Saturday, January 2, 2016

Who said that?

I didn't see who said it as my back was bent attaching the pipe to a barrel, but the voice was clear above the hubbub.

It should not be forgotten that Barack H Obama claimed in June 2008, in an outburst of staggering narcissism matched only by its breathtaking stupidity,  that his nomination as Democratic Presidential candidate was ...
“.... the moment  when the rise of the oceans  began to slow and the Planet began to heal”
It was more like the day the rivers of blood began to flow in earnest. 

Since his election, for which we can thank the great American people, the Middle East has turned back to a medaeval  hellhole of religious genocidal barbarism; Russia has emerged, bear-like and grizzly from its post-oligarchic slumber; and China has decided that it is high time the Middle Kingdom  claimed its place at the head of the global Yum-Cha table.
I can see that the year has started with some clarity.

staggering narcissism matched only by its breathtaking stupidity. Nailed it.



  1. It was more like the day the rivers of blood began to flow in earnest.

    Especially in Mexico.

  2. Nature abhors a (power) vacuum. Obama was a pretty face with no real backbone. He caved on everything and even 'negotiated' a prisoner exchange of five terrorists for one American soldier who also abandoned his post.
    All those countries are doing is stepping up where they see a gap.
    Everyone laughed a Bush Jr for being stupid, but when 9/11 happened he came out fighting.
    Bit like Thatcher with the Falklands.
    Obama has been tested and was found lacking and so Russia and China are making a move to take its place.
    The next President of the US will need to come out heavy to start to make up for Obama's bending over backwards.
    One only needs to look at how Russia has done more to ISIS in a few months than the US did since the beginning.

    1. One can almost want the old days back, when a King fought his way to power and claimed Divine Right. This Obama fellow snuck in the backdoor of a trailer park full of voters. His ludicrousness is matched only by the gullibility of the average American voter, which are the majority.

  3. Only one King:

    1. The "King of kings', supposes quite a few minor ones. :) Like me, for instance !

  4. Notice Obama is coming to the end of his second term and is trying to push through gun control as his legacy (because Obamacare is a financial failure).
    He's done nothing in his two terms that speak of leadership, only of acting the part.
    "Change you can believe in"? Not from a puppet.

    1. The rat has his pension in place and has made himself a millionaire several times over from his modest salary. He has nothing to lose now. He can and is doing whatever he likes to wreck what is left of the American dream.

  5. The "Cold War" begins again.... Putin knows Obama is a coward, so do our only allies in the Middle East (Israel). The leftists have succeeded in turning the past two generations into Statist. "Mother" and "Father" have been replaced by the state daycare and leftist indoctrination so-called education system. Now young kids look to the govt to tell them what to believe. It's no wonder the young people actually believe it's a good idea to eliminate the first amendment at our supposed "elite" university. Those that seek to eliminate truth and justice will eventually reap what you sow. The leftists should remember that.... You reap what you sow.

    1. We in the west did not think it could happen. We all too easily forgot that Germany was a nation of excellence that walked straight into hell. The people were dumb. They said nothing. America, the great Hope, has done the same. The people sat by idly and applauded the wicked as they too took the country to Hell. Fat, dumb and too 'happy' by half, they have simply let Obama stomp on all things the Dream was made of.

    2. It is like the frog in the boiling water, throw it in while it is at a raging boil and the frog will jump out, conversely slowly heat up the pot of water with the frog inside and it will stay there until it is cooked. These changes that we have seen in the west have happened slowly, allowing people to become used to it, then slowly erode more of our freedoms until we have no more, then we look back and wonder how it happened. Relying on the "all-knowing" state is a recipe for trouble. Indoctrination is happening on a daily basis through many areas of society. It is time to return to traditional values, get rid of political correctness and put God first. People need to wise up before it is too late...unless it already is.


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