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The ADF. Australian Distaff Force

It is usual for a Knight to be quite understanding and complementary about the armed forces, especially of the Australian Defence Force. Oz has a proud tradition of support and high regard for the fighting prowess of the troops that serve our nation.

Few if any could be accused of being Girly-men.

The same cannot be said for its leadership.

It used to be said - albeit a long time ago - that the British Lions were led by Donkeys, and the rather 'larrikin' Australian troops could not be led by anyone. The last exceptional General we had in Oz was Sir John Monash and he was variously ignored or villified by both the politicians and his peers.  He was Jewish, you see. 
A Truwe Knight.
It has not been a notable feature of the ADF to produce well rounded senior ranks, over that of Colonel, and even now that rank and those above and just below are in a parlous state of ignorance  and unsoldierliness. How such people get promoted has been touched upon before in the Tavern. Many are promoted to 'get rid of'.

After Janet had said her piece earlier in the evening we had Jack Cade stand up and say his piece in very clear and devastating terms.  He did not hold back. 

PCGolden Girls Of The ADF
Even Agatha Christie couldn’t come up with this.   
A plot which includes a man who demands to be called a woman; abusive conduct; hush money; Australian Of The Year nominations; anti-Australian Navy Captain; reward for misconduct; Army chief’s hypocrisy and a Defence Minister’s unhinged compliment.
In my humble opinion, of the two women hailed as the ADF’s ‘Golden Girls’, many might very well view one of them as a vindictive, abusive pretend-woman and the other an anti-Australian Muslim, both of whom appear epic failures when judged by past military standards.
Malcolm “Call Me Cate” McGregor was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Australian Army when he decided to be known as a woman. 
He didn’t undergo any surgery that would complete the transformation. Oh no, he simply started wearing dresses and demanded that he be recognised as a woman. The warm, fuzzy, tolerant and inclusive PC indoctrinated ADF chiefs fell all over themselves complying with his demands.
Let’s get to the truth about “Call Me Cate”. He admits that he has male chromosomes and says he is not a woman but he feels like a woman trapped in a man’s body so there—a woman is born. 
Now, I have said it before that I do not give a stuff what a chap wears in his off-duty hours. He can come into the Tavern in a frock as long as he doesn't try to show his knickers to the customers. Same goes for the real girls. 

In uniform, on duty, no-one is going to inspect his underwear so he can wear whatever sails his boat there too. It might be a tad embarrassing if he is hit by shrapnel but that blushing would not be noticed with all the blood anyway.

But if he is going to claim he is a woman and wants to be treated as a female, my Bouncer chap will escort him by the arm to the stables and hose him down.
He was one who appeared to be cheering on the sacking of Major Bernard Gaynor by that other ADF PC-driven, David Hurley. McGregor couldn’t leave it at that and launched an extraordinary attack on Bernard Gaynor’s father who McGregor claimed had defective DNA.  Laughable really. 
Here is a bloke who thinks he is a woman criticising someone else’s DNA? Fair dinkum!
It may not have been because of this but after Lieutenant Colonel McGregor was “counselled”, McGregor was transferred to the RAAF and immediately rewarded with a substantial promotion to Group Captain

...and nominated to be Australian Of The Year, while Gaynor Snr was further ridiculed by the ADF command because he refused to see McGregor as a woman. He was offered $25,000 to keep his mouth shut.
The mind boggles. Talk about an insult to the RAAF.  

An insult to real, ordinary, everyday 
born-women too. 

This excuse of a girly-man  was 'off-loaded' from the Army and into the RAAF above far better, more experienced and competent Air Force Officers who had done the time and honed their aviation skills.

