Friday, March 22, 2019


The Land of the Long White Cloud, a little to the East of Oz, suffered a devastating blow to its National pride and cohesion which has left a sadness over the Tavern. Our sympathies go out across the Tasman to our Kiwi cousins. It went there too some time ago when that cloud turned pinky-puce with the election of a marxist-feminist to its highest office. Little did anyone guess just what an enormity she would commit.

It took another act of enormity by a lunatic - and Oz lunatic at that - to light the fuse, with his attack on a mosque, killing 50 people, some, quite innocent children. 

We are told that he is Brenton Tarrant.
What a wicked man. 

And what a mosque chosen for his atrocity. It was the Noor mosque, noted - but not by the mainstream media - for producing two Islamic terrorists who had a bloody hand in the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. 

Yes, that massacre we all said we would not forget, and about and which the media said "Je Suis Charlie".

Jacinta Ardern, the Kiwi Prime Minister now says "We are Mohammedans".
The Christchurch mosque where a gunman opened fire and killed dozens of Muslims has links to radical Islamic terrorism, according to a New Zealand newspaper.

The newspaper, called Stuff, reported on a story in 2014 about how two Australians killed in Yemen by drone strike were radicalized in Christchurch mosques.

Specifically, Christopher Havard was reportedly radicalized by the Al Noor mosque, the same mosque targeted by shooter Brenton Tarrant.

Jones was killed alongside Australian Christopher Havard, whose parents said he was introduced to radical Islam at the Al-Noor mosque in Christchurch.”
“Mosque leaders confirmed Havard stayed there and studied in 2011, but denied radical teaching took place.”
Of course they would deny it. 
“But a man who attended a converts’ weekend at the mosque 10 years ago said a visiting speaker from Indonesia talked about violent jihad and plenty shared his views. ‘Most of the men were angry with the moral weakness of New Zealand. I would say they were radical.'”

“Havard was the subject of an AFP arrest warrant over the kidnapping of Westerners in Yemen in December, 2012. It is not known if Jones, who reportedly fought under the name Abu Suhaib al-Australi, was involved.”

“Jones and Havard were with five others in the convoy hit by a missile fired from a US drone in Yemen’s Hadramout province on November 19. While authorities believe they were ‘foot soldiers’ of AQAP [Al-Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula], they were not the main target of the attack.”

Conservative commenatator Milo Yiannopoulos pointed out the connection on Facebook over the weekend asking, 
“If you’d known that this mosque was a terrorist factory, would it have changed your feelings about the news at all?”

“The Al-Noor mosque in Christchurch targeted by Brenton Tarrant produced at least two terrorists, from a very small congregation,” he wrote Saturday.
According to literary magazine New English Review, New Zealand authorities should investigate the mosque for signs of radicalization.

“The Al Noor mosque should receive some official scrutiny but indiscriminate carnage of innocents isn’t the way,” reports the Review.

“Maybe the New Zealand authorities have, or will now that his friend Mark Taylor is soon to be returned ‘home’ from a Kurdish prison, investigate the circumstances around the radicalisation at Al Noor, of jihadi Christopher Harvard, and any part played in the radicalisation of Daryl Jones.”
Rather than nipping terrorism in the bud years ago, the New Zealand authorities did not act. Perhaps they could have prevented any such reprisal as we have witnessed and Jacinta Ardern might not have had the gall to encourage people to say "We are Mohammedans".

The qualities of compassion, of sympathy, even of empathy, are rightly considered as feminine as they are masculine, and Jacinta Ardern's expressions as a National Leader are wholly appropriate when comforting the survivors of the massacre and their families. 

But her subsequent actions have demonstrated the danger of being so carried away that sense goes out of the mind. Her mind. 

It has divided the Nation.

Peter Mitchell, a visiting Kiwi, told the tavern customers:
I am gonna say it how it is, Jacinda Arden PM of New Zealand you have become a major part of the division problem. You need to step down from your office now. 
You forced Parliament to be Submitted yesterday to Islamic Prayers, now you are forcing by demanded strong suggestion all of New Zealand to submit, to Submit to the Islamic call to prayer by it being played over the airways on NZ.

It is one thing to have a moments silence which I think most New Zealanders would be honourable and respectful in regards to this depraved loss of life and the terrorising of New Zealand citizens and visitors at 2 mosques and the horrific loss of so many lives and loved ones: I too stand in silence and in honourable respect and deep sadness reflecting on this unnecessary loss of precious life.
However New Zealand is not an Islamic Country, yet (it) has those of Islamic faith welcomed within her bounds, and you are correct, when migrants come to our beautiful country they assimilate or should assimilate and become "They are us". 
They are welcomed with freedom to worship and right to assemble. 
However we do not become a them, this is a huge difference. 
We have the right to not worship or worship elsewhere, or worship a tree or a stone should we wish, it's called freedom paid for on the backs of our fathers and mothers and forebears. 

