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There seems to be a constant stream of news and events that can objectively be called 'Persecution'. Much of it is vile and murderous, as we see all the time in countries dominated by or heavily influenced by Muslims. You know - the 'Religion of Peace'. But in the Tavern these few days past the conversations have been about a more pernicious and closer to home sort. 

NOT Arrested
There is, of course, a religion which preaches, teaches and tries somewhat fitfully to 'Love your neighbour' that is considerably more successful at being peaceful. That is Christianity. 

But against it are arrayed forces that rely on 
The Lie.

Those lies take forms that have permeated our society, both secular and religious. It has penetrated the Churches and the Parliaments, the Education systems and the Legal structures. Some seem to have a strong following and backing of 'ordinary' people in the west who might otherwise make fine neighbours but choose instead to cheat, steal, lie and persecute. Anyone who raises the Truth can become a target.

Two matters were being discussed in the bars. One from France and one from here in Oz. Both concerned Priests and both priests are being 'accused' and persecuted.

Kevin Whitman was telling us about Father Guy Pagès. Never heard of him? Me neither, but we are not likely to, are we, what with our laws and public attitudes and media conspirators.
 Father Guy Pagès has made quite clear that he loves God, Christendom, and his native France. Due to his fidelity to The Almighty, the Church and his homeland, Abbé Pagès has found himself persecuted by civil authorities on the grounds of advocating terrorism.
As noted by Andrew Bieszad on the Walid Shoebat news portal, French police have arrested the Catholic priest as well as shut down his website, (Islam and Truth). Despite the government attempting to silence the Abbé, Bieszad cites an interview he recently gave to the website Polinia Christiana(Christian Poland).
Unafraid to boldly declare the truth, Fr. Pages will undoubtedly face the wrath of the radical Left, militant multi-culturalists, and even thesurrenderistas within his own Church when he stated, “The countries of Western Europe, renouncing Christianity, began to promote the Islamization, and the Church itself seems to have nothing against the view that Islam is a religion of good.”
Perhaps sending Islamic enablers into apoplectic fits of Biblical proportions, the controversial cleric continued with, “Europeans, as non-Muslims, they should be afraid of Islam because Islam wants to make them their subjects. Moreover, as already mentioned, the word ‘Islam’ means ‘submission.’ Submission to what? The Antichrist. Because who else can come after Christ, if not the Antichrist? Islam is coming to destroy the work of Christ.”
Perhaps the best summation of the interview overall was Father Pages placing the blame of the Islamization of Europe and the collapse of Christianity on the continent directly at the door of both secular and Christian Europe, 
“Non-Muslims should therefore understand that if they rejected Christ, they will have the Antichrist. 
The development of Islam in the West is a tough punishment for apostasy.”
Now even I might say that the connection is not made in simple logic. But anti-Christ is a tool of the Prince of Lies, and what we see all around us is lies.

A society that arrests a priest for sounding a moral alarm but does nothing to mobs that march around demanding that other be beheaded, is a lost society.

I do not see Islam as being due to Apostacy, but perhaps the opposite. The failure of people to listen in the first place.  Our society (and I count the French in 'our') has to a large extent not even adopted Christ as its model. If its rejection of His Church since the late middle ages counts as 'apostacy',  then it implies that God takes His time. 

But Islam was around long before the Reformation and that rejection of His Church. It is the view of this old Tavern Keeper that Islam is a direct Satanic response to Christ Himself and His Church, rather than to us not accepting either or leaving aside both.
Meanwhile, the French portal Resistance Republicaine has also cited  the reason the French police raided the office of Fr. Pages website provider and subsequently seized the server and all related software, hardware and documents.
According to the site, the good Father is accused of violating France’s State of Emergency, which was implemented in the wake of the Islamic jihadist attacks in Paris this past November. As noted, the charges were brought against the priest for embedding photos on his website of the carnage the Islamic terrorists visited on the patrons of the Bataclan Theater, where 89 were killed.
(The Tavern now publishes it too. So come on France, arrest me too)
For posting the pictures of the slaughtered innocents, Father Pages has been charged with the following violation;
Article 5461-2,  227-24 and 225-17 of the Penal Code criminalizing respectively the ” broadcast of a violent character message inciting terrorism, pornographic or likely to cause serious harm to human dignity […] when this message is likely to be seen or perceived by a minor and breach in respect for the dead.”
This is a mendacity. Not the statement: not the legal provision: But the application in this instance. The same photographs have been published in newspapers and on TV without charges being made against those media. So why Fr. Pages? 

