Friday, August 16, 2013

The Cruel Banality of Feminist Lies.

Blokes at the bar often shake their heads in a sorrowful anger when hearing the lies coming from our 'official' bodies, especially when it affects them personally. And the good ladies with us. Men have to compartmentalise the conflicting feelings lest they infect one another in the way Feminists want them to.

We live in an age of emotional conflict and cognitive sleep-walking. Once again, as the Oz election comes around we find leftists deliberately setting women against men with 'easy' lies that all too many people just accept as fact without further thought.

John Stossel was in today highlighting one such blatant mendacity. It crops up all the time:

Women make only 77 cents per each dollar made by males.  
Outrageous! Sex discrimination!  So say advocates of government-enforced "equality." 

But they are wrong. Women today are rarely victims of salary discrimination.

If they were, market competition would punish bosses who discriminate.  
A company that hired women who were "underpaid" by other companies would have a cost advantage, allowing them to lower prices, and they'd quickly take business away from the "sexist" competition.  
Since those female workers provide the same value for less, entrepreneurs who hired only women would get rich! 

Women are routinely insulted by Feminists and Politicians.

Women are lied to and convinced that they are victims, on the one hand, and that feminism and Government can 'Empower' them.

Warren Farrell, author of "Why Men Earn More," dug deeper into reasons why women are paid less and found that it's women who make discriminating choices. Women are more likely to choose a well-rounded life than their workaholic male peers.  
"Many women say, what do I want? Do I want to make $200,000 a year, or do I want more personal time? Time with my children? More spiritual time?" 
He found that even female business owners are more likely to favor flexibility and proximity to home. Men are more likely to chase higher earnings by working longer hours, traveling farther and taking dangerous assignments. They are paid accordingly, though they may not be happier. 
These are sound rationales.

They do not get to even more fundamental and socially demanded choices.

Men, for example are expected to 'support' a wife, children and family. There is no such expectation on women to support a husband, children and family.

He feels obliged to earn as much as he is able to feed and clothe and house his family, which includes another adult human being.

Despite 'Equality' and enforced 'quotas' and 'affirmative action' there is no move by women in general to take the onerous role of breadwinner to support a man.  

There is no demand for or by women to do the dirty jobs, the dangerous jobs, even the smelly jobs that NEED to be done for our society to function. These often higher-paid jobs.

Women have Choices. No-one bats an eyelid if they chose to work full-time, part-time or not at all. Men who chose either of the options other than full-time are considered as lazy.
In her recent book, "Lean In," the chief operating officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, urged women to put in the extra effort that enables workers to jockey for position in business. 
She says: "At Facebook, we hosted a senior government official, and he had these two women traveling with him who were pretty senior in his department. And I said to them, sit at the table, come on, sit at the table. (But) they sat on the side of the room." 
Sandberg's been criticized by feminists for this common-sense message. The critics claim she "blames the victim." But most women are anything but victims. Making a different choice, choosing a less career-driven life, may be why women have more friends and live longer. 
There, avoided, is yet another issue.

The mendacities of health provision seek privilege for women while ignoring that men die seven years earlier than women. This only 100 years since the time when the life-span of both men and women was almost exactly the same.  But we still want 'more' for women. We care not at all for men.
Many women don't want "corporate success," though it's politically incorrect to admit it, says Sabrina Schaeffer, executive director of the Independent Women's Forum. 
"I don't think that most women want what Sheryl Sandberg wants," Schaeffer told me. "In some recent studies, only 23 percent of women said that they would prefer to work full-time, let alone (have the) sort of CEO quality of life that Sheryl Sandberg is living." 
Regardless of what many women prefer, America (and Britain and Australia) now is stuck with laws based on a feminist view that only discrimination accounts for differences between women and men -- and that government must use regulation to "correct" those differences: affirmative action, subsidies for female-owned businesses, Title IX rules that require equal money for women's college sports, etc. 
Instead of trying to change sexist male institutions by force, Sandberg's book suggests that women change voluntarily. 
"Sandberg picks up on some very sensitive gender differences," says Schaeffer. "She says, look, women don't negotiate their salaries. I was one of those women. My brother told me he negotiated every salary he had. The fact is, once you're aware of that, you can do things." 
If they do, women might very well overtake men in business -- but they will have to give something up to do it. 
Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen, author of "The Power of the Female Brain," conducted the biggest brain-scan study ever done -- 46,000 scans -- and found that "female brains were dramatically more active.  
"Women are really wired for leadership. ... If it wasn't for this thing called children that derails their careers ... they really make great CEOs." 
One is increasingly astonished by the 'easy' use of such dullard professionals. A brain-scan technology that shows blood flow is said to show 'female brains are dramatically more 'active', as thought that equated to sense, and then go on to claim that 'activity' means leadership.

The mind boggles.

But does anyone say 'Tosh'?  

Don't bother looking for Dad. He is at work.

Children 'derail careers'.

