Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A General Disgrace.

Hillary's Village down the mountain loves its Australian of the Year awards and for some years now has shown its true colours by selecting the Drongo of Drongos. We had the racist footballer, Adam Goodes who made sport of harrassing to tears a small girl.  He was followed by the sexist Batty woman who selected a lout as a husband who went on to murder her child. She then had the nerve to lecture us about domestic violence just as Goodes lectured us about racism.

Now we have a General thrust upon us. But not an heroic chap but a politically correct wanker who has replaced his military warrior manuals with a Zozchial Justitz Warrior one. He is a disgrace.

I have known men like Lt General Morrison. Why Australia needs a Lt General for is a matter of speculation in any event, as the rank denotes someone who commands such a  powerful force  (which Oz does not have) and with such independence (which we do not have either) that he could Govern an entire Province with impunity. I would not trust Morrison to govern a fuel dump on the Nullabor Plain.

Men such as Morrison are not serious. They do not know what serious is. They will take any trivial issue and blow it out of proportion. Ideal SJW material. They get promoted, not because they are competent, but to get rid of.  Good soldiers despise his sort. And he has been very successful in being promoted so often and so far beyond his ability that .... well here he is. 

Several chaps were in the bar spitting chips. I have to find extra spitoons. Jeremy Morgan was at a loss for words but we did manage to piece together what he was saying after a while.
“At a Loss For Words” Over Australian of the Year 
Lt Gen David Morrison who was named 2016 ‘Australian of the Year’ last night said today that he was “at a loss for words” over receiving the award.
To be frank, I feel at a loss for words after reading several of the remarks Lt Gen Morrison made this Australia Day.
It seems that Lt Gen Morrison is more concerned about changing Australia than celebrating the nation we have become. 
According to Morrison, Australia is a nation of prejudiced discriminators, bent on stopping people from achievements and reaching their full potential at virtually every opportunity, based simply on gender, race, sexuality (the usual suspects).
“We hold people back in this country for the most peculiar of reasons — their gender or the god they believe in or the colour of their skin or sexual orientation,” he said.
I’m sorry Lt Gen Morrison, I don’t think “we hold people back” for these reasons. In fact, I don’t think “we hold people back” as a general rule at all. 
Most Australians are simply too pre-occupied with their own lives and families to be bothered to maliciously try and “hold back others.” Most Australians are pretty happy for people to do what they like so long as it doesn’t impede on the rights and freedoms of others, and will wish them well even if they personally disagree.
The Australia Lt Gen Morrison describes is not the Australia I know. 
Morrison talks about Australia and Australians as if we have the personality of the cartoon villain Yosemite Sam. In fact, the character traits Lt Gen Morrison casts on Australia are much closer to that of Communism in the 20th Century and Islamist regimes in our present time. Australia, and other Western nations are the places where discrimination is least likely to happen around the world.
Leaders they ain't
When asked what he would focus on in the year ahead, now as Australian of the Year, Lt Gen Morrison said that he would concentrate on campaigning a number of ideological issues, including pushing for Australia to become a republic.
The Australian of the Year award seems less to be an award for exemplary achievement and service to our nation. 
Rather, it more appears to be an award for taking a particular and familiar ideological posture, and campaigning for our nation to conform to that ideology.

I agree. He could not have gone further though as he was overwhelmed by a small apoplexy

It was up to Paul Zanetti to vocalise much of what people were thinking and muttering. By the Lord Harry I had to work the pumps, I can tell you. So much beer needed to cry into. I had to wander off for a bit while Paul was holding forth so you may have to go after him to hear it all. 

