Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014. Good Riddance to Skid Marks.

We always cheer the passing of a year in the Tavern. A fresh New one is welcomed in Hope.  A time to reflect is fleeting and one could harp on about all the awfulnesses, which have been more than evident in the year just gone, and pray hard for better. 2015 does not seem to be shaping up to be much better  however.

As a famed air traffic controller in Sri Lanka said many years ago about Mondays, "Oh dear, it looks like another year like 1015". I remember that year well. But at least we didn't have the 'Left' to spread its stupidity. So let us take a look back at 2014. Or rather let Gerard tell us. Then we can finish with some real news from the most intolerant people in the world.

But before we do, and let it all pass from thought, do NOT forget that 2014 saw 
100,000 australians murdered in the womb. 

It is a result of the anti-life, anti- sense and sesitivity of the Leftist, Gramscian wrecking of our society and our Morals. These days are dark. Mendacity rules, 'Tolerance' and 'Inclusiveness' kills.

So, to Gerard and his round up of lefty stupidity in the 'Meeja' that has left skid marks on history. I am pretty sure that other nations in the Anglosphere could make similar lists.

What a silly old year 2014 has been for Left commentators
HAS there ever been a year so ­afflicted with massive exaggeration, wide-scale false prophecy, appalling judgment, wilful omission and narcissism? 
You be the judge, on a monthly basis.
In a faux encyclical, Fairfax Media religious reporter Barney Zwartz praises Pope Francis and calls for Cardinal George Pell to step down as archbishop of Sydney. Soon after, Francis promotes Pell to a senior role in the Vatican and Zwartz retires.
The left would love to see the Catholic Church fall. Odd really. The left in Oz was a firmly Catholic polity once, back when the left 'cared' for the poor. But then the Catholics turned on the Communists  who had infliltrated and dominated and all Hell broke out. The left has never forgiven catholics since, not given a damn for the poor except as pawns. 
ABC presenter Jonathan Green declares he will never be able to convince himself that Tony Abbott is “a man of intelligence … while he keeps wearing those blue ties”. In The Canberra Times, Jenna Price discusses her “diseased uterus” and announces an intention to send immigration minister Scott Morrison one tampon a month. Price is an academic who teaches journalism.
Jenna Price. This is what a loony lefty (feminist of course) looks like.
Morry Schwartz’s The Saturday Paper is launched, stating its intention to be read by wealthy inner-city professional types who have Netflix accounts and are “lighthouse consumers”. In fact, it’s just another boring rant against the Coalition — an upmarket version of the Green Left Weekly. 
The Age’s Martin Flanagan asserts that Rupert Murdoch “has become Catholic”. He provides no evidence for his claim. In The Sydney Morning Herald, Mike Carlton describes Tony Abbott as “pure Vladimir Putin”, overlooking the fact Abbott does not lock up opponents.
On the ABC’s Q&A, Guardian Australia editor Katharine Viner depicts Australia as “a globally infamous human rights abuser”. Like North Korea or Syria, presumably. 
So much lefty vitriol against this Nation that has been a bastion of tolerace and a welcome home for people from all lands. 
Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs objects to criticism of her organisation’s $60,000 Christmas party. The learned professor maintains she does not intend to “do things in some sort of shabby way” or “want to be in the village hall in Koo Wee Rup”. That’s a Victorian town where there are no “lighthouses” and few, if any, read The Saturday Paper. Hardly a place for human rights professionals.
Triggs. Smug Guardian of Youman Writes.
Melbourne writer Helen Garner ventures to the Victorian town of Castlemaine to express solidarity with fellow leftists Arnold Zable, Robert Manne and Rai Gaita. All are opposed to the construction of a chicken factory in nearby Baringhup.  
Helen has a few good marks in the Book above. She has stood up for the rights of Men !! 
You see, Gaita has said the “rhythm” of his “sentences” can be traced to his home town of Baringhup and he and his comrades do not want the land interfered with. Fair dinkum.
Film director Anna Broinowski talks about her recent visit to North Korea where she “had to educate” the communist regime “about coal-seam gas” as it educated her on “how to make a propaganda film”. She expresses no objection to human rights abuses in the totalitarian state.
Monash University academic and ABC TV presenter Waleed Aly appears on Channel 10’s The Project. Invited to describe the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram, he fails to refer to its identification with the Islamist cause.
Aly. ABC's on-duty Muslim.
Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser identifies with the conspiracy theory that Israel consciously bombed the USS Liberty in 1967. 
Fraser is pantsless since his night-time walk in the streets of Memphis, USA. No-one knows what happened to his trousers. 
Artist Maria Fernanda Cardoso argues that “spiders are artists themselves” since “they know how to make visual display … while mating”. She received a taxpayer-funded grant from the Australia Council to study the artistic merit of insect sex organs.
Carlton bags the Abbott government as a “gang of punishers and straighteners (sic), of cutters and slashers, run by the sort of bossy former private school prefects who enjoy enforcing dress codes at golf clubs”. 
Carlton. Red down to his Victoria's Secrets underpants.
Carlton attended Barker College on Sydney’s north shore, where he wrote appalling poetry in the private school’s magazine.
Guardian Australia journalist David Marr prophesises that “there is a very real possibility that the Arab world is going to respond to Australia’s unique stand on East Jerusalem by saying: ‘Well we won’t buy your wheat.’ ” It didn’t. (say it, that is)
It’s time for false historical comparisons again. Palmer United Party supremo Clive Palmer labels Queensland Premier Campbell Newman a Nazi. Just like Heinrich Himmler, apparently. 
Fraser says that returning asylum-seekers to Sri Lanka is “redolent of handing Jews to Nazis in the 1930s”.
Senile. Gone left. He even forgets that the NAZIs were Socialists.
Australian National University professor Hugh White has another look at his crystal ball and sees a “most worrying parallel between 1914 and 2014”. There wasn’t, consequently a third world war did not begin.
Carlton steps down as a Sydney Morning Herald columnist after refusing to accept a suspension for abusing his readers, one whom he labelled a “Jewish bigot”.
He dir­ected another reader to “kiss my arse”, an offer that was declined. Human Rights Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane says he is “agnostic” as to whether Carlton’s abuse is offensive.
But what if a conservative, say, had called someone a Muslim bigot?
Writer Frank Moorhouse attends outgoing ASIO director-general David Irvine’s address at the National Press Club where Irvine warns about the danger of lone-wolf terrorists. Moorhouse senses the “dangerous ‘for-us-or-against-us’ paradigm resting in the PM’s term Team Australia”.
Man Booker Prize winner Richard Flanagan says he is “ashamed to be Australian”. He indicates his concern that the Prime Minister has supported the coal industry. Flanagan seems unaware that coalmines pay company tax and royalties that help to fund the artistic community. 
'Ashamed' to be Australian. Hey Flannel, we are ashamed to count you as one. 
Flannelegan. Lives down the hill in Hilary's Village below the Tavern
Jane Caro reckons that “traditional marriage … was a form of prostitution”. Anne Summers mourns the (greatly exaggerated) death of Mungo MacCallum, who hears of his passing while enjoying lunch.
Caro. Feminist, socialist mouth.