I am getting a little sick of you as the PM and the media using Islam as a race card. ISLAM is not a RACE. 
Islam is a religious sect or ideology and you Jacinda are forcing through as head of state, Islam on your nation. 
You have no right to stand in the highest office of the nation and use your position to influence and to insist this type of response. You must remain neutral in your decisions for the sake of all New Zealanders. You have gone too far. You are not an Imam you are the Prime Minister and as such you have no right or position in calling all New Zealanders to Islamic Prayer; you are so outside of the boundaries of your office. 

I will say it again and most likely be attacked for it. You have given so much but now so much more will be demanded.

I want to remind you that there is no such thing as Government Funded, there is only "Tax Payer Citizen Funded". When you say we will pay and ACC will pay or I will ensure this will be paid you are actually saying every NZ tax payer will pay, making an instsnt decision over and above all ACC protocols and procedure, ok I get it.

However New Zealand is not guilty of this crime a fundamentalist fool is. Yet going to these far responses in itself is (forcing by empowered suggestion bordering demand from your office) is also extreme and fundamentalist.
On another note Jacinda since when did Gang Patch Members have a security guards license ? Since when were Patched gang members allowed to patrol the streets and the front of public buildings and houses of worship in Gang Colours and regalia? Please explain.
You are so quick to demand or suggest that innocent farmers and citizens give up their guns and armoury. Because of one deranged man. 
Again an extremist response.

If you wish to wear your hajib I honour and respect your right to do so, if you wish to bow down and in knelt prostrate position on the floor under the sound of the Islamic Call to prayer and Honour Allah I respect your right to do so, but as PM you do.... 
If that is what you want all of NZ to do then you must relinquish your office and your authority first and do this from grass roots not from entitlement of the nations head office. In this You have gone way too far, perhaps you should step aside from your headship as you have now gone far beyond your responsibilities. 
For the record - Islam does not mean Peace, it means Submission.

Please don't misinterpret me, the only right response to the attacks on New Zealand's citizens and visitors including those proclaiming and identifying as Muslim by faith is unconditional love and kindness, however it is not that others are to be made subjects of Islam, by your decree.
The younger dead may well be innocents: the older ones however, cannot make that claim. Islam constantly and unequivocally tells us that anyone not Muslim is an Infidel and must convert or be killed.

It is a cult of inhumanity, hatred and widescale murder of innocents. 

To have public-funded radio and TV broadcast Islamic 'prayers' across New Zealand is treasonous. For a marxist-feminist to instruct that it be done shows the depths that ideology can sink.

To broadcast that 'There is only one God, and his name is Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet' is a 

GROSS INSULT to ALL Christians in New Zealand.

The Long white cloud is now red.

Drink and weep.



  1. Why visitors still make use of to read news papers when in this technological world all iss
    accessible on net?

  2. We do not save lives by submitting to evil. We do not make the streets safe by making the average citizen unable to protect themselves. Police officers aren’t always available. We must accept that if we are to stop evil, it must be through those who are willing to train and stop it in its tracts. Bully’s continue to bully until someone stands up and knocks them on their backs.

    By the way, good to see you are safe on Aussie soil my friend☺️.

    Great article..... keep them coming.


    1. I had previously entertained the notion that New Zealand was a far safer place than Oz. Tasmania used to have the record for massacre numbers (35 at Port Arthur) but the Kiwis have beaten that. However the rarity of such events is enough to reassure and add to the sense that all is well. Then along come the politicians !!!

      What we could do with is less political action and more bulldozers.

  3. I could not refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

  4. Thanks you Sir
    This Clear Picture of what just happened in our Great Country AOTEA ROA NEW Zealand
    As a Christian I am Disappointed for the Degree Our Prime Minister has Put a CURSE on our Nation. Bowing to LUCIFER'S aka Allah aka Satan is not acceptable to the Many of us as CHRISTIANS. My Prayer and Hope of What has happened will not Bites Back at your Back door Prime Minister as the Scriptures said

    Awake o thou that Sleepeth Arise from the DEAD and CHRIST shall give thee LIGHT

    May Jesus Christ Righteousness open the Eyes of those of our Leaders of our Great Country AOTEA ROA NEW ZEALAND to see Jesus as Lord and KING. Not Luciferaka Allah aka Satan


  5. Rahui tepapa David, sadly dark times a head for New Zealand and Christians

  6. If we christians can interpret the bible differently from each other as Catholics and Protestants, so can muslims.

    And it is clear from these posts and comments elsewhere that you have never read the qu'ran in its entirety, only cherry-picked verses as propaganda - which is the exact same thing Muslim extremists do to not only their own scripture to justify their fear and hatred of us Christians, but our Christians bible as propaganda - cherry pick our verses out of context.

