Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dining Out

I received a chap with a cleft stick in the P&B early this morning, in which (the cleft stick) was an invitation. It is nice to be invited to 'Occasions'.

It was from an organisation of which I had been a Director for some years. Many knackered but still worthy old Knights take such tasks aboard from time to time.

This was for a 50th Anniversary and a Reception is to be held in early April at Government House. The 'Guv' herself is the host(esse?).

Thence on to Dinner at the Athenaeum Club.

Yes, an old-fashioned 'Gentleman's Club' which of course has to now admit ladies. Not that Gentlemen can go into Ladies' Clubs, mind you. (Just the ladies toilets in some strange places..... but not Hobart !)

My invitation was suitably 'swish' (well, almost) and reminded me of the gatherings I used to host when I was a King.

Unfortunately I will be moving to new quarters right at the time so I had to decline. Which saves me the $95 they wanted me to cough up !

I never charged guests at my tables. They came: they ate and drank their fill; of whatever they desired. No bill afterward.

They were seated and then the Cornucopia was paraded out and around. 

It was an early version (Mk1 ?) of the sort of dispensing machines you find on a Starship. Except portable and carried around by a likely lad from the kitchens. Tell it what you want and a cup of Earl Grey appears. Etc.

Those were the days.

The feasting was followed by the Grail Parade, which was a sight to see, I can tell you. It passed through the Halls and into the back-room behind my throne.

I waited a very, very long time for another likely lad to turn up for Dinner and ask the Fundamental Question.


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