Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I am a Racist, it seems.

Many in the Tavern are looking closely at themselves for signs of Racism. Some deep soul-searching went on earlier today when a chap confronted the Tavern Keeper with the question.

Once on that deeply searched and rock-strewn soul path I stumbled across several other large, ungainly lumpy rocks called Homophobia and Sexism, Islamaphobia even !  and many other pebbles of a slightly less alarming nature.

By the way such terms are defined, it seems I am all of the above. A Guilty old Knight. Goodness knows how many times I have been told!!

Paul Weston, you see, had dropped by for a drink, and he was quite adamant that he was a racist, because he too had been told.

Paul is a British politician and leader of the Liberty GB Party in the U.K who dearly loves his country and wants the culture to remain as it has been for a long time. But he sees that changing now and because of his outspoken passion on this, he’s been labelled a ‘racist’ by everyone, he says.

(If the video does not appear in your screen, see it by following the link above it. Blogger seems pretty choosy about what it will present here)

I am not at all sure that homosexuals scare me.  In fact I am sure they do not. I have not yet quaked with fear whenever a homosexual person (of either sex) has come to the Tavern for a pint or a glass. And many have. They are welcome here.

I serve ladies too. Even ladies in the company of other ladies. Even ladies whose dress sense leaves a lot to be desired.

I am very concerned about Politicians though. They seem to make even 'Thoughts' criminal these days.

The motto on one of the Music Room walls is "The Singer not the Song". Thankfully most of the songs we hear in there are pleasant enough as well as the singers.

In the Spirit bar it reads, "Love the Sinner: Hate the Sin".

This place is for sinners, as we all are from time to time.

I had not met Paul before.  But I listened to him, as I listen to everyone who comes in, and I see what I see and hear what I hear. I do Judge. Often gently. Sometimes I can be quite firm!

There are many out there who will try to take the 'high moral ground', whilst being devoid of morals. They attempt to 'shame'. They 'accuse'. They 'condemn'.

They preach 'Tolerance' but are intolerant.

They will twist words, lie, calumnise.

If you say that you are not racist or homophobic or sexist or hate cats and bicycles, they will say you are 'in denial'.

Such are People of the Lie.


  1. So true. Love that line 'people of the lie'.

    Myself, I hate other redheads. :)[I don't like their attitudes! ] :)

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Uber. You might trawl a little further back on this blog and find an article about 'the People of the Lie'. It was a book written by Scott Peck.


  2. Truth is hate to those who hate the truth..

    And hypocrisy seems to be a lifestyle choice to so many who can see everyone elses but never their own!

  3. Have a Drink, Frank. A change of trousers are in order too.


    1. Don't mind if I do old chum.. Mines a large one... The tented strides should soon calm down after a few drams..

    2. :)

      May I suggest a pint of Humility... and a dash of Bromide?



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