Personally I would not have him as a cleaning lady in the airmen's mess.
To understand part two of the ADF Golden Girls saga we take a look at the double standards and gross hypocrisy of retired Army Chief David Morrison as explained by Bernard Gaynor: 
“In other words, the former Chief of Army gained accolades for ‘respecting women’ by reading the words of a person who thinks that men can be just as female as the ladies.  
He then talked tough about ruthlessly ridding the Army of abusers, only to do nothing about the abuser who was standing right next to him – McGregor – who, shortly after writing that speech, decided to abuse my father.”
Now let us look at another egregious insult;  this time to to the Royal Australian Navy. 
Captain Mona Shindy, RAN, Muslim. Mona Shindy for two years had control of an official Twitter account, @NavyIslamic, and during that time abused the privilege by using such account as her personal political pro-Islamic advertising agent.
Looking at the account it appears that Mona Shindy enjoyed complete independence in her role as RAN Islamic advisor and used the account as a personal billboard to broadcast the word of Islam either with the tacit approval of the brass or while they were drunk at the helm.
Imagine WW2 with the Allies having a 'Nazi Advisor' on board who espoused all the political aims of the Nazis.  Imagine that person having a senior rank and the ear of Churchill.
In March 2015 Captain Shindy gave a presentation to the Royal United Services Institute of New South Wales which, when avoiding PC speak translated to:
    The media was to blame for Islamic violence.
    Armed Jihad is justified.
    The Hijab is required by the Quran making it Sharia compliant.
    Islamic women aren’t oppressed despite FGM, stoning etc.
    Islamic extremism is our fault.
    The Western world is responsible for Sunni/Shia conflict.
    It is our fault that Muslim youth can’t get ahead in our society.
    If we thought like Muslims instead of Westerners then violence wouldn’t look like terrorism.
    Charlie Hedbo is our fault.
    Let’s just forget about 9/11 and the World Trade Centre.
    There is no problem with Jihad, the problem is us.
    If we were nicer to Muslims then terrorism would go away.
    We need to talk about terrorism but don’t mention Islamic State.
    The government needs to build more Mosques and employ more Imams to promote Islam
    Muslim’s victim mentality is justified.
Some Business-woman all right. All Wrong.
Furthermore, Captain Shindy used the @NavyIslamic Twitter account to:
    Mock our former PM, Tony Abbott.
    Celebrate Tony Abbott’s knifing.
    Criticise our involvement in the fight against Islamic terrorism.
    Back the Grand Mufti’s flawed response to the Paris Terrorist attack.
   Attacked the ALA political party as being an ill-informed fringe group.
Despite her less than satisfactory conduct and her open anti-Australian political tweets she is to be rewarded by sending her to the Defence Strategic Studies Centre to do a Masters degree in, of all things, politics and policy. Ain’t that a doozy?
It is a scandal. It is ludicrous.  Just whose side is she on? 

Heck, she may be a competent sailor for all I know (no-one seems to know) but she was driving a friggin' Frigate. 
Just like the Malcolm “Call Me Cate” McGregor farce, there is an ‘Add Insult To Injury’ clause. 
Provisional Defence Minister Marise Payne (temporarily on training wheels) says that Captain Shindy is an “outstanding Australian” and that “She has served the country with distinction”.
She has? Let's see the record then. Oh, we can't.  Marise (Who? No-one had heard of this back-room functionary before she suddenly appeared at Malcolm Turnbull's side?.
Payne, who is obviously not an big fan of reality, went on to say that the RAN is to continue developing an “effective and engaging” social media strategy and Defence was committed to increasing cultural diversity among serving members to better reflect Australian society.
Hey, Marise, the Navy is there to Fight and Kill the enemy, not to have an 'effective and engaging social friggin' media strategy.  Get a grip of your knickers woman. Or perhaps ask Gp. Capt. McGregor for them back. 
Government/ADF policy, as confirmed by Marise Payne, is now geared to reward abusive and anti-Australian behaviour with praise for the blatant disregard of regulations while promoting offenders and resorting to bribing complainants to keep their mouth shut.
This means we are to see even more of this politically correct lunacy from the Minister, Defence bureaucrats and the ADF command according to Marise Payne who would be better suited to be Minister of Koolaide Distribution to Politicians.
And all with the full knowledge and consent of (and direction?) of PM Waffler himself.
It is time for the troops to show what they think, I think.

They deserve FAR better officers than they have. 


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