Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Racist Australia. Keep Out

You may remember that almost last scene in the Arthur Clarke movie 2010 Odyssey Two where Jupiter ignited and a cryptic message was received on the spaceship....


Well I think it is something that US nonebrities should bear in mind about Oz. 

So many lefty and coloured nonebrities from stage, screen and autocue have threatened to leave the USA if the Monolith Trump, the Great Donald, is elected later in the year that several customers in the Tavern are concerned that they might come here. 
Celebs eying the Monolith
So far they have been talking about going to Canada where the little lefty Prince Trudy is preparing attractive taxpayer benfits for them, But there are other places. 

Someone had better tell them that Oz won't suit them. 

It is a hotbed of racism. 

Systemic Racism at that, and as we all know so well that a qualified racism is far worse than a plain and simple one. 

Our politics is nowhere near the sort the Americans experience. Ours is more Medaevel England or even Italy. The Borgia's spring to mind. Or 'Wolf Hall'. We have a contest at the moment between a chap who has knifed two sitiing Prime Ministers in the back on his own way up the greasy pole, and another chap who has only knifed one - the idle bugger.

Two-Knife Bill, currently the 'opposition', is currying favour amongst all his lefty mates by casting Oz in the worst possible light. We are awful people, according to Bill. But he still wants us to vote for him. He has no shame.  

JJ Ray disagrees: not about Bill's shame, but we shall come to him soon after I have pulled a pint or two for him. Let's hear from the grinning loon, 2-knife Bill first.
Bill Shorten: ‘Systemic racism’ still exists in Australia 
as there’s no agreement about how the country was taken from Aboriginal people
OPPOSITION Leader Bill Shorten has declared “systemic racism is still far-too prevalent” and says there isn’t “fundamental agreement about how the country was taken from Aboriginal people”.
Mr Shorten made the comments at a Reconciliation Australia Dinner in Melbourne, after campaigning in Darwin on indigenous affairs issues.  “Systemic racism is still far-too prevalent,” he said.
“The insidious nature of stubborn racism is still a reality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals — regardless of the status and stature they achieve in our society.
“Every generation of Aboriginal athlete, from Doug Nicholls to Nicky Winmar to Michael Long to Adam Goodes has known this.”
Mr Shorten said he knew “racism is not true of most Australians”, and that he was proud of those who stand up to it.
But he also acknowledged there was more to be done as “this sense of discrimination percolates down to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on the street every day”.
Mr Shorten said real equality came from “being truthful”.
Hahahahahahahahahaha. Bill would not know Truth if it walked up to him and bit his arse. 
“Right now, there is not fundamental agreement about how the country was taken from Aboriginal people,” he said.
“Or the issues about settlement, and colonisation.
“We need a process to find the common ground, on such matters, for the common good of our nation.”
Mr Shorten went on to say the “disgraceful fiction of the doctrine of terra nullius has been disproved”.
Terra Nullius, for the head-scratchers, is a tern invented by lefties in the 80's and projected backward onto the First Fleet Officers. 
“But without a future framework agreed with Aboriginal people, all the arguments from 1788 onwards will continue to plague us,” he said.
“Our goal should be to agree to a future which gives us all pride and respect.”
The Opposition leader went on to say it was important to acknowledge there was “unfinished business — and there are new pathways to be developed”.
“The reconciliation process has provided a constructive opportunity for our nation to find agreement on these fundamental issues — or at least help us settle them,” he said.
“But the concept of Reconciliation has — for too long — been split by some into a false dichotomy.
“‘Practical’ reconciliation on one hand — and ‘symbolic’ actions like compensation and agreements on the other.
“The truth is we need agreement on both paths.”
The Opposition Leader said the nation could not truly celebrate its achievements in the area of indigenous affairs while was “still a sense of injustice lingering in the hearts and minds of the first Australians”.
Just think how much extra credence Bill's fantasies would have if the racist American nonebrities above came here. But of course, we would send them to Manus Island. 

The Prof took Bill to task.
He falls at the first hurdle.  The country was NOT taken away from Aborigines.  They still live here.  And that others also now live here actually gives them rights and privileges that they never had in their tribal past.
But this racism accusation is deplorable  coming from someone who thinks he can lead the country. 
He calls Australians racist but still wants their vote.   
Does that make him a racist too? 
Hate clearly blinds him.  But Leftists do tend to hate the society they live in so it is not really surprising.
And if there is "systematic" racism, where is it?  Where is the system or systems concerned?   
The only systematic racism I know of is the various affirmative action policies of the Federal and State governments -- which  give privileges to blacks that are not available to whites.  That is certainly systematic racism but Shorten is presumably not condemning that.   
His party is behind much of the racism concerned.
And to call racist a country that has for many decades welcomed immigrants from all over the world is the height of absurdity.  Few countries have been as welcoming to foreigners as Australia.  But Australia has always tried to select migrants in a way that excludes problem people and still insists on that right of selection.   
People who try to sneak in the back door are not sent away because of their race but because of their contempt for reasonable Australian laws.
The sort of contempt that Bill is past-Master at. 
That Aborigines live in a way that most whites deplore is their affair.  If unemployed, they get the same dole money as any other unemployed person and many unemployed people live civilized lives.  I lived on the dole for a couple of years in my youth and I lived quite well.  Nobody would have thought me to be pitied.
There is no doubt that Aborigines envy whites some things but the solution to that is to work for what they want. 
 Australia now has a very large minority of East Asian people who are very prosperous and contribute a great deal to the community.  But many arrived here penniless and unable to speak English. And, like Aborigines, they look different.  That they have nonetheless done so well shows that the opportunity is there for everyone in Australia.  
If Aborigines fail to take advantage of the opportunities available to them, that is their decision and it should be respected.   
Let us not criticize them for being loyal to their own traditions.
Ahhhh, but 'Traditions' are simply weapons to the Lefties.

The Tavern is a fine place which welcomes all. But they must behave. I doubt if those people examples above could manage it for five minutes.  They would be introduced to the Bouncer. Bill too.



  1. The Opposition Leader said the nation could not truly celebrate its achievements in the area of indigenous affairs while was “still a sense of injustice lingering in the hearts and minds of the first Australians”.

    Good thing I'm nowhere near him with a shotgun.

    1. There are no white first Australians left. They were around in 1901. The Black first Australians have similarly all died out now. We have plenty of seconds.

  2. Love it how Australias believe their opinions are fact even though they could never really know. Yet the superiority complex allows them to treat opinions as fact. Alway good for a laugh

    1. What you say here may have some sense to it. If I find any I shall leave it behind the bar and you can ask for it. Maybe then you can say what you mean instead of being 'mysterious'.


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