Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Christine's Brief

Yes, another one for the finer ladies. The ones to 'can do'.  This lady gets her big girls pants on in a way that defies the harridans who demand 'entitlement' by walking the streets creating havoc and showing their unmentionable costumes.

It is not long. It shows Christine planning and doing, and also you get a splendid view of Toronto at night, from above.

There are some occupations where you have to put the time in: do the hard yards; get your 'cats'; prove your competence.  You have to get it right. Women have to do it the same as the men. The men do not get an easy ride and neither do the women.

This is Equality, you see.

Four bars on the shoulder soon.




  1. Aww, you love the ladies in the pilot's seat, don't you? I suspect it was that brush with that lass over Melbourne. :)

    1. hahahaha. I admire piloting. I like the ladies.

  2. Looking at the video it looks that she is calm, cool and fully in control of her environment :-)

    1. Competent, practiced, trained well, absorbing and developing her Professional skills. Fine woman.

  3. So where's this all-in fight you refer to in the next post?

    1. Er, eh, what?

      If you mean the challenge comment, it was on FB.


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