Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bringing In the New Year

From my vantage standing at the mouth of my cave, I had a fine view of the Fireworks last night. A few years ago I sat with my son and his Lady and a picnic basket and watched from across the water from the Kangaroo Point Gun Battery. This time, from the other side of the river at about the same short distance. 

Not that my modest camera was much use, but fortunately 'Tassiegrammer', a stout customer provided his expertise.  (You MUST go and see his work). It was a beautiful sight. Not quite in the same league as Sydney and Melbourne, but hey, Hobart is a very small city, barely able to hold up the title of Capital.

And when I watched (at the same time) on the TV the offerings of the big bro cities on the Big Island I made the astonishing assessment that for a change, Sydney was a bit lame and Melbourne deserved the accolades.

You be the judge. Some views below. I was, as is becoming so usual, very disappointed with the TV showings. There seems to be an insistence on lining up as many nonebrities as possible and drowning them in crap music from too-loud speakers. Crowds have to shout at the 'hosts' when they are asked a question. The background 'music' to the actual fireworks is uniformly appalling. 


This is from an 'amateur'. Gets straight into the action.

There was a 9.30 show for the kiddies and that was seen from Kangarood Point (I surmise). You can scroll in to around 7 mins to see the fireworks.

OK, it was nothing to write home about but we are a very small place.

Then there was Melbourne which gets better by the year. They don't have an 'iconic' bridge but they do have a vibrant skyline and launch most of their fireworks from the rooftops several hundred metres up.  And it is spread out over a much wider scene.


Another 'amateur's' video rather than the awful music-murdered commercial TV ones.

So, to Sydney. The usual spectacular bridge-centred show was missing 'continuity' this year, with a 'light-show' stealing the limelight ('scuse the pun). 

The rest of the world tries hard, all following Oz, of course, and they are getting better by the year. The 'prize' this year probably has to go to that Muslim-Capitalist-Enormity City in the Sands, Dubai.

Its a matter of money, going up in smoke, you see.

All very colourful, which is what we can expect from 2017.

Bring it on.

To all the friends and customers of the Tavern, past, present and future, the Knackered Old Knight Tavern Keeper wishes you a

Very Happy, Holy and Prosperous New Year and throughout 2017, 
to you and your loved ones.

Late report in from Joyanna.



  1. Fireworks are always best enjoyed from one's own vantage point. The Hobart display and the families waiting in anticipation has a certain warmth that the spectacular choreographed displays in the other cities do not have.

    The warmth factor versus the WOW factor.

    Happy New Year to one and all :-)

    1. Yes, all true and insightful. The Hobart vids above seem to have been made by some Buddhist Monks of which we have a goodly few here. You might have noticed (in the first) that the 'eastern shore' lights which I see from my cave, are like christmas lights strung along the water. The second video is from that eastern shore looking across to the city.


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