Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Taverner's Vote

Oz is soon to go to the Elections for a new Government. Several customers have asked me what my voting intentions are. Few are satisfied with my long-held view of 'A Pox on all their Houses'.

The man of Integrity, of course, may well look askance at the political field but nevertheless he must refrain from loss of all hope. He must take what small part he has in the life of the World and use it as best he can.

He must seek counsel from his own Conscience.

The media in Oz is firmly 'left-wing' and in thrall to the curse of Cultural Marxism that has swept the West over the past 40 years, coloured as it is by the approved political correctnesses and feminist mendacities. In the spirit of 'free-speech' newspaper commentary columns are littered with the whines and calumnies of millions of fellow-travelling huskies pulling the Labour sledge.

Sledging is the name of the game.

Let us look at just one of the candidates. Mr Tony Abbott.

Mr Abbott is disliked by the lefty sheeples, the feminists, the PC crowd. Frankly, the applause of any of these mobs is a sound pointer. What they approve of is a litmus test of one's own Integrity. Similarly what they dislike is like a sign-post to where you should be going.

Very occasionally though a lefty recants. Or momentarily lets a few truths see some light. So I was particularly pleased when a regular customer, Peter H, stood at the bar and read out a few words from an ex-Labour leader.

Overheard last week: "It's such a shame there isn't someone other than Tony Abbott as alternative Prime Minister. We think the Gillard government is bad for the country, but it would be better if we had another Opposition leader to vote for."
It caused me to ask why that view might exist given Abbott's background, and I wondered if it might be that people do not know his history. So, I have put together some information which might help get a better understanding of the man. 
Abbott graduated from the University of Sydney with degrees in Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Bachelor of Economics (BEc). Then he became a Rhodes Scholar at Queens College Oxford UK  in Politics and Philosophy. He also won a boxing blue at Oxford. He married Margaret in 1987 and has three daughters.  
He is a member of the congregation of the Catholic Church.
He was involved in student politics, but beyond that, biographer Michael Duffy, wrote that during his student days he  "........saved a child who was swept out to sea. Another time, he helped save children from a burning house next to a pub where he was drinking.  
On each occasion he disappeared before he could be properly thanked" 
The famous 'Speedos'. The "Budgie Smugglers"
Apparently non -PC. Derided.
Forget about every other Life-saver wearing the same.

He is a member of Manly's Queenscliffe SLSC, (Surf Life Saving Club)  and a member of the  New South Wales Rural Fire Service, both of which he joined before it was politically expedient to do so. He spent several weeks teaching in  remote Aboriginal settlements in Cape York in an effort  'to familiarise himself with indigenous issues'.
If you are wondering where some of the negativity attributed to Tony Abbott comes from, go on to the Net and have a look at the comments which followed, 2 years ago, when he was asked by the Women's Weekly
"What advice  would you give your three daughters on sex before marriage ?" 

He told the magazine: ‘’I would say to my daughters, if they were to ask me this question …it is the greatest gift you can give someone, the ultimate gift of giving and don't give it up to someone lightly." 
Yet, if you were to read many of the comments on the Internet and the print media at the time, you could be forgiven for thinking he was attempting to impose his will on all females in Australia, had ranted against women, had argued for Muslimlike chastity, and so on...................  
See for yourself - Google it ! Gillard's response was to accuse Abbott of "lecturing women"??? 
Abbott has had a history of being told by 'ABC types' that he lacks compassion, does not understand homosexuality or homosexuals, avoids situations where he might need to face up to gay relationships, and so on.  
Again, because he was not prepared to reveal personal issues of others (ethics, principles,?), he did not speak about his own sister's lesbian relationship and the part he played in supporting her. It would have been an easy defence for him, but in line with his principles and values, he chose not to use it.
Granted, he is not a super smooth, off the cuff, speaker, and does not fit the orator mould. But when he is compared to the glib tongues and untrustworthiness of Gillard, Rudd, Swan, etc., it is not difficult to determine which attributes are more important for the leadership of Australia. 

