Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Delusions of Adequacy.

Kevin Rudd continues to show form. Today he had everyone in the Tavern rolling their eyes and even more-so after Bill had his say.

The Election this time around has turned into a farcical performance for a sitting Prime Minister who at every turn shows his complete lack of even a tenuous grasp on reality. I think he should be very grateful that he has a wealthy wife who at least has the foresight to suck her wealth out of the British taxpayer's teat rather than the Australian one. He will soon be living off her immoral earnings instead of making a living ruining the Labour Party.

Just two examples here show the lunacy that assails the poor sod, and in turn us for another few weeks. The Homosexual issue and the Syrian one.

Bill Muehlenberg was in a side bar:

We of course have come to expect politicians to play fast and loose with the truth, to be masters at equivocation, and to never answer a direct question, but it seems that Kevin Rudd has perfected all this – and then some.  
We see Rudd the master politician, who has perfected the art of lying,  
of distorting facts, and twisting things 
out of all recognition.  

"Don't believe what they say about me. Just believe Meeeee"

It has to do with his push for homosexual marriage. 
In his first debate he insisted that this would be a super-priority, rammed through in the first hundred days of being in office.  
$300 BILLION in debt and THIS
is his 'Super Priority !! ?? 
Now he is back-peddling like a frightened turtle. Let me offer a few lines from an article, then speak to it further:
“Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has declared he is not going to ‘ram’ his views on same-sex marriage ‘down the throats’ of others by allowing a referendum on the matter if he is re-elected. When asked on triple J's Hack tonight why he would not promise a binding vote if he was ‘really serious’ about marriage equality, Mr Rudd said he would not force his views on ‘questions such as this’ on people who don't share them.” 
Um, yeah right Rudd. You are back-peddling big time for one simple reason: most folks are not the slightest bit interested in homosexual marriage. It is simply a non-issue, and one which will in fact cost Rudd votes by ordinary folks in the electorate.
Someone in the bar pointed out that it takes up a lot of space in the popular press, especially in the 'Lifestyle' pages for a non-issue. But then so many non-issues do get in there. Perhaps it is something to do with third-tier women editorial staff. Nah: can't be that.
And plenty of homosexuals themselves are not in the slightest interested in it either, as I carefully document in my book Strained Relations. And many of the big cheese homosexual activists who are now pimping this in fact not so long ago thought it was a non-event as well. 
Consider what (Tasmanian) activist Rodney Croome said some years ago about this topic:
 “I was also once a sceptic about marriage reform, believing it to be a distraction from more important issues, at best unnecessary and at worst dangerous”.
And get a load of this baloney about not forcing a referendum on this.  
Oh, aren’t you nice Kevvie - so very considerate of you.  
The simple truth is this: of course he does not want to go the route of a referendum.
He knows his stupid idea will be shot down in flames if he does.
The people will vote it down big time. Indeed all the homosexual militants know this as well.

Now which would YOU want to marry?

Now you might wonder why Rudd persists. Delusion, remember.

Delusions of Adequacy.
Thus they keep telling us we must not have a referendum on this issue. There are scared stiff about it, knowing they would lose big time.  
Thus we find ol’ Rodney penning whole pieces on this:
There he whines about this issue being divisive and how “cashed up” groups will oppose it.  
Yeah right Rod. Our side is just rolling in the dough. After all, we have so much government funding – something which your side just never experiences – not.
So he offers us these baloney opinion pieces telling us the people cannot be trusted on this issue, so better leave it to the elites to decide for us. And that is exactly Rudd’s point as well.  
He most certainly wants to ram homosexual marriage down our throats. He wants to simply bypass the will of the people and use Parliament to push his deviant agenda. 
This is just how dictators operate: ignore the people and force things on them whether they like it or not. Thus this entire article shows us just what a conniving, deceitful, low-life Kevin really is. It is incredible that anyone would even consider voting for this guy. 
And when uber-lefty rags like the Canberra Times start saying the same things about the guy, then you know that Rudd is a real dud. In what was an extraordinary attack on the PM, the CT today printed “Rudd's delusional world is crashing around him” by Nicholas Stuart.