    It is also clear you do not actually know any Muslims personally.

    A muslim doctor literally saved my husband's life.

    Thus, to cherry pick their scripture and ours as propaganda in order to justify our fear, hatred, and violence towards them - to lump into one box all the different personalities within a faith because of the action of a few individuals makes us no different than Muslim extremists, Nazis and some christians with Jews, and some Protestants with Catholics

    Fear and hatred are never from from God OR Christ Neverservinghath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind. (II Timothy 1:7)

    And only self-defense jihad is justified by the qu'ran.

    Therefore, muslims OR Christians who succumb to fear, hatred, and violence, spreading this sort of propaganda about each other, are not justified by the qu'ran OR the Bible, nor are they serving their Allah nor our God or Christ - they are serving themselves and the father of lies. Whom will you choose to serve, Amfortas?

    1. I am not sure who or what you are serving. Jolly good for your husband's Doctor. But that does not prove anything.

  7. In addirion to knowing two muslims well personally, i have Scripture to back up my words and beliefs, and not cherry picked ones. And you? Cherry picked verses from the qu'ran, zero verses from our Bible, and zero personal experience with Muslims

    1. Don't push it. You have no idea or knowledge of my reading of either the Bible or the Koran. Dismissing as 'cherry-picking' tells more about you than about me. Cast the beam from your eye before tackling the mote in mine. As for not knowing any or even many Muslims I have lived for some years in a Muslim society. Take issue, if you will, with the articles, concepts, arguements, opinions and facts but do not attack me if you wish to be welcome. I try not to attack you.

  8. I'm sorry you feel attacked, that is not my intent - it is to ask you tough questions as fellow self-professed christian to thought provoke.

    Have you read the qu'ran, in its entirety, yes or no? Because if you have, as I have, then you know it's not true they consider us all infidels they want to kill and there is a specific criteria to meet jihad, and that some muslims are twisting their scripture to justify it.

    Do you know any Muslims well personally, yes or no?

    Do you have any Bible verses from christ's own words to support your views on Muslims or justify your fearful attitude towards, yes or no?

    Do you have any evidence that all Muslims feel this way other than terrorist acts committed by a few on the news? (Which some Christians have done too?)

    Because if I based my beliefs about all catholic priests based solely on a few on the news I'd believe them all pedophiles. Thank God I know many personally who aren't

    I also asked you whom you served, but you chose to not answer and return the question.

    My answer is I serve Jesus Christ - Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.

    1. It is interesting that you mention 'specific criteria to meet' for a Muslim to kill infidels. But the entire thrust of such criteria, indeed in so many aspects, suras, hadiths etc is geared toward killing human beings. This is diametrically and diabolically opposite to the Christian message of Love thy neighbour.

      Yes, there are muslims who 'interpret' as poorly as some christians (little 'c') and who do not want to kill their neighbour, (perhaps the two that you know are like that) but when push comes to shove (from their more vicious muslim neighbours) will either suport or join in, lest they too get killed by their neighbour. Apostacy is not treated as leniently by muslims, as it is by Christians.

      As for the two (few) that you have some friendly knowledge of (hey, I know some black people. What an offering !!!) I am looking more generally. I know many a Christian of different denominations that I would sit and drink with, even serve them in the Tavern, but I also know many who are jumped up little shits whose 'interpretations' are simply justifications for their own failings. And yes, I can count myself as being as frail sometimes. Can you? Stick with the Magisterium.

      Part of the 'cherry-picked' passages of the Koran instruct in the need to deceive. Islam is The Lie. Islam reveres lies in order to deceive.

      I said above, diametrically and diabolically' Islam is a direct response by Satan to the Resurrection of Christ. There is no getting away from that. It is specific in Mohammed's ravings. Allah is no less than the Prince of Lies himself, who would put himself above God. Being a Christian Knight it is my duty to oppose such infamy, such blasphemy. I stand with St Michael as best I can. I can and do manage to do that while also loving my neighbour, having been shown how to send my enemies (they chose me as their enemy, not me choosing them) to the Judgement of Christ with a prayer for mercy to their souls. They know not what they do. (Well some know not and others know very well that they are evil).

  9. oops,the above was me,Ubermouth.😁

    1. I shall respond further tomorrow on your most excellent post,Amfy.I don't know why I can't comment as Ubermouth here but instead my other blog(which I turn off in favour of anon when I remember lol).

