Friday, January 23, 2015

It's YOUR Money.

There is a song being whistled around the Tavern's bars today:

“Lord who made the lion and the lamb,
You decreed I should be what I am.
But would it spoil some vast eternal plan?
If I were a wealthy man?”

Now, of course, I used to be quite a wealthy man, m'self. Kings tend to be. But by gollywogs it is astonishing how expensive it can be to run a Kingdom. My people needed quite a bit around the place. But heck, what chap didn't spend pretty well everything he has on his family? The 'smithy' was a fine fellow, as were the farmers and builders; and they worked hard for their Groats. Were it not for their generosity I might have been living in the penury to which I have since become accustomed.

President Obama knows all about that too, it seems. He is using his $400,000+ benefits position to lecture his people about their reluctance to pay for his next holiday, which now that the 'fundraising' season is over will probably be in the next few weeks. Again. 

Even so, no-one ever asks just how it is he is a multi-millionaire on such a modest salary and a family of four to feed and clothe. Three females to boot.

It is not only Kings and Presidents that have big organisations to run - and pay for - but an increasing number of the 'people' in large companies and corporations. Not to mention 'Non-Government Organisations'. They too need holidays.  And $400,000+ salaries. But the people they employ would rather they didn't go on golfing trips (or 'Conferences' as they are often called) in jet planes to exotic places, but rather sell everything off and disburse the proceeds to them.

What they might do for a groat after that, no-one considers. 

Just who the buyers would be is anyone's guess and President Obama won't tell. But he did have a lot to say about the matter, in mantras and sound-bites to make it easier for gollywogs to grasp. 

He was even compared to Robin Hood at some point, although I cannot quite grasp that.

But Anna made it clearer for us as a 'warm-up' to the State of the Union' address that B.O gave. She even got her calculator out.
Shock, horror this morning amongst all the people who didn’t read the Forbes list of the 1549 wealthiest people in the world, Oxfam have used the top 85 to depress us further on #Blue Monday.
The top 85 own 1% of the world’s wealth! 
Nine hundred and ninety billion, eight hundred and eighty-three million, eight hundred and ninety thousand quid all to themselves, just 85 miserable sods? 
Noooo! We cannot have this. Pitchforkers of the world unite! They must give it back to us! We deserve it – they don’t, they are nasty filthy rich people. We can cure them of that. 
What to do? Well, let’s take that 1% of the world’s wealth away from the undeserving rich and share it out, and whilst we are about it, do away with the Royal family.
(Be aware, the French went down this route in 1789, it didn’t work for them!)

Now that the poorest three and a half billion of us are £228 each better off – look up and what do you see? 
Well, Bill Gates is broke – you took it all off him remember, so since most of the happy recipients of that £228 are living in third world countries prone to Malaria, you’d better dig deep in your pockets to fund the research otherwise you won’t live long enough to spend your share of the loot.
There’s something else you’ll notice – yes, there are still a load of filthy rich people ahead of you in that Forbes list! 
Off with their heads!
The only way to cure this is to take all the money in the world off everybody, and share it out equally. 
Yep, all £159,154,173,160,000 of it and share it out amongst the 7,289,064,815 of us.
Look at that! £21,834 quid and 65 pence each and no more rich bastards! 
We’re in the money, we’re in the money….
Just one small point. We owe £104,931,894,022,537.84.
That’s, er, £14,395 each – 
leaving you just £7,439 apiece.
And I’m prepared to bet that you’ll find you have just repaid that £104,931,894,022,537.84 to people who only had £7,439 yesterday and thus created a whole new category of rich bastards for you to hate.
Not only that, but some of that original ‘wealth’ figure was in the form of the value of property – palaces that you just tore down and created new hovels for yourselves; factories that employed you as slave labour that now have no value ‘cos, rejoice! you are no longer slaves…
It took the French 200 years to figure out what they’d done.
Enjoy your £7,439, there won’t be another handout next year, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I wonder about the French capacity for sense, however, let alone retention. 

One can calculate, albeit with rather less than the surgical precision clearly used by Oxfam – whose business it is to say these things -  that once the Great Redistribution has been accomplished (and naturally, by which time Oxfam are all out of a job) that a very similar order of things would be established within about a week.  The workshy and the single mothers would be back on benefits and the casino operators will have gathered in the sudden largesse.

Lawyers, guns and money…

But of course, President Obama could not say anything as clear as that, now could he. He barely speaks English, as we all know. He speaks OWO, double-plus-good, NewSpeak.  (As is 'Non-Government Organisation', come to think of it)  He has to be translated and commented upon. Anonymously, of course. You never know who is reading.
The Prince of Thieves

During his lame-duck term, Barack Obama intends to pursue what he calls "middle-class economics," i.e., proposals to reduce income inequality through taxation. 
Apparently a one-trick pony, Obama is back to raising taxes on the rich.

In last night's State of the Union Address, Obama explained "middle-class economics" as "the idea that this country does best when everyone gets their fair shot, everyone does their fair share, everyone plays by the same set of rules. We don't just want everyone to share in America's success, we want everyone to contribute to our success."
By 'fair shot' he meant of course that each and every one of 'his' people have their names written on several of the billions of bullets that he has bought for Homeland Security. 