The Age’s columnist Jonathan Holmes says there is no evidence to support the view that his employer runs lots of anti-Catholic diatribes.
The Age’s editor subsequently spikes a letter from reader Chris Curtis documenting 15 articles containing what he terms “anti-Catholic bigotry”.
See above. The left is anti-Catholic, Anti-God atheist, anti-male, anti-family, anti-whatever is sound and which built this nation.  The Left is the nasty child of Gramsci. Feminist fellow travellers. It tries to replace Morals with 'Labour Values' whatever they are.
The Saturday Paper’s Mike Seccombe debunks the Abbott government’s national security legislation, which is supported by Labor, with a smirk, saying: “This is very much taking a sledgehammer to crack a walnut.” 
Activist journalist Margo Kingston announces she has received a scholarship from Macquarie University to write about, wait for it, herself. 
It’s not clear whether Kingston’s analysis of herself will be assessed by herself. But, why not? After all, Kingston is the world expert on Kingston.
Not to be outdone in the narcissism stakes, former failed Labor leader Mark Latham uses his Australian Financial Review column to write about himself. He employs the words “I”, “I’ve”, “me” and “my” on no fewer than 20 occasions while whingeing about something that allegedly happened to him in 2007. 
Cate Blanchett puts in an Oscar-worthy performance at Gough Whitlam’s memorial service. She claims to have received “free” tertiary education under the Whitlam government, seemingly unaware that her campus days were paid for by taxpayers.  
In reviews of Whitlam’s time as PM, there is virtually no mention of his opposition to Vietnamese refugees, support for the Soviet incorporation of the Baltic States or decision to accept cash for Labor’s 1975 election campaign from Saddam Hussein’s regime.
The Left intelligentsia responds to Man Haron Monis’s Sydney siege with denial. Monis calls himself an Islamist terrorist but many commentators, especially on the ABC, choose not to believe him. 
Monis. A Just-in-time heroic lefty icon.
Writing in The Conversation on December 16, academic Clarke Jones decries the “hype about terrorism”, declaring that if you took out the words “terrorism”, “Islamic” and “Islamic State”, the siege would have received scant attention. He seems to accept that the words “siege” and “hostage” could still have been used. 
Fancy that. 
The year ends with ABC chairman Jim Spigelman declaringthat critics want ABC personnel with whom they disagree “taken out at dawn and hung (sic)”.
Enough said.
Well, not quite. We still have not looked at the glaring omission of the year.

Those Catholics have not beheaded ONE person all year. !!

For the most intolerant and extreme religion in the world, this is a rather embarrassing statistic.
It appears that the Catholic Church, widely recognized as the most uncompromising and dogmatic among the world’s major religions, is about to close out the year without executing a single person.
As everyone knows, the Catholic Church is a religion of strict doctrine, ruling every aspect of each individual Catholic’s life from the Vatican with an iron fist, while at the same time relentlessly imposing its beliefs on the rest of society.
Not even ONE single Fatwa !!!

Yet for some reason the Catholic Church has had an abysmal year at the chopping block, failing to kill a single one of its billion-plus members for failing to live in strict adherence to her teachings.   

On top of that, the Vatican has put to death exactly zero people from other religions for refusing to convert to Catholicism.
Even some followers of Islam, universally known as a religion of peace and tolerance, have found time on the weekends to behead a few non-believers.  And yet the Catholic Church, far from resembling anything having to do with peace or tolerance, has taken incompetence to a whole new level when it comes to imposing its beliefs.
Sure, 2015 is a new year and all, but let’s face it.  When it comes to intolerance, we’re pathetic.

Drink deep of Grace.

You will need it in 2015.

The Left as well as the poor (their pawns) will always be with us. 


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