Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Four-Horsemen race

Up here in the Tavern the talk sometimes turns to 'end-times'. Admittedly, my main concern is the end of a barrel and having to send a chap down to the cellars to hook up another to the pump without trying to sneak a peek in the Crypt.

But others are concerned that Armageddon is just around the corner, despite we being here in Tasmania and Meggido being in the Middle-East, some thousands of miles away (and actually west of us). It is a long way for a Knight to ride, no matter how fine a horseman he is, and I am well past that these days.

But the Four Horsemen of  antiquity and enormity seem to be getting closer to affecting us all everyday. So far, only one seems to have found his horse. 

The two most involved, the leaders of Jordan and Israel, are Men's men. They have the most to gain from Peace and the most to lose from war. They are men of Peace who know the value of strength and the preparedness of themselves for fighting for it. 
Both are Warriors.

The Russian interferer is a mafia poseur. He is not a warrior but a worry. The American is a total clown. He, too, is a worry, but even worse. He is a white-ant, a pretender, a turncoat. With friends like these, no-one needs enemies.

Unfortunately both Obama and Putin are 'involved' in the middle east. Both seem to want a nasty, destructive, all-encompassing conflagration. Putin for money and power. Obama for.... what? I suspect with Obama, who seems to be the world's main apologist for Muslim atrocity, it is to destroy Christianity, a creed and a Christ that he gives every impression of Hating with a vengance. He seems to hate America almost as much.

The 'Middle-East Problem' is ridiculous. It is seen as intractable. It is seen as 'complex', but it is not. Nor is it difficult to understand.

Denis gave a concise outline. Not one person in the bar was able to disagree, although quite a few comments were made about how we got to where we are.

 Jordan was mentioned. It has been in the news recently after a young Jordanian  pilot, a Muslim, was shot down and then put to death in a particularly gruesome manner for the world to gawp at. He was burned to death in a cage by Muslim terrorists.

This incensed the King of Jordan. A Muslim.

Jordan, you might recal, had you been educated, was created at the same time as modern Israel. Israel was to be the homeland of the Jews and Jordan to be the homeland of the Palestinians. That didn't work out too well as Denis pointed out. One could say that Jordan reaps what it sowed.

But that 'war' period was under a the current King's dad. This King seems to be a slightly different kebab.

This is a King that Israel can talk to. One who perhaps can understand. He actually recognises Israel's right to exist. He knows the depths of depravity that Muslims harbour. He is prepared to fight it, albeit with weaponry rather than changing the creed itself or .... better.... becoming a Christian himself.

He is tacitly a Muslim, but as with most Top Dogs he is most likely ( I do not pretend to know) not really religious at all. Most kings - unlike me - do not like the idea of a King of Kings ! They will have no God before themselves.

But this chap shows leadership. Heck, I would be inclined to follow him to watch him in action. It is most unusual these days for leaders to put their limbs where their mouths are .... except for feet. Obama certainly would not.  

But they all have to play the diplomatic game.

The simplicity of the middle-east problem requires enormous effort to keep going. The physical effort alone takes much of 'diplomatic' thought and time. The Spiritual barely rates a mention. Yet it is a spiritual war spilled over into the human, material sphere.

But.... let us look at the Great Leader of the Western World.  Obama. Just how he got to where he is, I will leave for many others to explain. It may need a longer view of history to reveal. Meanwhile just the other day Obama declared that there is little difference between Islam and Christianity. ! 

That anyone can be so ignorant defies explanation. He has no excuse there. Is he 'morally confused' or a nasty injection of virus-laden gunk into the body politic

David Limbaugh had a few things to say....
Obama's Morally Confused Prayer Breakfast Lecture

I find it very odd that a president notably lacking in humility and frequently riding his own high horse would lecture American Christians about those subjects -- because they presumably condemn acts of barbarism by Islamists.

Talk about a string of disconnects. While we're at it, let's note one more. Obama, at the National Prayer Breakfast, also exhorted us to "uphold the distinction between our faith and our governments — between church and between state." Last time I checked, it was not Christians, unless you believe that Obama is a Christian, who were using government power to restrict religious liberties of others.