Except his policies don't give everyone a fair shot, or set the same rules for everyone. And only a few at the top "contribute to our success."

The Hill calls him Robin Hood, taking from the rich and giving to the poor and middle class. 
As portrayed by a Tasmanian !!
But that's misrepresenting his theft. 
The idea of Obama's "giving" anything to the American middle class, for whom his enmity is all but palpable, is ridiculous, but the notion of his playing Robin Hood insults our intelligence. 
During the Obama era, both the middle class and the poor have lost more ground economically than during any time in the last four decades, yet suddenly along comes Robin Hood to right the wrongs of his first six years.

As Rush Limbaugh astutely explained Monday, Robin Hood did not steal from the rich to give to the poor. 
According to legend, Robin Hood reclaimed the excessive taxes extorted by the sheriff of Nottingham from the commoners in his shire. 
In modern parlance, Obama is the sheriff, 
not the woodsman.
Yet Obama's appeal to those who believe the wealthy steal from the rest of society has served him well. Rush alluded to exit polls in the 2012 presidential election that showed 81% said they voted for Obama because he "cares about people like me." 
For decades, the Left has sweetly whispered into the ears of the unhappy, the aggrieved and the gullible, telling them the rich have stolen everyone else's wealth. 
If only the playing field could be equalized. 
if only everyone had an equal share, all would be peachy.

The socialist utopian dream just will not die because there is always wealth to be redistributed. Obama claims tax hikes will help balance wealth distribution, but not a dime will ever reach a single productive person. 
Ironically, much of what's not swallowed by the gaping maw of government will likely go to Obama's buddies in Big Business, purportedly the Left's most hated foe.

The Left has seized upon a recent study by two neo-socialist economists, who claim the top 1% (written "0.01" to increase its impact) hold 80% of the wealth in the United States. 
But like all lefties in good standing, they leave out relevant facts. In this case, they ignore the wealthiest sector of the nation: 
the United States government.

The federal government forcibly extracted more than $3 trillion from American citizens in 2014 -- the first time it crossed that threshold. 
The study's authors complain about billionaires but say not a word about the trillionaire in the room. 
And according to the latest Forbes list of worldwide billionaires, the aggregate wealth of them all totals only $6.4 trillion, barely enough to finance the U.S. government for a year-and-a-half. 
It's also less than a third of federal debt. Added to the federal government, the states have their own billionaire club, particularly California, which has one of the largest economies (and hence, governments) in the world.

Enhancing its rather extravagant income, the federal government owns vast swaths of real estate inside our borders (including 87% of the land in the West), an asset of enormous value. 
So in comparison, the wealthy in our country, two-thirds of whom according to Forbes earned their wealth, could be among the lowest 1% when compared to government.
The authors conclude that the "public will favor more progressive taxation only if it is convinced that top income gains are detrimental to the 99%." 
So keep feeding them class envy.

We don't mean to be apologists for wealthy corporatists, some of whom -- such as George Soros and Tom Steyer -- use their wealth to buy our political system. (This while leftists hypocritically attack the Koch brothers or other conservative financiers, whose contributions are dwarfed by leftists.) 
Of course, others are admirable people who've made a fortune by grit and guts. 
This nation's founding principles guarantee every person the right to the fruits of his labor. Since the 16th Amendment passed, however, that principle has been turned on its head by busybody activists and government officials -- hypocritical officials, we might add.

Inside the most exclusive club in the world, congressmen and women "earn" more than several average families combined -- on average, just one of them surpasses 18 families' incomes. 
And the Redistributionist in Chief lives the life of royalty on a scale never before witnessed, jetting around in the world's most expensive plane with entourages of hundreds in tow. 
Where does he -- the laughable "savior" of the 99% -- get off demanding higher taxes from a "10% family" earning 225,000 badly devalued dollars?

Unfortunately, as long as Democrats can buy votes with taxpayer money, the class warfare of "middle-class economics" will live on. All Obama did Tuesday night was preview the central message of the 2016 presidential campaign.
The President packed for his holidays.

Ah yes, there are days when I could do with a bit more of that.

But.... I am content.

After all, while having very little in the way of monetary wealth m'self, Oz is not doing too badly as the chart shows.

The Tavern is well supplied with the Best that no money can buy and the well stocked cellars lead to the Crypt wherein lies something utterly Priceless.



  1. The level of the theft is beyond mindboggling, not unlike the telling of lies in Nazi Germany - make 'em huge, the better to cover yourself.

    1. And to cap off this travesty we even delude ourselves by thinking we voted for it, democratically. Hah ! In all my years I can count on the fingers of one hand those laws which have been to my benefit. All the rest have either restricted my freedom or takem money from my pockets.

  2. Obama is now traveling around the East giving away promises of 'billions"...and his trip is costing us billions and we all know he's the worm at the bottom of the Tequila glass---which in the lord of the Tavern may put some wax in, and a wick, and give us all some good light.


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