Sunday, August 9, 2015


The usually quiet corner of the P&B where the Catallaxy boys and girls hang out nursing their pints and G&Ts was disturbed today.  Few venture over into the heady intellectual air in that spot lest they are obliged to think as they drink. 

But today Steve Kates was in no mood to let gloss and dross from the media remain sullying the minds of the electorate, especially of America. I even had to ask him, politely, to share his fierce criticisms in the US Rooms.

Here is what he told them.
Moral depravity
How many different issues there are. The Democrats overload the system with more outrage than could ever have been imagined and then let the media ignore every bit of it. Let’s just go to three.
First is ISIS. Anyone not sickened by the Islamic State is morally dead themselves. From Mark Steyn:
The self-absorbed hedonism of modern western life necessarily requires desensitization. Bloomberg reports an ISIS “sex slave” price list acquired in Iraq by UN official Zainab Bangura: A woman over 40 will set you back a mere 41 bucks, but if you prefer a girl aged nine or under – and who doesn’t? – the price rises to $165. As Laura Rosen Cohen points out, this is the real “war on women”. 
Nobody cares – because to care, seriously, either about an infanticide-industrial complex or nine-year-old sex-slaves in an American protectorate, would ask something of us. And to ask something – anything – more than a supportive hashtag is too much.
You can read more here, but this time in the English tabloid press: ISIS executes 19 girls for refusing to have sex with fighters as UN envoy reveals how sex slaves are ‘peddled like barrels of petrol’. The price list for women is presented as well. What is it about ISIS you don’t know that would want you not to see something done?
Second, the revelations about the American abortion industry. The actual issue Steyn was discussing in his post above was the Planned Parenthood sale of baby parts that has been captured on video. Perhaps our civilisation does not deserve to survive:
I have not posted any of the Planned Parenthood conversations we have had in the Tavern. Perhaps one day when the whole series of the courageous videos are shown we can get to them, and to the remarkable young man - just 26 - who spearheaded the team that went undercover to get all the horrific evidence. Meanwhile we continue with Steve.
The fifth in an apparent series of twelve Planned Parenthood undercover videos shows Melissa Farrell, director of research for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, discussing how to manipulate the abortion procedure in order to ensure the “fetus” is delivered “intact” and thus able to be cannibalized for body parts. 
As Ms Farrell puts it, if a client “has a specific need for a certain portion of the products of conception and 
we bake that into our contract, 
and our protocol, that we follow this. So we deviate from our standard in order to do that.”
No newspaper or media outlet you know has covered this in anything other than a perfunctory way, assuming they have covered it at all. 
How morally sick do you have to be not to find this depraved to the fullest extent of its meaning.
Third, there is the manoeuvering by Obama and Kerry to remove every possible sanction on Iran developing nuclear weapons. This is not a deal. 
This is the action of someone who is, for all intents and purposes, an Iranian operative elected President of the United States. 
The only crafting involved was to structure the process so that it could be approved by first the Iranians, then by the UN and finally by the American Senate. This is not calculation on behalf of the United States. This is calculation on how the sell out can be sold. Even the Iranians don’t quite appreciate the traitorous nature of the American President, as witness this:
Obama’s remarks about the deal are meant for domestic consumption and aimed at soothing fears among Republican and Jewish critics, [Iranian Brigadier General Mohammad Ali] Asudi claimed.
Or there is Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit: “”I have never believed that Obama views the mullahs as his enemy, or that he has the best interests of the United States in the region in mind.” Who then are Obama’s enemies? Whose interests does he have in mind?
Beyond Obama, the common denominator is the American media who do as best they can not to discuss any of it. Unless you watch Fox or read right-side blogs – easily avoided if your aim is not to know, or even finding out what there is to know that you prefer not to – you are virtually unaware of none of it. 
Even if you had seen any of it, nowhere will you have come across the slightest outrage in the media. 
It is a moral sickness. 
If you still can vote for these people – if you still see Obama in a positive way – it is a moral sickness you share with far too many others who prefer to see themselves as moral giants when they are among the worst of the worst.
 Meanwhile in the Hillary Village that is Hobart our Premier, a 'conservative' and a Catholic has all but thrown in the towel on same-sex marriage.  The morally depraved Parliament of Tasmania passed a morally depraved Abortion bill which forbids anyone speaking out against abortion on pain of a $9750 fine and a year in jail.  This Premier and his party was elected with a huge majority to overturn that wicked law. He has not.

The brave young man and his team who filmed the abortionists would be in jail here. It is forbidden to take pictures.