Obama, however, has conspicuously infringed on the conscience rights of Christians in supporting mandates that require religious organizations to pay for contraception and abortifacients.

Indeed, Obama was too busy lecturing Christians about "theocracies that restrict people's choice of faith" — though there are no Christian theocracies in the world — to note that many Muslim nations in the world are theocratic and under Shariah.

Is Obama's moral compass so skewed that he is utterly blind to the rampant theocratic oppression that routinely occurs in Muslim nations in the world? 
This takes moral equivalency to new levels.

But that wasn't even his worst moral distortion of the morning. On the heels of the Islamic State group's burning alive a captured Jordanian pilot, Obama's instinct was not to decry ISIS' depraved murder but to caution us not to judge the religion of Islam. Was anyone doing that, by the way?

As usual, Obama's first impulse to another atrocity committed in the name of Islam was to defend Islam — and attack Christianity and Christians, who Obama apparently believes are holding their noses in the air thinking they don't engage in such behavior in the name of their religion.

Foremost on his mind was to correct the record on Islam, kind of a pre-emptive defense of the religion he holds dear from his childhood, against any attempts to tar it based on thousands of "isolated" incidents. 
Here's where his moral equivalence reared its ugly head again.

He said, "We ... see faith being twisted and distorted, used as a wedge or, worse, sometimes used as a weapon." That was his predicate for chronicling the recent despicable actions of ISIS — an acronym, by the way, that, in his moral bewilderment, he refuses to utter — and then glibly transitioning into certain regrettable actions committed by or with the support of Christians in history.

Of course, he was compelled to invoke the Crusades, which in his view were unprovoked acts of aggression by Christians against Muslims but which in reality were far more complex than that. And of course, he had to mention the Inquisition, as if that is somehow relevant, even microscopically, to what's going on today.

The Crusades of course came as a response to 400 years of Muslim terror across the Mediterranean. No mention that the fact that the Inquisition had strict rules of evidence and meticulous recording of such evidence long before civil courts did. Nor mention that the Inquisition strictly limited torture which was common in civil courts. 
But no blanket condemnation would be complete without Obama's obligatory and habitual denunciation of slavery and Jim Crow, only this time he cited them as examples not of America's evil past but of evils committed in the name of Christianity.
No mention of the fact that it was Christians who fought against it and stopped it. 
As long as we're talking about "wedges" and "weapons," it sure seems to me as if that's precisely how Obama continues to use slavery and Jim Crow. He just will not let these go. It obviously never occurs to him that Christianity was one of the main driving forces in eradicating slavery in this country. 
But we can hardly expect him to give us a fair reading of Christianity's role when he is on a mission to demonize it.
All 'isolated incidents', of course, by 'lone' individuals.

Obama is the one who needs to demonstrate a little humility and dismount his own elevated steed. He needs to put aside the pride that contributes to clouding his judgment about acts of terror committed by Islamists. He needs to recognize that it is nothing short of an act of moral cowardice to suggest that the multitudinous atrocities committed in the name of Islam today, whether or not they are representative of the true religion of Islam, bear any comparison to acts of Christians — today or in the past.

He needs to reset his own bias-riddled perception and open his willfully closed eyes to the fact that we have real enemies today who are killing us in the name of their religion and that, regardless of how representative they are of the faith that fuels their war cry, they see themselves as faith-driven and they are not going to be deterred or pacified by craven denunciations of Christianity or fervent defenses of Islam proper.

This is not about the Islamists' grievances over poverty or injustice or any of the other pet causes with which Obama can identify but about conquering the world for a global caliphate and subjugating or killing everyone who will not submit. There is no appeasing this mindset.

Americans are in greater danger now than we have been in decades because we have a leader who simply will not recognize that our allies and we are under attack around the world by untold numbers of people acting under the banner of Islam. 
No matter how many peaceful Muslims there are in the world, it doesn't change the fact that we're threatened by many who aren't.

If Obama spent one-tenth of the time focusing on these radical enemies as he does apologizing for the religion they claim to represent, Americans would be much safer.
It may need Divine Intervention to sort out, and by all accounts (there are very few) my Supplier will not go lightly when he starts boxing ears. 

Drink deep of Grace. You do not want to be caught without a glass in hand. 



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