Friday, August 28, 2015

Hillary's Potemkin Village

Several of my customers, as well as I myself, refer to the land beneath the Mountain as Hillary's Village. It is almost a misnomer. As a term it wins out over 'Potemkin' only because they ran out of paint down there; it was banned by the Greenies.

Greenies have done well in trying to drag Tasmania into the dark ages. And believe me, being a Knight of that era I know all about the dark ages. There was little to recommend it, bar the annual Dragon-hunt season.

Not one of us however is at all lost for a reason to live here. Tasmania is (one of) the most beautiful places you could wish for.  It is the only compensation but sufficient for we who soldier on here doing our Knightly duty.

Hillary Clinton, famed for claiming in her incompetence even at being a mother, that 'It takes a Village to Raise a Child',  is of course, a Socialist. She can afford to be. Most of the powerful socialists are very wealthy.  Well they would be, wouldn't they (as Mandy R D might have said) when they dip their hand into so many pockets. And the socialists have done immense damage down in the Tasmanian town.

Socialists and Greens. But wait: there were three witches in Cawdor. Yep, we have the third too. Feminists.  Woe is the land under those three harridans. Many cannot see a difference between them.

But today we had a new customer drop in: John *, pulling the veil back to expose this dark Green underbelly. We trust that the World, gazing at this scourge' also takes a look at the beauty here. For balance, doncha know.
These are no beauties!
The Greens Demolition Of Tasmania
The state election in March last year saved Tasmania from becoming an Aussie version of the Amish. They came within a whisker of existing without any meaningful business and were just about forced to re-invent the horse and cart. A 12.2 per cent swing to the Liberals meant they had the first pro-business state government in years.
With the Greens sharing power, it’s Earth Hour all year round if you want to run a business. 
Tasmania suffered years of neglect under a Labor/Green state goverment, and the result was loss of jobs, loss of industry, loss of standards and loss of wealth.
The Greens would like to see them scavenging for seeds and berries to eat, and trading possum pelts for a living, as long as the possums had died of natural causes first. 
The Federal Government should have come down hard and ruled that if the state doesn’t produce anything or earn any money, there will be no welfare available. As it stands, Tasmania has the highest number of illiterates in the country and the highest per capita of people living off a government hand out.
Tasmania is rich in minerals, it has great natural resources including fisheries and farming and tourism. It is nearly the size of England with a population of 500,000. There are 23 local councils who all fight with each other and are dominated by the Greens. 
It’s almost impossible to run a business. The Greens simply bring in overseas “experts” or apply to some international body to stifle any development.
The trashing of the Triabunna pulp mill and its associated port on Tassie’s east coast offers an insight into the looney Green’s tactics. The mill was purchased from Gunns in 2011 by the Wilderness Society. A Tasmanian parliamentary inquiry found the mill to be a viable business and said the purchasers had a contractual obligation to keep it running. 
Wilderness Society boss Alec Marr and his cronies went in and wrecked the joint.
A group of businessmen wanted to develop a tourism venture by running a cable car from the top of Mt Wellington down to Hobart and then join up with an overhead tramway that would travel around the Hobart waterfront. 
The tramway was to be purchased secondhand from Sydney. It would have created building jobs and permanent employment. 
The Mountain (Mt. Wellington) provides spectacular views and is snow-covered for half of the year. But the road is closed when there is snow so no-one gets to see the view. A Cable-car would be a fine enterprise.
NO! said the Greens.
It’s not only in Tasmania. The Greens are out to stop all 21st century development. Christine Milne’s solution for second airport in NSW, take a train. In Victoria, scrap the East/West Link and take a train. The same people who have prospered due to human progress now want to prohibit that from the next generation. 
The loopy Greens are the ‘Taliban’ of the Australian economy.
The Green voter doesn’t have the intellectual capability to understand the gravity of their policies, but is more worried about gaining favour among their urban social peers because it’s cool to vote Green. 
The Universities are the problem, not the solution. Almost all Leftist policies emanate from radical university lecturers. Christopher Pyne should be spending his time trying to eradicate this cancer from the teaching/lecturing mob.
The demographics are that a lot of them will have a university degree, where the ability to think and reason should be highly developed. However, there are very few of them who understand the basics of maths and economics.
Tasmanians have learnt a very painful lesson and it is doubtful they will ever hold the Greens party in the esteem they once did. Unfortunately, the inner city elite on the mainland have yet to learn that painful lesson, but eventually they will be forced to acknowledge that the socialist nirvana promised by the Greens is nothing more than a mad dreamscape.
Tasmania would like to develop a new and unique export industry – shipping off the loopy Greens to their spiritual home in North Korea.
Well, I cannot find anything to disagree with there. Except perhaps to remind you all of the 'size' point. Yes, the Island is near the size of England when you strip out Scotland and Wales. It is just about the same size as Ireland. 

It was also the Greens (still is) that pushed for the wicked Abortion laws here; the most draconian in Australia for its punishment of anyone with an alternative opinion. Here we have a fine of $9750 and a year in Jail for anyone who dares to hold up a plaquard or say a prayer near our Abortuary. 

It is the Greens that pushed for Same-Sex marriage and Euthenasia. They still push. They shove. They lie and distort. They bully and calumnise. 

Greens are anti-Human Life.

It is a fine place for a Knight to live.  A Target-rich environment, as we have Feminists and Socialists too. They hate human life as well.

Now, I must go and sharpen my sword.
* John blogs from his home computer desk close to Bulcock Beach on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. He is a Website Designer and WordPress Aficionado in his spare time. "The Australian media are a biased, brain-dead cheer squad for the Left. Accurate and honest reporting is a thing of the past. This blog will bring you the inconvenient facts, the information the mainstream media like to filter out.
John’s other office is on the Boardwalk beside Pumicestone Passage


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