“Indications that Rudd is living in a delusional world came when he allowed the perception to grow that he'd stopped campaigning to ''undertake, in a calm and measured fashion'' briefings on the situation in Syria. ‘These are troubling times in the international community,’ he said, ‘and we need to focus carefully and squarely on unfolding events as they affect Australia's core national interests. 
Well, it seems we've done nothing. Perhaps our interests weren't involved after all.
What possible interest, apart from standing at a road accident, gawping, does Australia have in Syria? There we have a nation of lunatics tearing itself apart with one lot of murderous thugs killing another lot, with innocents in between getting whacked too.

Presidente Obama claims that using Poison Gas is not on, as though dropping bombs and using tanks was a finer, more civilised way of killing people. He 'threatens' to intervene against the 'Regime'. But what if it is the 'rebels' using the gas? Will he attack them with western troops?

He calls the Gas, a Weapon of Mass Destruction. A few months ago that term was used for pressure cookers when two were used in Boston.

A WMD in every home.

Kevin Rudd followed up his 'briefing' and his 'suspended campaigning' - because of the 'importance' of the situation - by going to have himself filmed for an ABC political cooking show set in a friendly lefty journalist's home kitchen!

I hope he was kept well away from the pressure cooker.

Joyanna, propping up her special spot in the Pin & Balloon Bar chimed in with her usual pithy, irreverent style :
According to all international UN degrees, countries are allowed to kill in the good old fashion normal way, you know, with bombs, planes, drones, knives, bad food, starvation, torture, guns, Jackie Chan video’s…BUT…they are NOT allowed to use chemical weapons.  
That’s where the buck stops.  
It’s reported about 300 were killed. 
Obama, who took out his red pencil, …said he would retaliate because women, children, and innocents were killed by Assad…and this was it. He is going to attack.
Of course, MEN were beneath even mentioning by Obama.
Bashar Assad must cooperate with the international community and prove that his regime has not committed this horrific crime, allowing unrestricted access for the UN and OPCW  (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) to investigate on the ground in Syria.’ 
The CIA believes Syria has had a chemical weapons programme for years. There is grave concern in the UK and US that its stockpile of chemical weapons – approximately 1,000 tons, stored in 50 towns – could fall into the hands of Al Qaeda to be turned on Western targets. 
Translation: Our CIA has lost our WMD’s……. 
 Bill continued:
“Rudd may have no policy principles, but we can live with that. But sociopathology (the absence of a moral compass and the belief that reality can be defined to suit yourself) is another thing altogether.  
To justify overthrowing Julia Gillard, he claimed she was ‘leading Labor to a catastrophic defeat’. Now he says: ‘I will not be engaged in any character assassination of her or her political … record.’  
Both statements can't be true.” 
He ends his piece as strongly as he begins it: “He is, in short, arrogant and offensive to people whether they're putting on make-up, picking up his clothes or serving up policy papers. Let me assure you, it's not just one make-up artist who has suffered. I've heard similar complaints expressed by many staffers over the years, although always on the basis that the details aren't to be repeated. 

“The election campaign has moved into a new phase. The circle in the Ruddenbunker is growing smaller. Increasingly, people are keeping one eye on the exit. Too many inside Labor hold bitter grudges. It's the media's job to record honestly what others tell them. Facts are verifiable - but packing a story full of fact doesn't mean you're faithfully recording what's occurring. It's necessary to look beyond statements to reality.
“There comes a moment, once every three years, when the spinning and construction and the myth-making stops. That time is finally approaching with all the ruthless finality of a Soviet tank army closing in on Berlin in 1945. The phantom defences won't stop Abbott's assault. Many voters may not particularly like him, but they still prefer him to Rudd. That's for a reason.”