    2. Please do. Just put Ubermouth somewhere at the top or bottom, as you just did.

      I apologise on behalf of Blogger for their stange decisions lately. They may have been forced into matters by Google or some deep-state lefty interferences. They have changed some things which impact on the comments. Could be to stop Islamophobia, of course, or some anti-Trump measure. Who knows. I am just an 'umble Tavern keeper.

  10. 'Whoever kills a person unjustly, it is though he has killed all mankind, and whoever saves a life, it is though he saved all mankind (prophet mohammad, main qu'ran 5:32.)

    'Do good to parents, kinsfolk, orphans, those in need, neighbor near, strangers who are neighbors, the companion at your side, and the wayfarer' (prophet mohammed, main qu'ran 4:36.)

    'None of you has faith until he lives his brother or his neighbor what he loves for himself' ... Prophet sahih bikhari, Book 2, Hadith 12, qu'ran

    'Whoever wants to enter paradise, let him treat others as he would like to be treated' (prophet sahih

    So no that's not true.

    Again, have you read the qu'ran in it's entirety ?;)

    Have a good evening, amfortas. And of course ubermouth/the big moj/carly/ anonymous/ whatever moniker du jour is not me, but you knew that

    1. Hahahaha, A fine bunch of cherries you have picked for me.

      Remember about deception.

  11. Amfortas, in what way am i deceiving you in any way? You said the qu'ran doesn't say to love your neighbor, it most certainly does. If some Muslim extremists, and you, choose to ignore these verses, then it isn't me guilty of cherry picking and deception, of the self or others, now isn't. Are you projecting?

    1. Oh for goodness sake. You are trying to be 'Kathy' of the infamous Jordan Peterson interview. I did not say you were decieving me. And the Koran makes it clear who a Muslim's neighbour is and it ain't a Samaritan ! Infidels are not their neighbours. DUH !!

  12. Oh! Ok, sorry, I misunderstood what you meant by 'remember deception' - I thought it was related to the sentence above thar, where you said i was a cherry picker. Lol.

    See, I interpret the qu'ran making clear who the neighbor is, as actually being clearer than our Bible, by saying it's the 'near ' one (a person just like you) or a stranger or a wayfarer (not like you).

    I'm not sure how/where you've interpretated it otherwise, but you've a right to your interpretation and therein lies my whole point - how scripture can be interpreted or misinterpreted differently, intentionally or not.

    Regardless, do we have the same definition of cherry picking? Because IMO, cherry picking means ignoring verses in favor of others. I really don't think I'm the doing that here, I'm sorry. I think we interpret those scriptures differently, period. And so do Muslims, ergo my original point

    1. My point was to go with the Magisterium. Miss that?

    2. Gotcha. Sorry, I'm up late with a pug ear infection, too. As for your theories on why I can't get to your blog and UM can't log in, I don't know if it's political hit - because aren't UM and I the only ones having issues? We are both lefties, and I'm a Christian.

      My is a key on my DNS entry server that keeps coming back though deleted repeatedly, specifically blocks your blog from my PC.I'm told it was a direct key placement targeted to just my DNS, just your blog. (But you didn't put it there). I don't know why lefties would target just my DNS just your blog when it's very clear I'm a lefty. Sure it's not a personal hit on you by someone vindictive?

    3. My reference to interference was more a joke than knowledge. 'Blogger' has changed some things though. No joke. My 'dashboard has a large page of gubbins telling what is changed. Nothing I can do anything about. It is not just you and Uber.

      I hope your ear improves. Or is that a dog's ear? Pain in the ear is very distressing.

    4. "" Blogger no longer supports OpenID. Existing OpenID comments and your OpenID settings may have changed.""

    5. Thank you. And that's my pug lol. He started whining at about 8 p.m. but really got going the later it got. I think my home remedies kicked in about 5 a.m. I'll get antibiotics for him today. He's a tough old man, though, I gotta tell ya. He doesn't cry unless it really, really hurts.

      And thank God you were joking, but you know, some people believe that, so didn't want to laugh :)

      My DNS key issue definitely isn't blogger or open ID issue (never had open ID) though, just so you know. I'm told it was a targeted hack. Not sure if the target was me or you or both, but yes. Specifically your blog HTTP address only is in the key entey, just my DNS server.

      I shouldn't have tried to read/comment so distracted (and I'm terrible reading/texting on my phone anyway, such tiny print), but wanted to clear up any misunderstandings, but just made it worse lol.

      Ah well, all's well that ends well, I guess. take care

  13. Ok this is a test as I see now I may be able to blog as Ubermouth.Despite the rumours,I only ever have blogged as Ubermouth hence why I do not like to use 'the bigmoj' ,a short-lived blog I don't use.


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