Saturday, April 4, 2015

Refusing Service

A pizza shop owner does not want to be part of the 'Gay' culture and is forced to shut down. A baker who does not want to support the gay 'culture' is driven to bankruptcy. A florist is uprooted by gay violence and has to 'retire'.

A fine lady, my good friend Moira, (of the Harp ) was in the bar making a view clear with a question.
How many more people of conscience will be persecuted over having a conscience?
Persecution is trivial in this country, because it's done through shunning and shaming, and deliberate economic destruction via frivolous lawsuits, rather than via beheading or bullets,
It is still intolerable.
Businesses can serve whomsoever they wish to. And refuse service as they deem fit too. 

And they need support when they stand up and fight.

The family that runs a small Indiana pizza shop continues to be the target of attacks by people from across the state and the country — people incensed that their definition of “tolerance” isn’t embraced by the two owners of the small business — owners who dared to say they will run their business in accordance with their strongly held religious beliefs.  
Yet, despite the criticism and the threats they say they’ve endured over the past few days since expressing their support for Indiana’s “religious freedom” law, the O’Connors say they will re-open Memories Pizza.
But heck, let's not pick on gays or think they are the only vicious folk around. We have Universities that teach others, non-gay students, how to hate too. 

Some gay folk are sensible. We get them in the Tavern and are happy to serve them.

The Pizza shop owner has so far had near to $Million pledged by people who support a Principled stand.

It is not even the case that the Pizza shop owner actually refused anyone service. No gay person has been turned away. Gays can easily buy a pizza there. Not that you would have gathered that from the initial media reports that condemned the innocent owner.

It was a 'reporter' seeking a 'story' and trying to sow division that caused it.

This Tavern has a few rules of behaviour too.

Here is that 'up with which we shall not put'

The customers crowded onto the patio to watch this fellow perform in the car park.

There are the mad, the bad and the sad. I am not sure which category he falls into. But my customers were glad to see the calmness we expect from the Christian Gentleman.  It was quite an entertainment.

The angry man was 'Uncomfortable' around Christians. 

He cried out that we should 'not Tolerate' Christianity.

It is easy to pick on old ladies too.

Barronelle Stutzman, a Christian florist, referred her friend and long-time customer to other florists because she could not in good conscience provide full wedding support for a same-sex wedding. Although the couple received flowers, the Washington State Attorney General, and later, the same-sex couple, sued Barronelle. 

The court found her liable for violating the Washington Law Against Discrimination and ruled that both the state and the couple may collect damages and attorneys' fees from Barronelle's business and personal assets. 

This woman is going to lose her home and livelihood as a result of her Christian faith. 
Over flowers at a wedding. 

It is not just privately owned businesses that get 'trouble' from the bad and the mad. Universities and schools do too, although the Universities seem to teach their own madness and badness.

Schools have rules.
Fury of Muslim father after Catholic school orders Islamic students to shave off their beards

Mohammad Liaqat racially abused teachers at his child's Catholic school
A Muslim father stormed into a Catholic school and launched a tirade of racial abuse at teachers after two teenage pupils were banned from lessons for refusing to shave their beards.

Mohammad Liaqat even assaulted the headmaster during the rampage in which he hurled insults at white teachers in front of shocked parents as they picked up their children.

The 34-year-old objected to the strict uniform policy at Mount Carmel High School which stated that pupils could not have beards.

 Liaqat launched into a 'racist tirade' at white members of staff after 14-year-old boys were told they could not keep their facial hair, police said.

After being arrested, Liaqat was told to stay away from the school, so went to another school nearby where he continued his rant.

When Jeff Brown, headmaster of St Oswald's Roman Catholic Primary School, asked him to move on, Liaqat shoulder barged him, Burnley Crown Court was told.

He has a child at the secondary school in Accrington, Lancashire, but was not related to the two 14-year-olds who wanted to have facial hair for religious reasons. 
It seems he was 'fighting' on behalf of others, just like the madman in the car park. Mad people fight over nonsense. 

It is high time some Christians fought on behalf of others too. 

For Conscience.

The media is not on your side. The State is not on your side. The Courts are not on your side. Even the Univerities are not on your side. 

It is they who are stacking our Institutions with bigotted wreckers who care not a whit for good conscience.

But be assured that Christ is on your side.

There are some vociferous anti-Christians who may find out too late that St Peter has a few rules of entry too.


You should wet your whistle with a pint of Grace before and after.

Happy Easter folks.



  1. As I think you're saying, if you went into a pizza shop and there were customers there, you wouldn't know if they were gay, left, musicians, businessmen. But when they start hoisting their colours, then you see it and the question of refusing service arises.

    1. I am saying, for myself, that their proclivities are not my business. I would not refuse service simply because they are homosexual. If they announced that they were, it would still not matter. It is when they 'require' support for their proclivity that a line can be drawn. Bake the cake, sell the flowers, sell the pizza, by all means. None of those harassed and vilified, sued and punished failed to offer supply. But arrange flowers for a gay wedding? Write gay-marriage supportive words on the cake? Arrange the anchovies to say 'Gay, Hooray'? That is supporting against conscience.

      The Tavern will serve grace to any sinner but not laud their sin.

  2. Interestingly, gay marriage isn't even close to becoming legal in most of the Eastern Hemisphere.

    Maybe it's time to take a hike. What do you think? ;)

    1. The 'Eastern Hemisphere' is largely pagan/socialist/Islamic. Marriage itself is not linked to God there. I have been there and apart from the Islamic places they do not give a toss about gays cohabiting. Strange sexual practices abound. I do not think it is any attraction. I would not recommend any young man go east to escape the scourge affecting the west. Stand and fight. Here. I know you do. I am a great admirer of your efforts. Keep fighting the good fight Sir.


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