Monday, January 5, 2015

Is 'something wrong' with the Islamic Mind?

It is a question talked about in the bar yesterday when Islamic/Arab contributions to 'civilisation' were brought under modest, ale-driven review. I mentioned that JJ had brought a mate along. In fact two mates came to tell of some facets of the 'Islam/Arab' issues that currently affect much of the world; facets which few in our media seem to know and if they do, not investigate and report.

It is interesting that the numbers of people looking in at the window yesterday was the most for a long time.

You may not like the conversation here  right now and I will understand if you leave and go into the music room or restaurant. Staying here now may ruin your appetite or give liberals apoplexy.

One such facet is the propensity of Islam for outrageous barbarity. Where does it come from?  

The terrorists in the towns and villages in the middle-east, and the Immams in Sydney mosques are all human beings, and we know, but try not to, that human beings inherit all sorts of influences from their parents and further-back kin

JJ pointed to that.

(I usually show the photos passed around in the conversations but this subject concerns barbarities that are too gruesome to see pictorially. So I shall try to restrict that here and just use ungruesome ones).

Even in our own 'societies' we see sub-cultures of the criminally insane

In Oz they are sometimes Matriarchal families; sometime patriarchal. Oddly the Matriarchal criminal families are usually white and of European, anglo stock (hangover from our convict heritage?? ) while the Patriarchal criminal families are often Muslim or middle eastern or eastern European. The Asians generally have not been noted for kinfolk forming criminal groups. The Africans are increasingly seen doing criminal and personal attack damage but as yet are too few and too recent for a trend to have formed. The Middle-eastern Christians  from Lebanon for example in Oz are quite mild and 'integrated' while their muslim ex-countrymen are almost uniformly crazy creeps who like killing one another, inciting hatred, and dominating whole physical areas.

JJ's mate, Paul Driessen was telling us about the problems facing NGOs that are trying to assist refugees from the carnage, and we shall hear some hard questions from JJ after. What he has to say may shock some 'easily offended' people even more than beheadings seem to. Here is just the first bit of how Islam is creating HELL on EARTH. See the link later for more.
Saving lives in the Middle East
Faith-based groups race against time, winter cold and Islamist butchers to reduce the slaughter
Yazidi and Christian communities trace their Syrian and Iraqi roots back nearly 2,000 years. Now they are being systematically exterminated. 
Not merely driven out. Exterminated – along with Jews, Bahais and even Muslims insufficiently fundamentalist to suit Islamic State (ISIS) butchers.
While they have not yet attained the scale of Nazi and Communist slaughters, these Islamofascist savages may have surpassed their Twentieth Century predecessors in depravity. 
They ask terrified children, “Who wants to be beheaded first?” then butcher them in front of the others. 
They bury people alive. 
Islamist “soldiers” teach little boys how to slice the heads off every man in “enemy” Syrian tribes. 
They torture and rape girls and women, before selling them into slavery, prostitution or forced marriage – and demand that surviving women dress “modestly” in black robes, gloves and veils, and be banned from school and public life. 
They sell their victims’ blood and organs, to finance still more weapons and atrocities.
One of the few safe havens for those who escape is Israel, which provides security, education, healthcare, jobs and religious freedom. 
Displaced Yazidis fleeing Slaughter

Another million-plus refugees have fled to camps and streets in Turkey, whose government and people have become exhausted from trying to feed, clothe and shelter so many that Turkish military forces are now preventing Syrians from entering the country. 
American, European, Middle Eastern and other promises of weapons and aid have been too little, too late or simply not kept. Even the UN’s World Food Program has barely enough money to feed refugees beyond mid-January.
Terrorized multitudes unable to reach safety in Israel or Turkey are caught between Islamic State hordes and slow, painful deaths from starvation, disease and freezing winter temperatures. Many escaped with only the clothes they were wearing. Many precarious lives have been sustained only because RUN Ministries operates “Community of Hope” refugee camps and safe houses in the region.
These people have seen their relatives hung, shot, beheaded, crucified or beaten to death. 
They have left everything behind and been hunted down like animals. It they are able to escape, they travel by day and sleep in fields by night, hoping to reach a safe shelter – and hoping it has food, water, blankets, medicines and tents to share. By November 2014, Virginia-based RUN (Reaching Unreached Nations) was protecting 26,000 refugees; by the end of December, the number had skyrocketed to 100,000!
But as president Eric Watt says, it costs some $250,000 to build one Community of Hope camp and equip it with sufficient supplies to last 30 days for 1,000 men, women and children. Merely providing warm blankets costs tens of thousands of dollars. Contributions are sorely needed to save more lives.
In early December, RUN volunteers were forced to ask refugees who had already been in a camp more than a month to move out, at least for awhile, so that newly arrived families could be fed and protected. That would mean going back into the rocky fields, often without even blankets to keep warm at night.
“Please don’t make us leave,” parents pleaded. “If we leave, we are afraid our children will die.”
Meanwhile, Islamic State patrols periodically swoop into RUN camps, to kidnap girls, steal food, poison water supplies, and abuse and murder RUN volunteers and transport drivers.
That set the tone for JJs rumble. What are we to make of 'regional' differences? He tackled the one issue that no-one talks about.  

