Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Summer is upon us here. And we can expect Bushfires. 

It is nearly 50 years since the huge devastation of the '67 fires that took so many lives and wiped out so many homes. 

Every year we have huge fires. 

Every year we struggle, watch homes go, send men and machines into forest and farm.

Last year we lost a huge tract of the State: wilderness, where firefighters could not get to because it is locked away with no access roads. Entire species were lost. Forever.

Why? Greenies.

The year before an entire town went and the Tasman Penninsula was cut off for weeks.

And we still do not have even ONE fire-fighting plane.

Not one.

Just one of those could serve the entire State.

Or one or two of these.

Something agile to help MEN

Something that can uplift a lot of water fast and get it to the right spot quickly. And douse the fires.

But we do not have even one.

Hundreds of Millions of dollars will go up in smoke and flame again this summer.

Keep a wet towel handy because there will be no fire-fighting planes to save you.



  1. The natural process of burning back has now become wholesale destruction by Greenies.


Ne meias in stragulo aut pueros circummittam.

Our Bouncer is a gentleman of muscle and guile. His patience has limits. He will check you at the door.

The Tavern gets rowdy visitors from time to time. Some are brain dead and some soul dead. They attack customers and the bar staff and piss on the carpets. Those people will not be allowed in anymore. So... Be Nice..