Sunday, August 11, 2013

Guns and Roses

Our American friends constantly wrangle over guns. But from here I see some facts that many overlook.

Not that this old Knight has much truck with guns. The day is long past since I strapped a Browning 9mm to my leg just below my sword, and my saddle had  straps for my Sten and Bren.

The Tavern is well enough defended against evildoers, nonetheless.

Yea though we walk through the Valley of Darkness to get up the hill to the Tavern, we fear no Evil. We are prepared.

Here we greet all.

On the bar......

Below the bar, in easy reach....

In the Garden of Gethsemene when the guards came for Christ, a sword was drawn and an ear cut off. Barely anyone asks about the Apostles' everyday habit of wearing a sword. "Put it away", came the injunction. Few recall the explanation that Christ had a destiny to meet and now was not the time to stop it with a weapon. The time would come though for them to defend themselves. "You will need your sword later". OK, a paraphrase but telling.

If you meet an enemy on the road, 
 offer kindness with one hand  
but keep your other on your sword.

And let us finish with a flourish...


  1. This is an absolute truth! When the average person is able to bear a firearm then the average person is safe, not just from the errant madman or criminal that might want to harm him, but from his government. Governments that have a monopoly on arms ultimately become totalitarian and citizens that live under these governments become vulnerable first to the outlaws, who are the only non-government people who have guns, but to the government itself. History is filled with examples: Mao's China, Hitlers Germany, Stalin's Russia.

    1. I have to agree. The English used to have personal arms as a matter of course. But the 'right' has been severely limited these days. It is fortunate that a hand gun is quite limited in accuracy over any distance further than 30 feet - regardless of Hollywood hype. I was once a Marksman with short and long guns, automatics too. But now I simply keep my sword. Oh, and a Kukri given to me as a gift by a man to whom it was issued as his personal and traditional weapon. I earned it.

  2. I agree with Anon here about needing to arm ourselves against the government.

    Your quote reminds me of the history of the handshake which evolved from grabbing one's wrist in greeting to ensure they did not have a dagger up their sleeve[which also spawned the magician's cry" see? Nothing up my sleeve!'] I love learning how words/phrases originate and evolved into what we know them to be today.

    That guitarist was amazing,but that was not western playing was it? I regret not being able to play ANY musical instrument[not even a bazooka haha]. The drums always appealed to me. Do you play the guitar, Amfortas?

    BTW I looked up the meaning of your name,very interesting! :)

    1. I was never a Troubador Knight. I can play the CD player. I did however beget a fine musical son who is a guitarist - and keyboard man and much more in the techno bizzo - and a daughter who when young could take almost any wind instrument and make it produce magical melody.

      My name is unique. My Role has been undertaken by many but they were never as wounded as I. I bore the agony of my own failings. But, I am cured now.

  3. The Tavern is well enough defended against evildoers, nonetheless.

    Imagine that bike would get you away pretty quickly. :)


Ne meias in stragulo aut pueros circummittam.

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