After Abbott completed his studies, he became a journalist for The Bulletin and also the Australian. For a time he was plant manager for Pioneer Concrete, then became press secretary for the then Opposition Leader, Dr John Hewson. He was elected to Parliament in 1994 at a bi-election. He has held various Ministerial posts and his actions in those roles are a matter of public record . His work ethic is unquestioned. 
He was dismayed at the policies of former leader Malcolm Turnbull relating to ETS, and following widespread disaffection with Turnbull's stance among Liberal Party members,  threw his hat into the ring, as did Joe Hockey, for leadership of the Liberal Party. Abbott was successful. At the time, the polls were running strongly against the Liberal Party (in the 40% approval range), while Kevin Rudd enjoyed figures around 60%Within a short space of time, with Abbott as leader, those figures changed to such a degree that Rudd was replaced in the now infamous "faceless men" coup which installed Gillard.  
Since that time, Abbott has maintained constant focus on the ever widening circle of disasters associated with the Gillard government to the stage where support for that government now hovers around the 30% mark.
Abbott, strikes me as a person of integrity, he has values in which I too believe, and ethics based on his Christian beliefs.  
I would much rather place my trust in someone who, in his actions, has shown he is what he says,  
rather than someone who will say anything to gain a prospective advantage for themselves. 
BY Mark LATHAM, Former Leader of A.L.P.

Now if someone cares to stand in the P&B and recite the words of an ex-Liberal Leader praising Kevin Rudd, I will be happy to let them read them out just as loudly here.

Meanwhile Mr Rudd's colleagues are doing a good enough job of showing his character for what it is.

Not that any of the above is an indication of where my vote will go, mind you. But it is heartening when a lefty recants.

Another lefty recanted recently. A Chinese chap who has been a 'Red Guard'.

This poor soul, taken by evil in his younger years, has had a life of immense guilt. And guilty he was. He even denounced his own mother and watched her being shot. for failing to kow-tow 'sufficiently' to Maoist thugs. He had a young fellow neighbour shot too for having had a grandfather who owned a plot of land.

a 61 year-old retiree and former “Red Guard” Liu Boqin posted a personal apology this month in the advertising section of a respected Chinese print magazine Yanhuangchunqiu.  
Red Guards were a “paramilitary social movement of young people” who inflicted a great deal of torment during the early period of the Cultural Revolution (1966 and 1967) in the name of re-making an ancient society.  

Liu wrote that he was “immature and ignorant” in those years. He apologized for the “harassment” he delivered upon “school teachers, classmates, and their families;  
“upon painful reflection in my later years, [I realize that] although I was wrapped up in the environment of the ‘Cultural Revolution,’ my personal responsibility for my own evil actions will never vanish…I apologize to all of you.“
- See more at:

The Tavern would welcome this man.  He is on a road to redemption.

The 'left' in the West are intellectually immature and much slower to inflict such evil as the Red Guard. But make no mistake when looking at evil. It comes. sometimes, wearing lipstick and handing out taxpayer's monies with one hand and taking more with the other. It's aim is antithetical to Humanity.

The 'Left' in the West - Labour in the UK and Oz, Democrats in the USA - are GUILTY of wreaking immense damage on our society.

Under them abortion has exploded, marriages have been shattered, men have been demonised, economies have been driven into poverty-inducing debt.

A Pox on their houses at least.

Mr Abbott appears to be a 'Good Man'.

Another good customer, Yan, asked for my opinion of what is a 'Good man'.

I said to him: 

 A 'Good Man' will acknowledge a Standard. An Ideal.

 A 'Standard' is a flag. Something held in veneration. Something to gather around. Few get to touch it.

 We strive. We try to get close. It is 'just ahead'. Maybe out of reach right this minute, but we are marching toward it.

 The 'Ideal' I constantly put here IS a man of Integrity. An Authentic man. He strives for intellectual honesty. He considers the next man - yea and woman - to be a human being of approximating equal status in the eyes of a Higher Standard, a Higher Power. He sees the person and the actions of the person as distinct.

 He monitors his own actions and words. He challenges them even as they exhibit themselves. He Judges himself, sometimes mitigating his actions but only when honest. He has a Conscience. He corrects himself. He does not 'excuse' himself.

 He acknowledges his own locus of control. He resists controlling others even when he would 'like' to, because he knows he cannot.

 He examines his 'qualities'. He constantly finds them to be lacking just that little bit that would enable him to be the 'Ideal' that he strives to be. He strives on.

He teaches his children. He teaches his friends. He does both through his example. He cooperates. He 'joins' in with them. He does his share of the heavy lifting.

