Sunday, August 4, 2013

Superhero Cost Inflation

OK, yes. We do occasionally have Super-heroes drop by. The bog-standard Heroes and Saints here like a challenge. But how have the superheroes been faring in this era of Chairman Kevin Rudd?

They have to work a LOT harder to earn a living, it seems. Costs have skyrocketed.

I blame the Labour Government, m'self.

My drinks prices remain the same.


  1. I suspect that super-heroes don't have to pay to kit themselves out ;-)

    And also... from my point of view, they look way to flashy these days ;-)

    1. Unless they have slogans sown inside their underpants, I have yet to see 'sponsors' or government hand-outs. Mind you, they do seem to work for 'City Hall' rather a lot.

    2. They missed his parking fines. Back then it was free. Now he would have $165 every time he leapt out to catch a crim.

  2. Replies
    1. Batman was self-employed. But his butler's salary should be factored in. And his accountant's - if the butler didn't do it.

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