Cowards and the morally depraved are in charge wherever one looks. But not in this Tavern.


(Although to be frank I have sharpened my sword in anticipation of non-pax breaking out if a few good souls decide enough is enough. )


  1. Are you familiar with the morality versus aesthetics confusion?
    For example there are many words that lefties get confused by:

    Love = sex
    Truth = opinion
    Justice = force
    Beauty = erotic

    Morality is another word they get confused by. We say morality, they only hear "aesthetics" as they don't believe morality exists. So it's not a matter of right or wrong, it's just what's pleasing to talk about. It sounds pleasing to criticise certain people, while it's not to criticise others.

    1. I don't think they are confused. I see them as deliberately changing the meanings and often the functions of words. Education, for instance = indoctrination. News = propaganda. It is language depravity. Intellectual dishonesty, a moral matter.

    2. I agree with you, it is a moral matter. But if one doesn't believe in objective reality, a nihilist, then they can actually be sincerely (naïvely?) immoral. I find leftists have a hard time wrapping their minds around the idea something could be a 'moral fact'.

    3. Sincerely? They cannot hide behind ignorance. There is too much knowledge about and a logical argumentation system with rules of assessment. It is not niaivity but truculence, rejection of truth, rejection of objective reality. Denial is active.

    4. May I quote your "morality vs aesthetics confusion" comment elsewhere?

    5. Yes it is deliberate. All of the depravity derives from our socialist systems that allow some of us to live off the labor of others of us. Once one's lively-hood comes from the enslavement of another person, any additional depravity comes oh so easy, when the alternative is starvation (figurative). Focusing on anything moral will inevitably lead back to (expose) the primary depravity of enslavement. I hate complaints without solutions. As a practical matter, in the U.S. we need to rest control of our education system from the enslavers - the government controlled teacher's unions and implement a free market education system for our children. Eventually, truth and understanding will reach the voting masses and socialism within democracies can be defeated.

    6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    7. I cannot disagree with any of that, but do suggest that in flowing causes back we must not stop short thinking we have found the ultimate cause. What lies behind the socialist's system? What happened with the origins of the USA? The first socialist systems seeds were sown in Pennsylvania. The God-fearing 'nature' of the American people is fine but flawed. It is peripheral, started by 'Puritans' who were dissatisfied with the distance that the 'Anglicans had put between their new man-made creed, so moved even further away from the One True Church that they tried to persecute to oblivion in Britain. The seeds are blooming.

    8. A coherent moral response and civilisation-building -protecting movement cannot stand with such a splintered church. All Christian Churches must return to the fold, strengthen the One Church in the Unity that Christ decreed and cease their own decent and drift downward..

    9. Well, I am a protestant, if a non-denominational one. I agree with your origins thought. The foundation of individual freedom and all of modern civilization are Christian. Unfortunately, there is a strong component of socialism within some Christian interpretations. Some Christians think that Christ's teachings about loving our fellow man are not meant just for individuals to implement, but that the government should enforce the teaching. These people do not understand Christ's teachings or the deeper consequences of using the government to enforce them. This reinforces my point about education. I don't think I am knowledgeable enough about the church's history to know if splitting from the Catholic church is the cause of this. I do think as a practical point, implementing free market education will help with the ignorance that causes some good people to side with the socialists. In a free market system, there will be many more church based schools. I sent my daughter to a Jesuit high school. It was the best decision I ever made. She received a very broad and thoughtful education that was even superior to some of the work she is doing at her college now.

    10. Again I have to agree. And quite pleased to. Elements of Christian fellowship have been subverted in the Socialist dogma. Even the Catholic Church is infected. Hence my wish (my Supplier's too) is that Christians of all denominations gather together. Some, I am afraid, are already too far gone and in the Abyss. But the remainder, men and woman who acknowledge Christ, MUST sort out their differences and return to Unity. The civilisation is under severe attack and is liable to fall unless a concerted effort from a Unified source can restore it's vitality.

  2. These moral matters are simply not entertaining enough. When trying to read a serious news report, our eye is constantly drawn to a side-bar titillating us with stories of Kim's new hair colour, Kate's latest instagram, or the Princess's new clothes. Yet, look on social media and our peers complain that our feeds are becoming 'too political'. Not enough kittens.

    1. Oh so right you are too. That is, when the media actually do mention anything. For example, I have read and seen almost nothing at all in the print and TV media in Oz about the PP debacle. Occasional mentions of ISIS on TV are slotted in between anti-Israel critiques by obscure academic yobbos and ducks being shepherded across LA freeways. We are a deliberately ignorant nation amid information largesse.


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