Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Changes Afoot

Customers in the Tavern have noticed that I have not been behind the bars for a week. I have been quite busy. Sorry about that. Needs have taken priority.

You may recall that I moved into temporary quarters over the summer here and have been enjoying a slightly more 'countryfied' aspect for some months and sharing part of my evenings with Possums and Wallabys. This is soon to end as winter approaches.

I have been busy making arrangements to move my quarters down the mountain and near to the beach. 

I have been blessed with fine views of the waters here but only by visiting neighbours or perching atop the Tavern's towers. 

Soon I shall be a short walk from a premier beachfront and even more easily accessible by riding there on my trusty #2 steed.

My future residence will be in Sandy Bay, which for those who know about these matters is Hobart's most 'prestigious' suburb. It will now be graced by my humble presence.

The soon to be ex-neighbours
A cave has been found quite close by another Hermit that I know quite well. She (yes a lady, a Hermitesse I suppose) is a Nun who has a vocation within a vocation to live simply and alone in very modest circumstance.

I too have been a hermit in my day and find the solitude and comtemplative life has its appeal. So I shall be leasing a tiny cave on a small hill overlooking the waters just below. And by the Lord Harry is it tiny !! 

Even so, there are fine gardens and a splendid lawn with a magnificent view. 

My soon-to-be front lawn.
I shall get into the bars again very soon and once esconced in my cave I shall continue as mine host in the Tavern several times each week as usual.

Drink up,



  1. Good luck with you move, I hope it all runs smoothly without any hitches. You will soon be settled in your new place and feeling quite at home :-)

    1. I shall take my time moving, m'dear, and expect it to be a week ot two after Easter.

  2. As long as there's room for a bed and to swing a possum in, that's OK. The views and walk make up for it all. Well done.

    1. Yes, change brings new opportunities and pleasures. Well, nice changes anyway.


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