Friday, January 29, 2016

The Animal Soul.

I don't know if animals have souls or not, although there are some customers who come in here that may not have 'working' souls either. Most of us have souls in some disrepair from years of abuse and neglect and sometimes simple denial of it. But animals?

I have possums that come to the Tavern deck every night.  Three of them. And three wallabys too. They stand around below the deck. It gets quite busy around midnight. Its a good job the restaurant always has left-overs. They don't all get along and quite often I have to give them a good talking to !

I talk to them often. Conversations.  The old male possum says I am the only person or animal who says anything kind to him. The two above are the lady possum and her little one. She chases the old male off all the time, such that I have to run shifts at the plate.

Possums are not the freindliest of creatures. Most do not like other possums. Night-time has the sound of possums growling at one another around here. They are scared of people, generally and they definitely do not like wallabys. Wallabys don't like possums either. We humans are strange. We very often prefer animals to our fellows. We like animals. Well, anglophile folk do. 

Mind you, they are small, and despite their claws being razor sharp and their propensity to try to climb up my leg, I am not at all concerned they are going to eat me. A nip perhaps, occasionally. 

It would be a different matter if we had really big wild creatures here, as they do in Africa. I would be far more cautious. I do keep my sword handy, nearby, behind the bar.

An animal like this would cause more than simple caution.

 I used to have a cat like that. A smaller version but a big lad. I named him Jean-Luc. He was a philosopher cat rather than a fighter.  13 kilos of him. Jet black. He 'loped'.  From 20 yards away he looked like a panther at 75 yards.

A story in the bar by some South African visitors had us all thinking of animal souls.  Minds, perhaps. And ours. Can we and they be 'in touch'.

Some matters exercise our ability to believe. 

Here is a woman - Anna Breytenbachwho could easily be dismissed as a loon, but...... she may be as extraordinary as Mozart.  The story was about her and a big, black cat. The man in the tale looks and sounds pragmatic, but even he had to re-think.
Anna. She would be welcome in the Tavern.
A former police officer and his wife started a predator park in hopes of rescuing wild cats such as leopard, lions and panthers from bad zoos and cat hunting farms. They provide these rescued cats a nice home and freedom that they deserve. But in course of these rescues, this couple rescued a black panther who had a terrible past in a zoo. 

This cat wouldn’t let anyone near his night shelter and growled every time anyone gets near him. The caretakers didn’t know what to do and in desperation they contacted the famous animal communicator, Anna Breytenbach.

Watch how Anna breaks all the barriers between a human and a fierce black cat. 

Need a drink?

Need a think? A re-think?

I shall pull and pour. You do the thinking.



  1. Very inspiring, what an amazing transformation :-) I love the new name 'Spirit', very fitting for such a magnificent animal.

    1. The lady, Anna, seems to be something of a 'spirit' herself. :)

  2. Closer and closer to the soul of the earth, Amfortas.


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