Paul had more to say here:   which is where JJ left his mark. You can see the rest of his pleas for assistance there.  I had to go and put several more barrels on in the cellars while he spoke.

It is notable that of the Middle-Eastern countries ONLY Israel gives help and hope. The multitude of 'Arab' countries do little or nothing either humanely or militarily. It is in their backyard. 
Muslim Brutality versus the Western tradition
I think most of us recoil in horror when we read of the savage  practices in Syria and Iraq by the "Islamic State". You don't have to know much history, however, to realize that they are "good" Muslims.  Their deeds are well in line with what Muslims have done for centuries.
Take just one example:  The Ottoman succession.  The Muslim Ottoman Empire covered most of the territory that was "owned" for nearly a millennium by the old Byzantine Greek Christian empire -- centered on modern Turkey.  And given Muslim rules about multiple wives, Ottoman emperors usually had multiple sons.  So when an emperor died, which son became the next emperor?   
That was always a very competitive race indeed, with various factions of the court supporting rival sons.  So when a new emperor was finally declared, what was the first thing he did?  He killed off all his brothers!   
Muslims have always been savages.
So how do we explain that?   
There have been plenty of times when there have been rival claims to Western thrones but nothing like the Ottoman practice has been customary.
Indeed, in my young day when a man of some landed wealth grew old or died, his lands could only be preserved if just one son, usually of several sons and daughters, took possession. The others were sent away. They became Knights (as I did) or  Men of the Cloth, Monks, Nuns or 'Ladies who married'.  Some even took up trades. The thing is, they left. They were not butchered. No matter what Hollywood 'historical' films may want you to believe.
No doubt, Leftists would be able to come up with some cultural explanation for it but I keep some track of the scientific literature on genetics and you cannot be aware of that literature without being struck at times by something I once heard Hans Eysenck say: "It's all genetic".   
Before I go further down that path, however, let me contrast the "Western" practice, beginning with the founders of Western civilization, the ancient Greeks.
And who was the most powerful ancient Greek?   
Alexander of Macedon, 
Alexander the Great.   
He conquered much of the ancient world, most notably the great Persian empire.  And Greeks had no love of the Persians.  Anyone who knows of the exploits of Pheidippides and of Leonidas and his Spartans at Thermopylae will have some inkling of that.

So what did Alexander do when he defeated the Persians at Issus?  All the Persian royal family were captured.   
The Muslim response would of course have been automatic:  Kill them all. 
 But Alexander did no such thing.  He treated the Royal family with all the courtesy that he felt was due to  Royal personages.  Enough said, I think.
So let us skip forward to 1870 and the battle of Sedan. Prussian chancellor Bismarck had deliberately insulted the French emperor, Napoleon III and French ideas of honor made Napoleon immediately declare war on the Germans. Not wise.
As with Alexander, Bismarck had a victory that was so sweeping that he captured Napoleon himself.  So was it "Off with his head"!?  Not at all.   
There are to this day photographs of Napoleon seated comfortably and engaged in friendly conversations both with Bismarck and the Kaiser.  And Napoleon III was eventually released on the condition that he move to England and stay there, which he did.
So our forebears have always had an instinct of respect for others, which Muslims clearly have not had and still do not have.
But what about Saladin?  someone will say.  Saladin 'defended' the Holy Land against the crusaders and was notable for his mercy.   
So here I come to what I think is the crux of the matter. 
Saladin was a remarkable man.  He was a Kurd, a people previously conquered by the Arabs.   
Not that Saladin didn't do a fair share of refugee 'harassing' in his time.
And yet through sheer talent, he came to be the leader of the Arab armies.  And his military skills were such that he had great authority.  It was very hard for anyone in his retinue to question his judgment.   
So he could be merciful without getting substantial blowback from the Arabs he led.
So my contention is that race matters, infernally (politically) incorrect though that might be.   
The Kurds are the descendants of the Medes, a quite different race from the Arabs but with a long history of high civilization.  And I think that Muslim brutality is basically Arab.   
And it is an inter-Arab contest at the moment in Syria.
I am not going to make much of the racial identity of the Kurds, though I do note that they speak an Indo-European language so are probably our cousins.  Certainly, Kurdistan is the only really orderly part of the failed state that is Iraq today.  Kurds are still more civilized than the Arabs.
The distinction I want to make, however, is between Arabs and non-Arabs.   
Arabs are good at only one thing:  Self-sacrifice in war.  But that one thing did enable them eventually to conquer most of the Middle East:  Persians, Assyrians, Kurds etc. though the Christian Greeks of Byzantium resisted them for 500 years.  In the end it was the Venetians under the remarkable Doge Dandolo who destroyed the Byzantine regime.
And the Middle East is the cradle of civilization.  The people conquered by the Arabs were often highly civilized.  And it was their continued limited functioning under the Arabs which gave the Arab world a veneer of civilization.
You heard all about that in the last post, refered to at the start. 
The claim that the Arab world conserved the wisdom and culture of the Greeks and Romans during the Dark Ages of the West is utter tosh.   
There was no Dark Age in Byzantium and it was the Byzantine Greeks who brought their treasured books and learning to Italy and thus sparked the Renaissance.
So I would argue something fairly uncontroversial among geneticists:  That Arabs are genetically different.   
And looking at the history of their behaviour, I would extend the claim to it being their genetic makeup that accounts for Muslim savagery and brutality.   
And from Alexander through Saladin to Bismarck we stand outside that.
But (pace Eysenck) it's not all genetic.  Culture does play a part.   
And Islam is Arab culture embodied.   
And after more than  1,000 years of Arab/Muslim domination, Arab attitudes have filtered to varying degrees into the minds of Muslims everywhere.  So in racially very different people from the Arabs, Pakistanis in particular, we find today Arab attitudes and behaviour.
And there is nothing more pernicious culturally than a relatively recent invention called socialism.  It was socialism that gave us Hitler and Stalin.  But those excursions did come to an end and normal Western civilization has returned to both Germany and Russia, though both, of course, have their own characteristics -- JR
Of course, despite Arabs being racially distinct it is a secular heresy to even suggest as JJ does that arab/islamic savagery 'may' be inherited genetically. It is a matter of Dogma in our society that society is all that matters.  It has to be someone else's fault. 