Why does the world not burst out laughing? Why is this professional person not run out of town on a derailed rail?
Amen says women are "better with things like empathy, intuition, collaboration, self-control." Since leadership isn't all about bellowing and frightening people, those are useful corporate skills. 
Are they really better with empathy, intuition (whatever that is) self-control? SELF -CONTROL? Just where does this crippled thinking come from? Why is it not challenged? Why is it trotted out year after year with no-one saying, 'Bunk'? 

One needs only to look at men and women being 'empathetic'. One chap at the bar, listening, chipped in:

"Women ‘know’, ‘intuitively ’, that they are more empathetic than men. I am unsure what ‘empathy’ means. Or ‘intuitive’ for that matter.
Let's say a man and a woman are watching an AFL match on television. One of the figures is felled by a blow. The woman says, "Oh gee, that must hurt."  The man doubles over and groans in pain.
Who is showing empathy here? 
Or. She is out with a girlfriend and wants a drink; she will ask. “ Would you like a coffee?” The girlfriend will reply, “ Do you want one?”
Perhaps there is a psycho-scientific law at play here. Two empathetics cancel each other out, maybe?  Or the concept of coffee may something to do with empathy.
Another example: If she and he are out on a long drive and she wants to stop a for a rest and to stretch her legs, she will ask,“ Would you like a coffee?” He might say, “I’m Ok, thanks”, and keep driving.
She’ll stop any further conversation for three hours and will spend the cold silence recalling  all the times she didn’t orgasm or he didn’t vacuum the lounge-room carpets before sex.
And, he won’t know that anything’s wrong !.
If he wants a rest and stretch his legs, he’ll say, ‘ I’m knackered. I’ll pull in at this service station. Fancy a cuppa coffee?”  She will smile and agree.
And still people claim women are empathetic !! 

Why even bother to equate leadership with bellowing and frightening people?

Don't even bother answering that one. We all know why.

"Women are naturally Self-Controlled. Born that way.
Say otherwise and I will scweam and scweam and turn blue"

I expect soon that we will hear arguments that women are simply 'More capable' than men.

Whoops. We have already.

Anything a man can do, a woman can do better.

Women are vastly more capable than men, we are continually told. The life experience needed to develop the average capacity of the average woman would, for a man, requires several life times.

I am pretty sure that our feminist-infected Universities have investigation right now to show how this comes about.

It will be down to ‘Previous lives’.

Most women, particularly in the Western World have lived before and most of them in exceedingly senior roles and positions.

So many have been famous and even infamous Princesses, Queens, Empresses. Phaorohinas that it is hardly surprising that the few such prior era women were all so completely powerful and memorable. There were very few peasant girls, it seems.

Each must at times have had several thousand other women (living today) occupying the same body simultaneously.

Of course, with so many jostling for prominence all at once they, the person at the time, must have been completely off the planet – as indeed, some were. 

Alien Princesses are legion.

The daily life, loves, sexual conquests and deaths (tragic, of course) of Princesses, Warrior-Priestesses and Empresses etc  even of alien worlds and fairy realms are quite commonly ‘remembered, vividly’ by many modern women.

If Men, other than Buddhists,
ever experienced a previous life,
they are remarkably reticent about it.
Or forgetful.

So it is hardly surprising that men just don't have the life experience of women.
They are also useful skills for managing a household full of children and promoting family life. We should respect both choices. 
Politicians and "equality" feminists should respect reality: Differing choices come with differing rewards -- and different salaries.
Politicians and feminists do not respect truth or reality.

I am reminded of the retort one chap gave a woman about the '77 cents' issue.

"If the place catches fire, I have to rescue you.
You don't have to rescue me.
That's where the extra 23c comes into play"
Jokes and levity apart, Governments will continue to spread lies to drive men and women apart.
Men and women used to make Families and families are the natural enemy of Government.
Governments, and their beneficiaries, will lie until they turn blue, just to take money from more and more Taxpayers.
There is always free cheese in a mousetrap.
I will leave you with a word or two from the Goodfellow and a taste of his great Scottish accent.

And if you could not understand that, another one.

Now it is time for a drink.


  1. Some interesting points here. Especially about the old wage gap lie. The feminists never grow tired of implying that somehow women earn much less because of the sexism that men practice in the employment world. But I wonder if they are willing to go the extra mile and accuse female employers of doing the same thing? Perhaps we ought to remind them of this once and a while. That is since the percentage of women owned business has risen 59 % since 1997 and the fact small businesses create roughly 2/3 of the new jobs in the USA. Do I need to say more? Or do you think even the femtards could follow that line of thought?

    From Iron John

    1. Excellent points IJ. A full pint of Fortitude sliding down the bar to you.

  2. If they were, market competition would punish bosses who discriminate.

    Indeed. Politically incorrect post, Amfortas. :)

  3. Very descriptive blog, I liked that bit. Will there
    be a part 2?

    1. Part 2 ? What would you like part 2 to cover and will you stand in the bar and speak up?


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