Advance Australia Where?
SADLY the Australian Of The Year award has lost all meaning to millions of Australians. 
It’s become a disconnected politically correct tool existing only for one purpose - to advance progressive grand standers and social causes, instead of reflecting the best in quiet achievers, the real heroes of our country. 
The Australian Of The Year award has become a caricature, a parody, an exercise in hypocrisy, diminishing its own worth. It used to mean something. 
Instead of rewarding the best of us, the Aussie gong is now a means for promotion of social engineers and fringe attention seekers who don’t practice what they preach. 
Politicians will jump on board to be seen to be hip, but someone should tell them hipsters are a laughing stock to most of us. People without self identity, who leap onto the latest cause - or fad - to be accepted by, or popular to, other empty shells. 
While real Australians go about their lives, serving their community, getting kids to school, heading to work, producing, creating, serving, fixing, building, manufacturing, inventing, caring, life saving, fire fighting, volunteering, transporting, loading, packing, mowing, cleaning, selling, buying, cooking, painting, welding, trimming, lifting, accounting, measuring, grading, driving, drilling, hammering, joining, engineering, drafting, in short, living in a real Australian society with meaning and purpose…we have an empty underclass fixated with themselves. 
The rest of us actually have to be productive to make a quid. We create, we make, we fix, we serve, we do. 
The underclass believes its purpose is to be ‘progressive’, to fiddle with ’social’ issues, Their purpose in life is to ‘seem’ to be advancing. 
As they produce nothing they make stuff up trying to make it look like they’re actually doing something. We have whole government departments and agencies funded by your taxes devoted to inventing lots of nothing. It might even be excusable if we were swimming in surplus but we’re not.
The latest charade is the Australia Day Council’s most recent example - the 2016 Australian Of The Year recipient, David Morrison, the former Chief of the Army (June 2011 until retirement in May 2015).
I’m sure David Morrison means well, trying his best to be all things to all people - well most people. 
Close your mouth and change your shirt.
During his time, Morrison admitted, the army became notorious for its systematic culture of sexual abuse and misconduct. 
Well, so he claims. There is precious little evidence to show that any such thing is military culture.  
Instead of dealing with it properly from within, using the proper criminal and military resources at Defence’s disposal, Morrison decided to read a speech written by someone else, record it and upload it online. 
And who wrote it for him? Wait for it..... wait for it.... 
Morrison judged that the inner conflicts and disciplinary measures required to deal with misconduct within the army was everyone else’s business. 
It was an orchestrated PR assault launched with military precision to get him and the army off the hook, after another public report of soldiers sharing offensive and private material online. Morrison, the man at the top was under pressure to be seen to do something. More seeming.
Morrison’s video, demanded that anyone who wanted to treat women unequally should get out of the army. The video, which went viral, made Morrison a hero.
a 'Hero' only amongst the messed ranks of 'progressives' and the media/ABC luvvies. NOT a Hero fit for the Tavern. 

Meanwhile, at the same time Real Heroes, military men of all ranks were taking caualties and dying in Afghanistan.
The person who wrote the speech is a man who dresses and identifies as a woman, complete with lippy and makeup. 
He admits he is still a man, used to be called Malcolm McGregor but now prefers to be called ‘Catherine’. 
Now you know. 

In an interview in The Women’s Weekly, Malcolm/Catherine told the magazine he isn’t a woman, but lives as one. He admits he is still attracted to women.
The Army has a reputed 15 transgenders - men who identify as women - all of whom are entitled to gender reassignment surgery funded by the Army, or more precisely, by you  and me.
So, 15 out of how many tens of thousands of fine men (and some fine women too) in uniform? A phenominally small percentage who have not figured out whether they are boys or girls, down in the 0.00000s, yet one writes the Lt General's friggin' speeches? 
In 2010 the Australian Defence Force announced it will pay for sex change operations for soldiers costing $30k and up per operation. One can only wonder how this assists fighting the likes of ISIS. Let’s hope none of them end up on the front line and get themselves nabbed by jihadists near a tall building. 
The army’s generosity doesn’t just extend to sex change operations, it also allows men like Malcolm/Catherine who admit they’re attracted to women to have free access to the ladies’ showers even before they’ve had any reassignment surgery. 
Is it just me, or does that come across to you, too, as creepy? Or sleazy?
In the proper world, the politically incorrect one, men who still have the hardware and attracted to women would get arrested if they were reported loitering outside or inside the ladies’ showers or toilets. 

But not in the Army. 
‘Onya David Morrison. Here’s a gong.
If there were ever an over reach in politically correct madness you’d be hard pressed to find a more extreme institutional practitioner than the Australian Defence Force. 
Unsurprisingly, the Army has become the preferred employer of choice for men who want to be ladies. The ladies showers bonus would be a real deal sealer. 
But back to Malcolm/Catherine who’s still more Malcolm than Catherine, if hardware is your gauge. 
Malcolm still hasn’t had the nip and tuck, telling the Women’s Weekly, “I’m pretty sure that I will (have the operation). Let’s say I’m 80-20 leaning towards it…I would like to feel whole.”
Oh dear. Is that a mis-spelling?  

The bar erupted in spluttering laughter. 

It gives a real presence to the descriptive 'Girly-Men'.