JJ asks the question and provides a way to look for an answer. It may or may not be the right or complete answer. I do not claim to know. But YOU could start looking for one yourselves.

Others however have pointed to the propensity of Muslims to incestuousness, with considerable inter-marriage of 'cousins', rape of sisters (when a.n. other female is not handy) and even mothers, and a vicious attitude toward women in general. 'Family' seems to have a focus on the patriarch's bizarre and pathological 'honour' rather than broadening the education and experiences of its members. Interbreeding is a well known cause of mental degeneartion.

Not that you see the Feminists saying much about that.

I, of course, have an answer with which even fewer people, especially our cultural marxist media, educational and political masters, are likely to agree.

But in an age where we can show a person can have a genetic propensity to getting Cancer or even getting fat, we insist that such matters as intelligence or a mental instability, or horrors !, a psycho-pathology cannot be genetically passed down and therefore must be the fault of the Patriarchy' old white men' long dead, not getting enough free handouts from the Guvmunt, or sugar. 

Islamists are always going on about our western civilisation 'oppressing' them. They have been since the Crusades. Even our liberal media are happy to blame a long dead Pope.

A view that Satan has a finger in the mixture somewhere goes down like a lead balloon. But then (as the lovely Mandy Rice Davis Moment arises) the Prince of Lies and his consort the Princess of Lies would have us thinking that, wouldn't they.

Feminism's clear psychosis is not the only elephant in the McMansions of Hilary's Village. 

Pax. Drink deep of Grace. The Islamists are in the hallway.


  1. A very large percentage of modern men carry the paternal DNA of Mohammed, as a result of his behavior and that of his sons. I would like to see this quantified, and correlated to aggression of the Islamic variety, and of all other kinds.

    1. That is a good point. It is only quite recently that we have had the tools and abilities to start to examine and quantify such 'kin' look-backs. Gengis Khan had a huge impact too I understand, but few of his 'cultural' left-overs have quite the same 'family' impact as Mohammed. It is not just the impact of his direct genetic legacy but the inter-breeding aspect that has made it worse ..... Possibly. I guess we can be thankful that the Aztecs were wiped out.

  2. This was a hard one to read. I always hate hearing about suffering and evil being done to the innocent.

    1. Yes. Very hard. I gave a warning early on. But we must have the courage to not look away however distasteful. It has to be confronted. That takes a strong heart and a spirit that is not so impure as to be sucked into the Abyss.

    2. Your comment about not looking away reminds me of a thought provoking comment that was posted on the wall by the exit of the Museum of Torture in Carcassonne:

      You have just visited the museum of torture. Do you think all this belongs in the past; alas such things are still used today in several countries, with more modern and evil refinements.

      It is an inevitable result wherever intolerance and fanaticism thrive.

      In every human being there is good and evil. Arrogance spreads evil. Wherever it is found it must be fought by the good. You have just seen the consequences of failure.

  3. It is and it isn't. Did you see the Egyptian speech on Imams and Islam? Not all seem happy with the kill all infidels stance.

    1. Yes, and I have seen speech after speech from all across the region that says one thing one week and another the next. But JJ did draw a distinction between the Arab and the peoples that Arabs conquored since Islam was invented. Egypt of course is one of those very old peoples, as distinct as the Assyrians but continued into today.

      I personally have no concrete genetic knowledge at hand that can take us beyond assumption or speculation. I think I made that point, perhaps not sufficiently clearly.

      It is apparant that the 'kill all infidels' stance is bloody, and bloody unpopular with most people so perhaps that particular speech was an attempt to say "we are not like that". It does tend to get people quite annoyed and to put their armour on.I have heard women who benefit from feminist hate-speech and policy successes saying similar.


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