Thursday, August 29, 2013

ONE Sane voice

Is Nigel Farage the only sane politician in the West?

We have Chairman (for a week or so) Mouthy Kev demanding the G20 'seriously discuss' the Syrian bizzo, despite the G20 being an economic forum and not a defence body; Presidente O'Barmy drawing 'Red lines and rattling 'assets': Camerlunatic 'pledging' a depleted British armed force to a fight that is none of his damned business against an 'enemy' he cannot even identify.


The boys in the bar are having apoplexy.

Nigel Farage stands up.

You can watch on Guido too.

Meanwhile here is the famed UN / White House / Middle East 'Road-Map' to ponder.

America's top scientists have been taken off Climate Change to develop a device to control similar complex international lunatic systems. Due to the urgency they are currently trying to adapt the mext most complex control device.

It is hoped that IF they can make the bottom half as easy to operate as the top half, sorting out most of the Middle East should be a doddle.

I though will settle for a drink.


  1. It is part of the game plan and we surfs have to accept our role...

    Or rebel ;-)

    The people in power will always play to maintain (or gain more) power and resources, it is how the system (people in power) think/work.

    It is a global game of Chess!!!

    And the Sheeples believe what they are told because they need to be led and so the nonsense continues ;-)

    I accept your offer of a drink. Calm thoughts are needed!!

  2. Deep draughts are needed, especially when the cruise missiles wing their way in.

  3. Replies
    1. Britain is due a Civil War any day soon. We can expect several middle east countries to intervene and fire cruise missiles at Midsomer Norton and British West Hartlepools.

    2. I think James was correcting my typo... ;-)

    3. This old fellow surfs right over the spray.

    4. James would make a most excellent secretary,would he not,Cherie? :) He has been trained well by my old mate, Gruffy.

  4. My bouncer does the smacking !! hahahaha.

    He has a 'Certificate'.


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