He's a Priest
Easy Target.

Muslims who say and do far worse 'incitement' are untouched by the long arm of the gendarmerie.

The secular forces are quite happy to persecute Christians.
But in the meantime, Father Pages Facebook site Islam et Vérité is still up, at least for the time being.

Meanwhile back in Oz we have our own witch hunt happening. And while to some it is close to home and personal, it may well be a small part of a far larger and darker picture.

Tess Livingstone raised some serious questions regarding the concerted efforts, even from within the Church, to destroy Cardinal George Pell.

Not only is he the most senior Catholic prelate in Oz, but he has been appointed by the Pope (in a rare moment of clarity, it may seem) to head up the investigations into corruption in the Church, and specifically in the Vatican Bank. That 'institution' - the bank - you may well know has been a sewer pipe, into which some very unsavoury characters have infiltrated to the heart of the Vatican.

The current and long running 'Royal Commission' into child abuse has focussed its attention on the Catholic Church, despite most abuse being inflicted by myriad others. That is not to excuse errant and wicked priests, but they are few in number compared to the numbers of abuse victims and perpertrators in the education industry. 
Oz schools are little different

Or in the home for that matter.
Fathers get prosecuted, but rarely do mothers. Why is that?

Cardinal Pell is a  Tall Poppy, a 'Big Head' to lop off but we are not going to see any Education Department Heads cut off or Minister of Education arses hauled into a Tribunal.

Why is that?

Despite appearing twice before and given reams of evidence, his presence in the dock is demanded again. He is in Rome. He is not a well man at 74.  But blood is sought.

Catholic Priests are an easy traget. And the biggest liars and thieves are out for blood, and not just to CYA.

Too effective in Rome for his enemies’ liking.
Plenty of people want George Pell to come unstuck. 

Chief among them are the Vatican old guard, the mafia and heavies whose money laundering, tax evasion and possibly worse will come to an abrupt halt if crucial reforms instigated by the cardinal, such as the professional auditing of all Vatican agencies, including the Vatican Bank, come into force in coming months.

It’s needed. The cardinal, 74, and his team have uncovered more than €1 billion ($1.5bn) in Vatican funds unaccounted for, busted a multi-million-euro rort centred on a children’s hospital funded by a Catholic charity and the Italian government and exposed millions in unexplained transactions. 
Crunch time is coming, and some in prominent Vatican positions want a return to the “old ways’’. As in Australia, where he injected energy into the church in Melbourne and Sydney, he has been too effective in Rome for his enemies’ liking.
Last week, Pell’s supporters and ideological opponents alike recognised the visceral hatred fermenting in the blogosphere, egged on by Tim Minchin’s tasteless warbling, had become a toxic, dangerous witch hunt of a kind rarely if ever seen in this country. 
Minchin: Musician, funny, sick soul.

Then, on Friday night, came the well-timed “bombshell’’. 
It’s not known who made the complaints reportedly being investigated by Victoria Police or who leaked the details. Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton should clarify the matter. Justice must be done and be seen to be done, the presumption of innocence afforded unless otherwise proven.
At least one supposed incident reportedly occurred at the Ballarat pool, where then Father Pell used to swim in summer. Claims that supposedly relate to his time as archbishop at the cathedral in Melbourne are also an utter mystery.
The notion Pell “groomed’’ young males between 1978 and 2001 — and got away with it — beggars belief.
We’ve been here before. 

In 2002, he was accused of abusing a boy at a holiday camp at Smiths Beach, Phillip Island, 40 years earlier. The complaint was investigated and the cardinal exonerated.
But at that time, with the story everywhere, it’s hard to understand why supposed “victims’’ would not have come forward then. 