Drinks all round?


  1. Can we put all these dopey leaders in a room full of black widows?

    Just kidding NSA. Really.

    Now, where's my rum and coke?

  2. Racist !!!!!! hahahahaha.

    Rum and coke with a dash of Satire coming up, m'dear.

  3. It does look as if Abbott will fall across the line although with Turnbull, it would have been a rout.

    1. I am not sure on what basis one can say it would be better under Turnbull. He is a talented chap and 'looks' the part but....He is a loose cannon. Always was. He wormed his way into a liberal seat (after favouring Labour with his presence) and set about glorifying his abilities. His 'green' credentials are a liability and Abbott has quite cleverly utilised Malcolm's other talents to keep him usefully occupied in a role in which he can actually do some good for Oz.

      The Left press keeps insinuating that Turnbull should displace Abbott. Why do you think that might be?

  4. Greatly enjoyed reading this.

    The more intensity that creeps into this election campaign, the more inclined I am to examine the "values" of each of the prime protagonists and on the Labor side I am finding an overwhelming weight of deception, dishonesty, lies, misandry and self-interest, combined with self-righteous promotion of peculiar individual proclivities. Their cries seem to intensify in bitterness and self-justification. Usually I am a swinging voter, but this time I am mindful of Labors tactic (at the last election) when they released their costings at 11 pm on the Friday night before we voted. Their current hyperbole and P.R. obfuscation and misinformation is disingenuous and desperately hypocritical. I cannot trust them on the basis of "values", honesty or intent and I have not touched on competence.

    I am fully aware that I can go to a lot of trouble in helping to get rid of one politician only to find that all I get in return is yet another politician.

    And now we have Rudd ruminating on what we can do to join yet another adventure in the Middle East and punish that nasty Assad regime (well, between cooking shows). After the mess left in Iraq and Afghanistan, the money squandered (yours and mine), the political hyperbole about "victory"! It won't be long before those living in Beirut are screaming yet again to the Australian Government "rescue us" and expect the noble tax-payer to send them a large Qantas jet to evacuate them before turmoil embroils them. They seem to regard their Australian citizenship as a convenient safety measure, as and when it suits them. Look at the mess they have made of their own civilisation and then they insist on transferring it to our country - they demonstrate in our cities, the Sunnis and Shi'ites fighting each other in our suburbs - what a shocking result and awful advantage taken of our generosity. A pox on all these ignoble people. Any race that encourages its children to blow themselves and others up, celebrates death and destruction and then demands our help and money truly deserves to be ignored and reviled. To import them, house them, and support them is nonsense, but the Labor Government has bestowed AUD$11 billion on bringing these issues to your very front door along with their weapons, drugs and weird behaviour. Well done Kev! I need more waste on this scale. Not to mention future problems, as these miscreants try to impose their preferences and values on us. Check out the number of attempts to introduce and have recognised, Sharia Law, in Australia. Check out the number of Muslims collecting public benefit for multiple wives, the number of daughters being sent overseas to enter into forced marriage, or taken overseas to suffer female genital mutilation, and it's getting worse. I understand that within the Muslim "underground" young girls are now being advised to put a spoon in their underwear as a last resort when being forced overseas for marriage or female genital mutilation. When the airport alarm goes off, it is their only opportunity to be removed from their parents for protection. Simple but clever, but it shouldn't be this way.

    That was thirsty work and a fine claret would be appreciated.
    Peter H.

    1. And I greatly enjoyed reading such a fine and 'compleat' comment.

      Claret? Several bottles deserved I think. On the lawn with several pretty girls strolling about and playing with their hems for an artistic or literary chap's delectation.

  5. Thanks for finally writing about >"Delusions of Adequacy." <Liked it!

    1. Good. You are dragging me back to look at what was said seemingly a long time ago. A week is a long time in politics, it is said: four years is an eon.


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