of the south-west of Western Australia’ and are one of the largest Aboriginal cultural blocks in Australia. They are not well known for their navigation skills, as shown by Mz Price being lost in Queensland some 5000 miles from home. 

It is not known if the Noongar tribe have 'safe spaces' or computer rooms in their 'culture'. 

A Noongar computer programming workshop traditional dance.
I was unwell for a very long time, unable to go outside my home, hospitalised for panic ­attacks and reduced to living off $450 a week for nearly two years. I am deeply disappointed that my private case has now become public, and I have been publicly vilified by people I don’t even know or who know me, or who don’t know the full story which led to the ending of my career at QUT.”
The case, which is shaping as a test of the controversial section 18C of the federal Racial Discrimination Act, came before judge ­Michael Jarrett in the Federal Circuit Court in Brisbane yesterday as lawyers for the students sought to have the case dismissed.
Tony Morris QC told the court one of his clients, Jackson Powell, whose Facebook post said “I wonder where the white supremacist computer lab is”, was being sarcastic and could not possibly have caused “offence, insult, humiliation or intimidation which has profound and serious effects, not to be likened to mere slights”.
“There is nothing inherently offensive, insulting, humiliating or intimidating about Mr Powell’s words. On the contrary, it is obvious that Mr Powell was making a joke,’’ Mr Morris said.
“There is no reference to Aborigines, Torres Strait Islanders or indigenous persons … there is an unequivocal and emphatic protest against racial segregation, regardless of the particular race, colour, or national or ethnic origins of the persons who benefit from such segregation.
“At worst the joke was in bad taste, but there was no evidence anyone (including Ms Prior) was offended, insulted, humiliated or intimidated.”
Mr Morris said his other client, Calum Thwaites, had insisted he had not made a Facebook post that featured the word “nigger”, and he had complained to Facebook an unknown person had set up a false profile. There was not a shred of evidence to suggest Mr Thwaites was not being truthful.
Section 18C constituted an “extreme ... encroachment on ­traditional liberties, including freedom of speech”.
Michael Henry, counsel for the third student, Alex Wood, said his post — “Just got kicked out of the unsigned indigenous students computer lab. QUT stopping segregation with segregation” — was a factual and innocuous statement made after he had been ejected by Ms Prior “in a manner which he perceived to have been aggressive and unpleasant”.
Not that he could have any 'Standing' were he to use the same 18C to bring an action. That would be oppressive and 'white privilege'. 
“It is not directed at any person but rather at QUT itself as a critique of their policy of mandating substantive segregation,’’ he said.
Judge Jarrett intends to rule only on the students’ arguments that they have no case to answer, not constitutionality questions as to the legitimacy of section 18C.
Ms Prior’s lawyer, Susan Anderson, said she would want to cross-examine Mr Thwaites to test his claims he did not post.
Ms Prior said in her affidavit that she couldn’t “even think about going back (to work) there” as the students “knew me” and she was terrified of being “physically attacked by them”.
By the Lord Harry ! Some student might even tell her she is not allowed into their 'safe space'. 
She told a doctor she had “chest pains, anxiety and an ongoing fear of returning to the workplace due to concerns about my physical safety”.


Its the $250,000.

What she needs is a kick up the arse and a sock shoved in her 18C.

Its enough to make an old Knight terse.

Other than that..... Pax.


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