I know. I was writing his biography and will never forget the hatred and hot air. This kind of living martyrdom would break most hearts. But George Pell will be fortified by his faith and his supporters’ prayers.
It is all too easy to accuse. Especially when the accusations are being made today about events that were claimed to have happened forty of fifty years ago. Better late on the bandwagon than not at all if there is easy money to be made. Sympathy and excuses to be gained to boot !

And..... the current climate has it that all accusers are to be believed, else they may 'suffer trauma' again from being questioned and corroboration sought. 

No-one in the media or the police bothers to investigate claims that ruin reputations, careers and health. There is HUGE money in the game of false accusation.

Take this for example. Money has been donated to send 'accusers' to Rome to put the heavy hand on Pell's shoulders.  But do they need it?

Andy Bolt and Gerard Henderson spoke of it.

$750,000 of action, but let’s kick the Catholics
I have noticed that no victims of clerical abuse are ever questioned sceptically by the media.   
That may be driven largely by a respect for their suffering, but it does leave the Catholic Church rather defenceless. Gerard Henderson (said):
ABC TV News this morning interviewed Chrissie and Anthony Foster, two of Cardinal George Pell’s most vehement critics, as they departed Melbourne Airport to attend the hearings of the Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Rome (commencing Monday morning, Australian time).
Two of the Fosters’ daughters were sexually assaulted by a Catholic priest in Melbourne before George Pell became Archbishop of Melbourne.  This is what Mr Foster had to say – as reported by ABC TV:
Anthony Foster:  Well we want to hear the truth. And he’s [Cardinal Pell’s] worked his way right through the hierarchy right up to the top of the Catholic Church.  So, we really want to hear the truth about what happened. And it’s about time we saw some action out of the Catholic Church.  So may be hearing the whole truth from him – we might actually start to see some action.
What the ABC did not report is that, in November 2005, the Foster family accepted $750,000 in compensation from the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne plus payment of their legal costs and an indemnity in respect to any payments to the Health Insurance Commission. 
They want the Money AND the Blood.
This is documented in the Royal Commission’s Report of Case Study No 16: The Melbourne Response, July 2015, page 19.  ABC journalists seem unaware of this “action” which has already occurred with respect to the Foster family.  It’s not that hard to find out – it’s called doing research.
So, in some instances at least, there has been action by the Catholic Church with respect to victims of clerical child sexual abuse.  But you rarely hear this on “Your ABC”.
Not that a skerrick of evidence other than assertion was ever provided that assualts ever took place. No newspaper nor the ABC has ever explained what evidences led to the payout.  Note that it was a civil action and not a criminal one. 

Money attracts thieves.

Another astonishing aspect is that those who have recieved 'compensation' have done so ONLY because of the work of Cardinal Pell. It was he who set up the lauded response.

And yet another aspect is the source of the money paid in compensation. It is from Parishioners. Every-day Catholics who put their small monies on the collection plate.  

Other people's money. The individual criminals don't pay. Were the onus to be on them and not 'the Church', there would be no such clamouring for 'compensation'. 

Lies are easy, especially when so many are willing to believe and vast financial gain at the expense of unrelated parties is the norm.

Our society is sick.

Drink deep of Grace.



  1. I saw that article when I had a chance to read the Herald Sun for free (won't pay for bias).
    It was front page news. Hidden back on about page 12 was the story about that Jewish woman who, not only sexually assaulted girls at the elite Jewish school where she was principal, the school paid for her to flee to Israel to avoid prosecution.
    The school got charged about $1 million in damages for the actions they took, but I don't see the names of any of the school board being brought up, as they ACTUALLY DID what Cardinal Pell is only alleged to have done.
    Apparently being Jewish means not only are you allowed to remain anonymous, but any negative story of the same vein will be on or after page 12.
    I had another confirmation as to why I shouldn't pay and support left wing media.

    1. I doubt it was so treated because she was Jewish but more like because she was female. The education industry is female-dominated and you never see that made clear in the newspapers.

    2. Or a combination of both. It's the names and faces of the people on the school board I'm interested in.
      Why protect people who assisted a person flee charges? Why aren't they getting the Pell treatment right now?

  2. Also, where are the interviews with parents of children at the school asking what they think of the school spending $1 million of school funds to hide the woman (the court ordered that money as compensation) and how it's shaken their faith?
    Apparently that treatment is only reserved for Christian groups.


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