 His example is often not good enough in his own eyes but that makes him strive to be even better.

When a man, a male rather, marches away from the Standard, the Ideal; when he would rather take the path walked by the rabble, the liars, the haters, the hysterics; when he venerates a dirty flag, a sullied flag, a flag raised by the Left, the feminists, the corrupt and the dishonest, the men of the 'Good' sort will call to him to change direction.

 No-one gets to be as 'Good' as he might wish to be. But he can always be a 'Better' man than he was.

In regard to National Elections, it is time to get the disinfectant bottle out.


  1. Could not have put it better! Spread this "word"!


  2. It's good to see that there is a growing number of "alternatives" to the lefty crowd in politics. In the UK there is Nigel Farage, and it seems in Oz you have Tony Abbott.

    1. I think Abbott is in with more of a chance than the Nige. But hopefully Nige won't be far behind.

  3. That's some good stuff! He would have my vote!

    1. Several weeks of gaffes to go yet, M'dear. Many fine dinners to enjoys them over.

  4. Sounds like a leader we all could use.


    1. One can hope. But so far I have seen no effort to combat the rampant feminism and misandry in Oz from him or his mates. It might be too much to ask for when he is about to inherit the largest debt Oz has ever had.

  5. It is an interesting point of view from a somewhat weird ex-Labor leader - just one of a litany of peculiar decisions made by the faceless men. And now they have re-cycled another weird leader who has had several cracks at getting it right; and he has changed - hasn't he? Well, he must have. After all, he admits it himself. What I perceive is policy made from the plush leather pulpit of one of our planes, at our cost, with our money being promised to ensure the continuation of more pontification, luxury and privilege and great frenetic activity with no real achievement - the blowfly in the beer bottle effect. I notice that K. Rudd always refers to what he promises - never Labor - always "I". T Abbott always refers to "we" referring to his team. It's an interesting difference. I shall now return to pondering on which politician I am able to afford. After all, just as all of you will do, I am restricted to voting for the local representative that will best serve my interests!
    Peter H.

    1. I deliberately refrained from posting the critique of either party's mates of their respective leaders. I am sure some on his own side will speak low of Mr Abbott, but they will be fewer and far higher views than Mr Rudd's colleagues'. Nonetheless I agree that the choice is limited and we will be asked to vote for local 'representatives' who will not think at all about representing our views but rather toe a party line no matter how repugnant you and I might feel about their actions or character.

      Such is our Democracy.

      Personally I would draw my sword and whack a lot of heads and arses, some with the flat and some with the edge, were it not for my having put my sword under the bar-top and taken up the cleaning cloth. The world and its woes are in the hands of the customers at the bar.

      Drink up. Chose your Grace as needed.

  6. I have to admit, I don't follow Australian politics.

    I do think though that any man who can finger his own mother to be shot for political reasons is more than an immature lefty and more likely a psychopath.Not only are those actions horrendous,but that he thinks someone feeble explanation and apology cuts it.

    1. Hi Uber.

      Have a glass of something?

      Oz politics is a hoot. Far easier to follow than US or UK. Probably a bit like Canadian. (I don't follow Canadian, but would welcome a 'correspondent' to prop up the bar and tell us the goings on).

      The Chinese chap had a lot more to say (In the Weekend Australian newspaper, but behind the Great Paywall of Oz). You are right of course. His actions were of a psychopath but remember even Saul (St Paul) was a nasty bastard before he did his day-trip to Damascus. So there is hope yet for our Ying Tong chappie.

      The thing is that no-one can redeem themselves without first recognising the evil they have done and acknowledging it. It is the first step on a long, long road. The 'right'/humane thing to do is assess the sincerity of the apology and encourage further steps along the road, despite one's inclination to whack his knees and stamp on his feet. Evil actions, even the simple day-to-day minor offences we commit have consequences. Those have to be faced. Some are death-dealing.

      He did really evil things. You and I are in no position to forgive him. He has not impacted our lives. We can judge his character though. That is about as far as we can go.

      I would like to hear you views further on this.

  7. I am restricted to voting for the local representative that will best serve my interests!

    That is exactly how I felt in our last elections. The candidate I chose has mostly represented the interests of all his constituents.

    It is interesting to hold a hustings just before the elections to see what the various candidates have to say for themselves. Do you do that sort of thing down under?

