Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Gramscian Crown Jewel

Oz is a strange place. Quiet usually, that land beyond the hedge around the Tavern, except at election time when all the lies and calumnies erupt into view. We all know from which side.
Those lies are usually hidden within lies and confusions designed to cover the aims behind the scenes.
Gramscian rules, Rule.
But Oz is just one of a number of Anglophile countries The political divisions are virtually identical but they all have quite different colours. Our ‘colour’ problems are small compared with America where of course the Liberals there are Labour here and the Republicans there are called Liberals here, but our Liberals are Monarchists not Republicans.
And a man is judged not by the colour of his skin but by the content of his character.
As if.
But the Blackfella voice is speaking out in the USA a bit louder than here. And more articulate. Heed his warning. He is trying to blow the confusion away.
The rise of the Conservatives (called Liberals) here will not last if the Gramscian Labour Party galvanises the women and the feminist horde takes their souls.
I hope the Abbott Government dismantles the entire network of Taxpayer-fed ‘Womyn’s’ efforts to corrupt us all.
Feminism has insinuated itself as a virus, a Mind-Pox into every aspect of Australian society. Our Government, especially on the labour side is riddled with the pox. The Universities are riddled too. The Courts, the schools, even the Kindergartens. The empathetic, nurturing, empowered useful idiots dominate.
No sign from our Liberals regarding the Family Court,
the Gramscian Crown Jewel.
Lies and calumnies reside there more than in any other Labour- initiated institution.
There the Family is torn apart.
There men are sacrificed just for being men.
There the rent-seeking scum feed off the small, hard-earned wealth of men’s lifetime savings and efforts.
Children lose their fathers.
No sign from Abbott standing against the murder of 80,000 baby Australians every year.
The Abortion mills exist in our public hospitals.
The Hearts of Women are turned against their own babies.
The expected three-year term will see 240,000
babies murdered.
These Crimes against Humanity are
Gramsci writ large.
So, Drink deep of sanity, clarity, family and Faith to save our women and our civilisation in this Great Red Land.

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