But it’s not only sex change costs where Malcolm/Catherine is exposing the taxpayer to fists full of dollars for his/her personal indulgences. 
See, Malcolm/Catherine doesn’t mind a bit of biffo at our expense. 
Once involved in ALP politics Malcolm/Catherine described a NSW labor faction as, “….like the rest of the NSW Right, they’re all hard men in the way that a teenage gang kicking a wino are hard men. And I said there’s not one of ’em I wouldn’t mind going down a dark alley way with – unless Tom Domican was in tow with them.”
Being opinionated and outspoken, and not without a bit of extra bravado with his/her new found media fame, Malcolm/Catherine has engaged in a bit of online character sledging, resulting in the Army making a $25,000 settlement offer to a senior soldier who served for 40 years in east Timor and Afghanistan after Malcolm/Catherine publicly abused the person, without any provocation.
Malcolm/Catherine accused the person of having “defective DNA” apparently unaware how ironic that sounds coming from someone born a man, but wanting to be a woman. 
What ads to the irony is that David Morrison’s award as Australian Of The Year was for a speech on unacceptable abuse, written by a person whose own online abuse has led to the army itself making a $25,000 settlement offer to the victim. 
And that’s why this year’s gong is a farce. 
Malcolm/Catherine was Morrison's personal adviser and speech writer which could go a long way to explaining the cultural dysfunction at the top. 
But that’s not all. 
Unbelievably, Malcolm/Catherine was also a finalist for Australian Of The Year 2016, pipped at the post by his/her boss. 
Why was he/she nominated? 
Officially, it was for being a ‘Diversity Champion’.
In other words, for expressing his desire to live as woman, and making sure everyone knows about it. That seems to be the qualification.  
Once it was: Join The Army. Learn A Trade. See The World.
Now it’s: Join The Army. Get A Sex Change. Charge The Taxpayer. Tell The World. Get In Line For A Gong.
My issue is that the farcical Australian Of The Year gong rewards grandstanding and hypocrisy.
This year’s recipient David Morrison received the award for ‘commitment to gender equality, diversity and inclusion.’ 
Since retiring from the army last year, Morrison has been appointed Diversity Council of Australia chairman. 
There’s another one of those government agencies I mentioned off the top invented for no reason other than to cost you and me lots of money we can’t afford to pay people to produce nothing but spend their time imagining ways to seem to be doing something.
But is David Morrison really the great 'diversity and inclusion' warrior we’re lead to believe. Not on face value.
On June 30, 2014 the Australian Defence Force sacked a Major Bernard Gaynor for his views based on his conservative Catholic faith and pro-family stance. Gaynor had served three tours of duty in Iraq while serving in Army intelligence.
The Courageous Bernard Gaynor has been mentioned in the Tavern before, several times. He is a real Hero. A 'Sound Man'. So I will let you follow Paul's descriptions by following the link above. 
Gaynor, a reserve soldier, did not voice his views while on duty, but in his capacity as an off duty civilian on his private blog. 
Instead of heeding the informed words of an intelligence officer, the Army chose to try to shut him up.
Bernard has his own questions about Lt Col McGregor. 

But what really got up their nose is his firm view the army should not be engaging in political and social campaigns, frolics or causes. The army is there to fight and defend. 
Not to pay for sex changes. 
Not to become a beacon or magnet for social and gender engineering.
Not to march for political or social causes, as worthy as they may seem to the activists. 
For his diverse beliefs, also held by many Australians, Gaynor had his commission terminated. 
So much for inclusion and diversity. 
I for one would prefer the Defence Force bosses practice what they preach. Exercise real diversity instead of throwing money at trying to shut it down.
Perhaps Bernard Gaynor could appeal to our new Australian Of The Year recipient, David Morrison, chairman of the Diversity Council of Australia.
Or maybe this diversity is just about the show.
Just like the Australian of The Year award. 
I cannot offer a salute to General Morrison but I am damned glad he is no longer in the Army. With leaders like him, who needs an enemy? But does Oz need a weenie disgrace like him as Australian of the Year.




  1. It is a sad day when the military is being used as a social experiment. Focusing more on pushing "social" issues and being afraid of hurting someone's feeling, instead of a focusing on being the best fighting force is making it weaker. Similar things are happening in the U.S. People who raise issues are silenced (or discharged), those who should be fired are promoted.

    1. Indeed. We have some fine fighting men in the Oz military and they deserve far better leadership than they are getting. Men like Morrison (and he is not alone) disrespect their men by pandering to fads.


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