  8. Cherie, the election in Oz are an almost purely National affair. Hardly anything 'local' is ever done. Candidates do not do meetings or speeches (other than the 'Leaders'). An A4 pamphlet might be posted to you, By some. You see it is Compulsory to vote here. You MUST go to the polls, which reduces the politicians need to attract you. You have to go and find them. What happens is that people vote for Parties.

    1. I often wonder if it should be Compulsory to vote over here, but all I think that would achieve is more spoilt ballot papers.

      A couple of years before our last General Election in 2010 I got involved in an initiative (with a local action group) that was called 'Make Your Vote Count'. The initiative was countrywide. The main aim was to get more people interested in voting.

      The idea was tested out on the local council elections (and refined for use at the General Election). Every candidate was contacted with a set of questions regarding local issues and public services.

      The engagement from the prospective candidates was as to be expected. The ones who were confident they would get elected and the new wanabees got in touch. The others were silent...

      It was an interesting exercise, but it didn't lead to a greater engagement in the voting system.

      The Sheeples need to be led, hate it when they are led and don't realise that they could make a difference.

    2. You can force a man to the polls but the marking of the paper is secret.

  9. Yes, please, I would like vodka and orange,please.

    I believe that someone told me that you were/are a psychiatrist?? Then you will know that the word 'psychopath' is thrown around too casually that it loses it's meaning in the real world. I don't use the word 'psychopath' lightly and not all evil-doers are psychopaths. he obviously is however. No, we are not in a position to forgive him or not, as he has no bearing on our lives but he -and his ilk-lay themselves open to judgement. Do you think this man in particular [ a psychopath] can ever be redeemed? Interestingly, I have a friend who is a diagnosed would value your opinion on that.

    When returning from the UK 2 years ago, I initially settled in Ontario, Canada, but then moved to British Columbia. BC is almost a hybrid of American and UK culture and politics. Too influenced by both but mainly U.S, I often don't even feel like I am in Canada.

    Canada has deteriorated greatly in the 13 years I have been gone. I almost returned within a month! :) In my opinion, we have not had a decent PM since Trudeau[ the rock star of politicians- all the girls swooned for, the most.] I met him once which is another story. :) He did not let the Americans have any influence in our country but every PM since, and especially Mulroney who sold the country down the river in the Free Trade deal, have kowtowed to them too much[as they illegally fish our waters, dump their garbage in our landfills, and suck up our water in the dead of the night and flog their tat in our 'hood, closing out our businesses, cornering their market with their cheaper tat]. I am not pro American, as you can see.

    I lived in Ottawa many years[ Canada's capital] and dated a political news journalists who worked 'the hill' so I saw and heard a lot. Don't even get me

    1. Vodka and orange coming up.

      My 'history' is on the left column of the blog. I have been a King, a Warrior and an inadvertently very bad man. The latter consequence was a wound so persistent as to lay me low for many years. I am cured, redeemed, by the foolishness and purity of a younger self.

      The 'real world' self was a psychologist for 25 years, during which time I entered the Realms of many other people wherein Dragons lay in waiting. I was a dragon -slayer and dragon-catcher. Some dragons need tending rather than the sword. I found many a dragon could be put to the service of a village and heat homes rather than burn them down.

      I do not know much at all about our Chinese chap. He tells of his evils. He acknowledges them and carries the wounds of shame and regret. His wounds will persist too. They are deeper and more extensive than mine.

      I too, in this instance, bandy the term 'psychopath'. It is an easy term to apply in his case although I tend now to see him as being overwhelmed by evil. Not a 'victim' so much as a willing slave. In Thrall to evil. It is not a mitigation. He himself says, "my personal responsibility for my own evil actions will never vanish". That is likely to be a well-founded prediction.

      But the landscape of the soul, Uber, is a strange place and it has been known to have healing pools in the oddest of places. It harbours old hermits who can apply leaves and mosses to wounds and to care for severely wounded men. A Human Being can fall into a deep and dark ravine, out of which he cannot climb. It takes someone with a rope, lowered down, to haul him out. I have hauled many a soul from the Abyss. Hopefully someone can haul his out too.

      One day too, I hope you can be forgiven for supporting Trudeau Hahahahaha. The rot set in with him. But we were all young and impressionable, even gullible, once. Even me.

      Enjoy the drink my dear. I have added a slice of clarity.



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