Monday, June 5, 2017

Concrete Wellies

It is time some serious action was taken. Our 'news' has been full of mayhem in London and Manchester and hours of cant, nonsense and crass stupidity at all mad stops along the underground to Dagenham, which is three stops past Barking. The ludicrous political statements are matched only by the ludicrous accusations and flammeries, mendacities and dissemblings of the talking hemlines of the media. Not that the media actually do reporting these days.

So several customers drew attention, first to Mz May, the PM of UK - a successful, savvy, empowered woman and the second female PM of the UK: a childless woman, so in the moment with all the other childless leaders of the EU and beyond who seem to lack any connection with the people she serves  rules over with a wet towel. 

She likes shoes of course. 

And to Mz Megyn Kelly, a media hemline adept at all the current modes of calumny and dissembling her owners encourage.  

She likes shoes, too.

Some quite harsh and hopefully imaginary options were suggested for Mz Kelly. Sneers were reserved for Mz May :Saint Theresa, as some people have dubbed her in the same spirit as Oz is called the 'Lucky Country'.

We start with her.  Protocol, precedence and all that. She gave a speech, thankfully short as people were alrady vomiting at the five minute mark, after the latest 'terrorist'  Mulsim atrocity.  An American gentleman observer gave her marks out of No 10: I gave a little emphasis here and there while pulling pints.
Barren Cat Lady
This is the speech from British Prime Minister Barren Cat Lady after the latest attack by Muslims in Britain. Like all modern political speeches, hers was vapid and stupid in ways that suggest the people who wrote it, and the Prime Minister herself, are suffering from brain damage. The best part of the speech was the airy and frivolous platitudes about the true nature of Islam. Funny how our pols are now all experts on Islam.

It is only five minutes long, but it is tough to take so I’ll cover the key points for you.
Barren Cat Lady wants everyone to know that the people responsible for importing millions of hyper-violent savages into Britain are on top of things.
That she was the Home Secretary for many of those years, she did not mention. Perhaps she hopes our memories are as short as her hair and we  too fail to acknowledge that she was the one who ran the import business.
That’s something you never hear addressed in public by the pols of any party or the so-called news reporters allegedly charged with grilling them. No one ever asks, “why did you import these strangers into our lands?” It’s treated as if it just magically happened like a freak storm or earth quake.

Of course, someone could start asking these questions, so the Barren Cat Lady promised to ramp up policing of the Internet. No kidding. That was her first big proposal. 
Keep Behind the Yellow Line.

She wants the British government to further stamp out speech on-line and she wants other countries to stamp out free expression in their countries as well. When your first response to an attack by foreign invaders is to crack down on your own citizens, it is not unreasonable to wonder who Barren Cat Lady is blaming for these attacks.

After she promise to crack down on the Internet, as if it is a thing with agency of its own, she makes noises about properly worshiping the gods of the new religion. She provides an example by informing us that the Muslims doing this are not practicing real Islam. 
That despite what all the Imams say and their holy books instruct, the real Islam is this wonderful thing that is going to be great for Britain. Even though the corpses are piling up, what’s important is that you don’t notice that all the perpetrators are Muslims.

Humorously, she then declares this mysterious, perverted version of Islam, that looks like all the other versions of Islam, is the great challenge of our time. She then goes on to say that “British values” of pluralistic tolerance are superior to anything offered by the preachers of hate. Well, we will find out soon enough. So far, the British people have not been able to rouse themselves from their drunken degeneracy to do anything about this challenge. 
The scoreboard says the Muslims are winning in a blowout, pun intended.

Probably the most laugh out loud line in the sermon, and yes, this was a sermon, was when Barren Cat Lady said that “we have to be less tolerant of extremism. And yes, that could mean some embarrassing and difficult conversations.” 
Embarrassing for whom is never mentioned, but we know. The reason we know is after the last Muslim attack, the one last week, the Brits went around arresting white people for saying mean things about Muslims on Faceberg. Being arrested is embarrassing, even when you’re innocent.

What was revealed by this speech is that outside of the public eye, the people in charge of Britain have no emotional or moral attachment to the British people. 
As far as they are concerned, the people are just a burden, whether it is the hyper-violent oogily-boogily people that arrive over the channel or the native Brits. Barren Cat Lady sees no difference between a Muslim from Pakistan and an Episcopalian from York. She just sees grasping hands demanding her time when she would much rather be elsewhere.

Prior to watching this speech, I figured that this event would get the sane Brits out to vote next week for the Tories. Labour is led by a deranged lunatic who should probably be locked away in an institution. No matter how bad the Tories have been, incompetent is better than radically deranged. 
Watching Barren Cat Lady, I think I’d be switching my vote and going with the black pill candidate, Burn it down. The only hope is to wipe out the people who put Barren Cat Lady in charge and then have the final battle with the crazies.

This is the same problem we face in the US. Instead of Barren Cat Lady, we have faggots fools¹ like Caitlyn Graham and Paul Ryan supposedly leading the charge against the nihilistic death cult called the American Left. 
Trump is the black pill, which is why so many of us voted for him, despite what it most likely meant. The only way the West has any chance of defeating the demographic and ideological challenges facing it is to.... 
first hang all of the people currently in charge. 
Then new leaders can emerge to lead the fight.
Some people took exception to his firm view and language. Of course. We can't have language.
¹ It has been brought to my attention that otherwise respectable and sensible gay males will use the term “faggot” as insider language and they would take offense at my use of it here. In short, I was unintentionally insulting faggots by calling Paul Ryan and Caitlyn Graham that name. My sincere apology to all the faggots in the reading audience.
I did have to point out that 'faggots' mean something quite different in English than it seems to do in American. But that is by the way and I still pulled him a pint.

Then we had our attention turned to Megyn. Oh dear.  She knows how to attract attention. "Listen: not look", she says. She has this 'Russian Interference with American Elections' as her swan-song before she departs the stage entirely. Having recieved several awards whacks already she is determined to make a name shame for herself. As they say, if the shoe fits....
News? Look at my Shoes.

She has a deep-state go at Putin over several sessions, getting from him little more than an enigmatic smile. Oh what he could have said to her.
Let us see her stiletto's in action, shall we. This is thankfully only twice as long as Mz May's speech, so attend while I pull you a pint. You will need it.

I do have to give the points to Putin. He keeps his cool. Just think how he might have replied.  A customer - his name is secret, of course - has a 'source': close to someone who 'knows' someone. He claims  that the American-supplied translator speaking into Megyn's ear what Putin was saying, was saying something quite different from what Putin actually replied to Megyn. No wonder the news is all so difficult to grasp. He says he heard the real translations but will only admit to his friend saying that another friend had seen a copy. Putin actually said:
Tell me, Megyn, who zees people are in your 17 Intelligence agencies  -( (aside), Dimitri, how myany do ve heff now? )– and shyow me the documents you speak of. Name me zome names. I will tell you who zey work for. Uz or you. 
And jysust what did they actually say? None of this ‘sources’ biz. Your friends of my friends may heff misheard.  No allusions. No hairy-fairy, is zat how you zay eet, stories. Ve vood lake to zee some facts. Do zis or I will tickle your feet.
Megyn, can you move the wire you heff on. It is interfering vis the RDIF chip ve heff embedded in your bra label. You zee, ve know the name off the lady in Bangladesh who makes your underwear. Zat is vy it is so expensiff.

Megyn, I luff your shoes. I have some friends in Amerika who can make you some from concrete. 
Shall I zend ze boyz around?
Not that Putin would interfere with the Free Press, of course. 

Drink up.


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