Sunday, August 18, 2013

Laughing at Single Mums

It is not often that a claim to being a 'single mum' raises a laugh of derision. Mostly we are sympathetic to single parents burdened with raising children alone.

I hasten to say that it was not we who laughed.

It was not we in the bar that derided the single mum.

Widows and widowers used to be the larger proportion of single parents, one spouse having died far too early.  Sympathy was always there for them, and in the main, practical support from family and friends.

Today, of course, it is divorce that makes for the largest proportion, generally (70% by some accounts) initiated by the mother who seems to place her children and their father in a very second place. The next largest proportion seem to be young women who have chosen to be mothers without even bothering to marry in the first place.

Sympathy is harder to muster. Most taxpayers who are expected to support such single  mothers (and a very few single fathers) get mightily peeved, especially when every last vestige of kudos is taken by the 'Government'.

There are many young and older single parents doing a fine job under trying circumstances. Even the feckless may have some mitigation. Many are raised in climate of encouragement, largely under the Feminist influence of 'I can do whatever I like with my body'. So long as YOU pay for it.

But even the feckless and the deliberately self-determined 'singles' with kiddies must be looking in astonishment at Michelle Obama.

More, they ought to be scandalised by this example of sympathy-theft.

"I am a Victim"
Single mum cries for sympathy.


She claims to be one of the new victim class. Young Andy was in the P&B shoving a long pin in Michelle's risky balloon.

The United State's first lady inadvertently assumed a crown too many when she described herself as a "single mom" during an interview with a local CBS affiliate.  
It's consistent with a pattern of myth-making in this uber-liberal family in which Mr. President dreams of a father he seldom knew but whose weight in the future president's personal narrative looms larger than the liberal professors who instructed him in politics 20 years later.  
It's shadows of the virgin birth of Jesus, in which the father was moved to the shadows in the language of myth - fathers that are important purely because of their political status and implications but who are written out of the narrative about children's lives in favor of the modern "single mom" mythology. 

Michelle whassname...

Ah yes, her Husband, the deadbeat dad.

Is he single too?

Why would those false words about single motherhood roll so easily across the tongue of a woman who is famous for one singular reason: her husband?
It would appear to be because they are golden threads in a robe of female godliness constructed in the mythology of the far left.  
It's a political narrative that constructs victims who must be rescued from the hands of villains by heroes of the left.  
In todays leftist mythology, our heroes often see themselves as both victim and hero.  
Setting aside for a moment the First Lady's false claim to the Single Mom throne, what does this term "single parent" even mean?  
In most cases, it means an unmarried parent who gets frequent days off from parenting not afforded those parents working together in a more typical parenting pair.  
It often means a parent who, in addition to frequent days off without parental obligations, gets a regular paycheck dubbed "support" for their role - a paycheck often combined with income from a second adult household member who shares household expenses. 
Single indeed. Mrs Obama has household staff that would be the envy of any Antebellum plantation owner. A combined payroll in excess of $1,000,000  
just for her personal staff

- which includes her own attorney, three schedulers, four social secretaries, three press secretaries, two policy directors and a chief of staff with two deputy chiefs of staff. 
"I don't know how I 'COPE' with all the work
I am a single mum."

The First Victim's staff, the 22 aides working under her command aren't the end of her household staff. She has cooks. She has cleaning staff. She has chauffeurs. She has security staff. Her house even has its own doctor. She has aides at her beck and call in Washington and anywhere she travels in such luxury and style befitting the family of a world leader.  
Even if she were the unmarried mother of her children, with that many support staff at her side, how could anyone claim the woesome title of "single parent"? How could that be anything like being "single"?

Andy's mate Rof joined in:

It continues to strain credulity, the lengths of intellectual sleight-of-hand to which elite women will go to try and reconcile the impossible conflict in their own lives between the requisite "hear-me-roar" success narrative, and the just as mandatory "oppression" themes that such women must juggle.  


The results are generally comically incongruous, and the media continue to suck them up as if they actually made some kind of credible sense.  
Ultimately, it comes out making their claims look as if they are  
calling femaleness itself an inherent disability  
that can never be cured,  
only compensated for.  

Naturally, however, men continue to be to blame for this.

Michelle is a victim in the Marie Antoinette mode.

I wish her the full experience.

Perhaps she is descended from Marie's cats which she had in Maine (a dept in France) which she shipped to America when planning to escape the revolution in France.

They became the Maine Coon breed.

Michelle is at least one part already, wherever she came from. 

If I were a woman, single mother or otherwise, I would be OUTRAGED at Mrs Obama's cheap shot at playing the victim card.

Is she stupid? Her vanity and sense of entitlement seem to have no boundary in sight.

I hope no-one is advising her to take a holiday to 'rest'. She seems to go to an exotic location - with her staff - every other friggin' month.

She goes with er.... whassname again? Oh yes The President. Her Husband. The Father of her children. The MAN who seems needs to be excised from her life so that she can be a 'victim'.

Perhaps she can make that reality in the near future too.

Have a drink.

Not the milk of human kindness.

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